Wedding Cake Recipe from 200 years ago | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

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  1. Noirpandagirl Gamer

    Noirpandagirl Gamer

    23 soat oldin

    Fun fact it is incorrect in français

  2. Macaroni and Cliches

    Macaroni and Cliches

    2 kun oldin

    pirates: yeah we have to eat hard-tack, it sucks Napoleon: hold my empire

  3. Yes


    3 kun oldin

    Cavities here I come!

  4. Martin Fabian

    Martin Fabian

    5 kun oldin

    "Weding keki!!!" - Big Mom. 2018-2019.

  5. Nether*-* Girl

    Nether*-* Girl

    8 kun oldin

    What do you do with the cakes later tho 🤔🔍

  6. Arna Bontemps Hemenway

    Arna Bontemps Hemenway

    8 kun oldin

    I think the reason the quantities were off was because eggs were bigger back then

  7. Lil' Tiffany

    Lil' Tiffany

    9 kun oldin

    French inches are longer

  8. MysMiranda M.

    MysMiranda M.

    9 kun oldin

    Im SO impressed!



    11 kun oldin

    But why the Corona Virus is on the top of te cake !!!

  10. Rrrose Carbinela

    Rrrose Carbinela

    13 kun oldin


  11. JasonCoyote


    14 kun oldin

    When the thumbnail shows you Corona Virus cake

  12. LongLiveHarryPotter7


    18 kun oldin

    Watching Ann do complicated math is really making me realise how crap at math I am =w=;

  13. Rachel Franklin

    Rachel Franklin

    19 kun oldin

    I wish you'd been my Home Ec teacher!

  14. Teresa Yates

    Teresa Yates

    22 kun oldin

    A lot of recipes back then called for duck eggs. But it's been confused with chicken eggs.

  15. lee riches

    lee riches

    23 kun oldin

    Oooh, the 2020 cake 😂

  16. vivi Ai

    vivi Ai

    23 kun oldin

    That's not a cake, that's a cracker with cream and candy! 80% crunchy, 25% cream, 5% caramel, and 0% cake!

  17. Ms. L

    Ms. L

    23 kun oldin

    I have searched all over the internet to find the recipes for your different parts in the original text in French and found them for free on play.google. For Petits Pains a la duchesse I found the following instructions: In a casserole place: 2 glasses of water (according to cuisinealafrancaise dot com, a glass is 25cl or 250g) 2 ounces of butter (a quick search showed that to be 56g or 60ml) Boil these and take off heat Add 6 ounces of sifted flour (169g) and mix well Dry out the dough, change the casserole Add 2 eggs and 2 ounces of powdered sugar (again 56g) Mix well and add 2 more eggs alomng with the grated zest from 1 lemon, and a bit of salt Add another egg or two to make a consistent, ferm dough. >> I guess it depends on the size of the eggs how many you would add. Sprinkle lightly the dough with flour and roll them in choux for of their usual thickness (doesn't specify) and 3 inches long. Leave them at a slightly higher flame until they are ferm to the touch Sift fine sugar on top of them and leave near the oven door to glaze Fill them when they are cold. LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ME TO LOOK FOR THE OTHER ONES The original text is called: "Le Pâtissier royal parisien ou Traité élémentaire et pratique de la pâtisserie ancienne et moderne"

  18. Sal Inappropriate

    Sal Inappropriate

    24 kun oldin

    Ann: 200 year old Wedding cake!! Me: 🤔🧐 where’s the “cake” all I see is meringues and creams and nuts?

  19. אורלי אלמדווי

    אורלי אלמדווי

    24 kun oldin

    Wow, some patience time for investment! ♥ ️🏆👍

  20. •• Biscuit ••

    •• Biscuit ••

    25 kun oldin

    Ann over here overthinking everything. Dang.

  21. Sarah Núñez

    Sarah Núñez

    27 kun oldin

    And this sort of recipe was only available to the super-rich, imagine.

  22. ruth lee

    ruth lee

    29 kun oldin

    The clumsy beast tellingly dust because pentagon monthly water but a amused crush. reflective, didactic comb

  23. Nailah


    29 kun oldin

    Your math skills are amazing

  24. Corey McIntosh

    Corey McIntosh

    29 kun oldin

    This channel should definitely be the biggest baking channel on UZtop. She is so creative and creates things that I would never think of and she always does such a good job. I literally watch her videos every spare minute I get 🤣



    Oy oldin

    The top of the cake looks like corona virus 😁😂😂😂

  26. firewordsparkler


    Oy oldin

    Those wafers remind me a lot of the Indian snack chikki, although chikki uses jaggery to bind instead of eggs. This was super cool!

  27. Microwave • 99 years ago

    Microwave • 99 years ago

    Oy oldin

    Why did you know that I have a lot of microwaves and I'm the queen of microwaves and I'm the queen of microwaves and the next video and other details you have a question so I can I have a lot of them are you in the future of microwaves and I'm the queen would like you have a question so much for your help and the baby is born in Bangladesh like to annoy you have a lot of them are you in the future of microwaves and I'm not a single family homes and gardens the RPG maker of heaven is poo

  28. Clair Dufoy

    Clair Dufoy

    Oy oldin

    Cake top in the thumbnail looks like Corona virus xD

    • Microwave • 99 years ago

      Microwave • 99 years ago

      Oy oldin


  29. R Hayat

    R Hayat

    Oy oldin

    The measurements were taken from Five Minute Crafts.

  30. abcdeisthekey


    Oy oldin

    Im confused why you would prefer custard instead of jam? What's wrong with it

  31. Kieran Smith

    Kieran Smith

    Oy oldin

    your children has a great mother who can spend hours backing as i would not have the patiences to make it

  32. Kieran Smith

    Kieran Smith

    Oy oldin

    in ireland you would never be able to get some of the ingredients and even 31 years ago

  33. lois joseph

    lois joseph

    Oy oldin

    i bet gordon ramsay will lose if he has a cooking battle with her

  34. Jeet Fx

    Jeet Fx

    Oy oldin

    Ann is a teacher and a baker

  35. Savannah Grossi

    Savannah Grossi

    Oy oldin

    When people say wedding cakes are grand I didin't expect them to be this grand. LOL Amazing work! Keep it up :D

  36. Crystal Butter fly

    Crystal Butter fly

    Oy oldin

    The sudden bus laparoscopically lighten because hill putatively memorise amid a dispensable porch. pathetic, nosy branch

  37. Carmen B

    Carmen B

    Oy oldin


  38. John Smithe

    John Smithe

    Oy oldin

    200 years ago the french were on a huge metric kick. after the revolution they tried to decimalize everything including time! I think the issue with the quantities is probably the conversion from french metric to british imperial. The guy who did the translation might have been a language prodigy and still been lousy at maths.

  39. Flore van der Baan

    Flore van der Baan

    Oy oldin

    So sweetened crackers, nuts, whipped cream and strawberries. I mean it’s not that it doesn’t sound good, it’s just not not nearly as impressive or complex in flavor as the presentation would have you believe it is. Good job with this one!!!

  40. Sakura tempest

    Sakura tempest

    Oy oldin

    oooO! Fancy! _if only I had time to make it

  41. Nathaniel Harari

    Nathaniel Harari

    Oy oldin

    Vive l'Empereur's cake! :D

  42. Jacqui Garrett

    Jacqui Garrett

    Oy oldin

    In fact this seems to be the predecessor of a « pièce monté » which is a traditional choux pastry wedding cake in France . The idea being that the higher it was and the more structure,shows you social status , and the more Architectural the better , modern ones are spires of cream filled choux fixed together with rock hard caramel , not easy to eat . Real ones have no supporting structure , no days you get them tooth picked to a cone , but that’s no fun ....

  43. Matthew Schuman

    Matthew Schuman

    Oy oldin

    It looks like a corona cell!

  44. Hema Chetty

    Hema Chetty

    Oy oldin

    Ayo i thought it was made recently because the top looks like the covid sign 😑

  45. Rajaa Saeed

    Rajaa Saeed

    Oy oldin

    why does the top of this wedding cake look like Covid-19?lol and this was 3 years before the pandemic... Ann? care to explain?

  46. shulamithbond


    Oy oldin

    18:41 so... where's the actual "cake"? Did they put the cake inside the framed of almond wafer, or was this 100% for show and not eating? Or just explicitly made of cookies and pastries rather than an actual "cake"? Idk this seems much more impressive to look at or make than to eat.

  47. Zalba


    Oy oldin

    Maybe the amount of eggs was wrong caused they used goose or duck eggs.

  48. Me eM

    Me eM

    Oy oldin

    Maybe they were using duck eggs. They are bigger than chicken eggs anyways 🤷🏼‍♀️. Could be wrong tho. Just my guess on that part.

  49. Kurious


    Oy oldin

    Why does the top look like Corona?

  50. Anthony Dunn

    Anthony Dunn

    Oy oldin

    You should go on bake-off! You'd smash it

  51. sleepy


    Oy oldin

    so... a 10 year old made a royal wedding cake? nice

  52. Jessica Fernanda

    Jessica Fernanda

    Oy oldin

    Would be simpler if they used metrics aye

  53. Chalie MarshaII

    Chalie MarshaII

    Oy oldin


  54. Justin


    Oy oldin

    Seems more decorative than actual food to eat.

  55. thelastviolinist12


    Oy oldin

    Why does the top part lowkey look like a COVID molecule

  56. Kathy Schlenker

    Kathy Schlenker

    Oy oldin

    Baking is definitely a labor of love. Most people would not be able to fix and recalculate those instructions/ingredients and thrown the cake out the window late morning on day 2. Your the queen Ann

  57. Sara B Gomes

    Sara B Gomes

    Oy oldin

    This must be the ancestor of todays piece montee 😋

  58. asfiya rahman

    asfiya rahman

    Oy oldin

    You’re supposed to eat the hard cookie part with tea. The tea makes it soft and edible. I think this is eaten as a snack or at tea time lol

  59. Laura Elizabeth

    Laura Elizabeth

    Oy oldin

    AMAZING!!! so incredible that this was produced with bare fire and wood ovens! I love this series of old recipes!

  60. meagan byrne

    meagan byrne

    Oy oldin

    A cookbook of tested, adjusted/fixed and rewritten ancient recipes would be awesome!

  61. Claire Pettie

    Claire Pettie

    Oy oldin

    I get to debunk something after learning from the master: Carême didn't actually invent the croquembouche. He did make these incredible window pieces, (insane construction, like with this cake,) that revolutionized baking. While there are mentions of the croquembouche that precede him, I think it's definitely possible that he popularized his own variations, jelly or cream. Yum.

  62. Sampada


    Oy oldin

    I'm watching this now and it looks like Coronavirus!😏

  63. Mystix Mations

    Mystix Mations

    Oy oldin

    Fun fact: i made this! It tasted amazing. Edit: just to be clear, i did make a small version f this and i made them like cupcakes, small and a lot of em

  64. The Angriest Cat In The World

    The Angriest Cat In The World

    Oy oldin

    I must say, between the all the calculations and work put into making this masterpiece and the vast information from the comments, I am just gobsmacked! What a brilliant video!!! Tale a wee bow, Ann!

  65. Tina


    Oy oldin

    That looks like a 200 year old hot mess to be honest 😅

  66. grettarulestheworld


    Oy oldin

    I feel like the person who wrote this recipe wrote it after and guessed the weights and stuff 😂😂😂 Edit: I feel bad he didn't know maths cuz of his upbringing.

  67. Josh


    Oy oldin

    All I hear is sugar lol

  68. Lukas Kahan

    Lukas Kahan

    Oy oldin

    I like how she used the merlin theme at the end of the vid lol I was laughing

  69. geminilius


    Oy oldin

    Wow, there's so much maths in this one. Are you sure he wasn't an architect?

  70. Alexandra Nickel

    Alexandra Nickel

    Oy oldin

    Misread the title, thought it said 2020 and looked at the topper of the cake. After almost a year in Quarantine my first thought was "that must be a giant COVID virus". Came to see that this was made 3 years ago...

  71. Bran Koenig

    Bran Koenig

    Oy oldin

    You should do a colab with tasting history

  72. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear

    Oy oldin

    At one point I began to think that I am watching a maths lecture.

  73. thathorseperson


    Oy oldin

    As someone who works in living history, even the most basic baking is difficult when a wood fire is involved, the temperatures fluctuate constantly.

  74. MapleMotion


    Oy oldin

    13:31 why is this triggering my trypophobia it’s literally *pistachios*

  75. rite2bcreative


    Oy oldin

    Woah, how'd I miss this video!?

  76. Rei Dark

    Rei Dark

    Oy oldin

    Wasn’t french inch different from US inch ?

  77. Anym


    Oy oldin

    that bakerr is the past equivelant of a rags to riches story wow

  78. frederick oswald aruji

    frederick oswald aruji

    Oy oldin

    When I get to 8:39 and 10:17, I’ve heard that your French isn’t good mate!

  79. Sia


    Oy oldin

    You are and always will be my favourite UZtopr ! Great fresh content and you are so hardworking ! 👏👏👏

  80. Washed Keion

    Washed Keion

    Oy oldin

    The guarded hair preclinically snow because rate behaviourally bang against a mysterious pancreas. humorous, wiry entrance

  81. Bhuv Hanumolu

    Bhuv Hanumolu

    Oy oldin

    Me: I want to watch a baking video Also Me: *ends up watching how to calculate pi*

  82. Khushali Kunvarji

    Khushali Kunvarji

    Oy oldin

    Ann I think the measurements off because French measurements are different to the rest of the world.so the recipe must me correct if you use French measurements

  83. Mochi Mocha Michi

    Mochi Mocha Michi

    2 oy oldin

    No one: Literally no one: Me:how many eggs does this recipe need I only have 10 eggs in my fridge and she literally uses 20٩(●˙-˙●)۶well I didn't wanna try it cuz lots of eggs I love my eggs ok

  84. Cranberry Asmr

    Cranberry Asmr

    2 oy oldin

    you are so talented!

  85. Nosila P

    Nosila P

    2 oy oldin

    Is it just me or the sphere on the cake looks like the coronavirus? hmmmm, maybe this is the chef trying to warn us from hundreds years ago😂

  86. Ryan David Tuttle

    Ryan David Tuttle

    2 oy oldin

    Didnt the french use a different numbering system back in nepoleons day? I believe they did and that maybe why your numbers are off.

  87. Pamela Valencia

    Pamela Valencia

    2 oy oldin

    Well, the cake is supposed to be a decoration anyway..

  88. KellyeRaiborn#TEXIT


    2 oy oldin

    There's food called high meat its usually done with liver and kept in an airtight jar at room temp for about 3 months its actually extremely nutritious . Over time the good bacteria take over the bad kinda like blue cheese very high in vitamin K2 . Its actually become pretty popular in carnivore dieter groups. People before refrigeration would do this with meat , wrap in some kind of leaves and bury in underground . Its crazy to think you eat meat thats been left out for months but you can.

  89. Claire Adkins

    Claire Adkins

    2 oy oldin

    My friend got me into your channel in third grade before we both moved to different schools, so in a way this is how I feel connected to them :)

  90. Xero


    2 oy oldin

    the top kinda looks like the coronavirus 😅

  91. The Desserter By Amar

    The Desserter By Amar

    2 oy oldin


  92. FateDelamorte


    2 oy oldin

    Looks like a coronavirus cake 😅

  93. Luke Sttar

    Luke Sttar

    2 oy oldin


  94. RebelDevilAngel


    2 oy oldin

    ....this is like the fanciest Eton mess tower EVER💕💕

  95. Savannah Knight

    Savannah Knight

    2 oy oldin

    This man was such a jeanous. I just imagine how hard it will be when cutting it

  96. Amirul Kirigaya

    Amirul Kirigaya

    2 oy oldin

    More like pastries than cake if you ask me

  97. Lemon Sorbet

    Lemon Sorbet

    2 oy oldin

    There's no actual cake xD I got a brain aneurysm watching this

  98. K N

    K N

    2 oy oldin

    this might sound like a personal request but can you try making any Indian sweets?

  99. Von Sakamoto

    Von Sakamoto

    2 oy oldin

    Is MaTh ReLaTeD tO sCiEnCe?

  100. D. Leighann Batemon

    D. Leighann Batemon

    2 oy oldin

    I was today years old when I found out that famous cake wasn't actually a cake but more like an illusion of cake. Amazing! Bravo, Ann.