Sooubway Cake Tutorial with TheOdd1sOut & HowToCookThat

This week I'm making a Sooubway or Subway Cake as requested by James from TheOdd1sOut. Wherever possible the fillings were not made of fondant, you can find the subway cake recipe here: www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/subway-cake/
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, This week I am making a subway cake with candy salami, candy pepperoni, cheese and tomato made from lollies, chocolate lettuce and chocolate turkey, fondant cucumber, olives and jalapeños, all encased in a yummy vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  1. TheOdd1sOut


    2 yil oldin

    The cake turned out amazing! Thanks for making it

    • Ivan Phyo Lwin 2.00

      Ivan Phyo Lwin 2.00

      Oy oldin

      off this is gonna be the last reply cause of the 500 limit

    • abdulla alfudhala

      abdulla alfudhala

      Oy oldin


    • feddericho johnson

      feddericho johnson

      Oy oldin


    • Chris Hannam

      Chris Hannam

      Oy oldin

      @Keela same but 300k

    • HostileGaming


      2 oy oldin


  2. Glenn Quagmire

    Glenn Quagmire

    5 soat oldin

    Ďëěž ñüţš

  3. Croissant


    5 soat oldin

    [Milad liked that]

  4. ElectroGun


    12 soat oldin

    How can you make a stupid 11-year old rewatch a video about baking XD

  5. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda

    14 soat oldin

    this makes me want both subway and sweets

  6. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda

    14 soat oldin

    I forget James has a face and when I saw him I went giddy asf *stimming moment*

  7. Aaron Tamayo

    Aaron Tamayo

    15 soat oldin

    *shoes advertised sandwich* “expected the ham to look like this” *dies of laughter* don’t we all

  8. Maleigh Animates

    Maleigh Animates

    15 soat oldin

    Cool cake but who has time for this? XD

  9. Haleypugs


    16 soat oldin

    wait a minutit have i been getting my coulers wrong i thought red and blue made purple lol im not good at spelling

  10. Olivia Wren

    Olivia Wren

    Kun oldin

    I love that your try not to use fondant in everything. All the other UZtoprs make a great cake then ruin it with fondant details so it turns into fondant with some cake inside

  11. oooHpeH


    Kun oldin

    james looks like hes dying of laughter inside

  12. bts Alexander

    bts Alexander

    Kun oldin

    🤣 the fact that this is always on my recommendation list whenever I have Sooubway

  13. Yours Truly

    Yours Truly

    2 kun oldin

    I want cakee

  14. Naxtrix Gaming

    Naxtrix Gaming

    2 kun oldin

    but the again didn’t james get wifi and watch Netflix on the job

  15. The Necromancer

    The Necromancer

    2 kun oldin

    *why is everything cake*

  16. giugiu


    2 kun oldin

    funny thing is now subway has to call it bread cakes in scotland, i think

  17. Own Quttaineh

    Own Quttaineh

    4 kun oldin

    Why is James so awkward

  18. moleary42


    4 kun oldin

    This video is making me hungry for both cake and subway and I don't know how to feel about it

  19. Mirabella Hawtin

    Mirabella Hawtin

    4 kun oldin

    In the uk it’s called subway!

    • Own Quttaineh

      Own Quttaineh

      4 kun oldin

      It's called subway in every country but James calls it that for a joke

  20. F i S h Y

    F i S h Y

    4 kun oldin

    We honestly would’ve been impressed without all that details but you did it anyway

  21. Caleb Foster

    Caleb Foster

    4 kun oldin

    Aged like wine

  22. E. Owens

    E. Owens

    4 kun oldin

    Wait a minute I thought using a piece of acetate to smooth out round things was Yolanda gamps "invention"

  23. E. Owens

    E. Owens

    4 kun oldin

    No copy right here ha

  24. Rebecca Scarlet

    Rebecca Scarlet

    5 kun oldin

    this is literally my two personalities combined

    • Rebecca Scarlet

      Rebecca Scarlet

      5 kun oldin

      when cooking esp this is me cooking i didnt watch it yet it feels like me

  25. Baby Jesus

    Baby Jesus

    5 kun oldin

    𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚍𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚊𝚍 𝚖𝚒𝚛𝚐

  26. Zemax


    5 kun oldin

    why did she try its already a cake ???

  27. alienbob21


    5 kun oldin

    Could the cucumbers have been made with modeling chocolate?

  28. goodnews58


    5 kun oldin

    In this cake I do you not want to use too much fondant. 2 minutes later. Just tuck the fondant in and then put the fondant cucumber in and then cover with the fondant again and then just to make sure that it’s okay get some more fondant and then just tuck it in the bottom

  29. ꧁da potato ma’am꧂ ꧁𒊹ᴥ𒊹꧂

    ꧁da potato ma’am꧂ ꧁𒊹ᴥ𒊹꧂

    6 kun oldin


  30. Yassin Mousa

    Yassin Mousa

    6 kun oldin

    Is it sub way or is it another store

    • I like food

      I like food

      6 kun oldin

      It's Subway

    • I like food

      I like food

      6 kun oldin


  31. Pizza Getty

    Pizza Getty

    7 kun oldin

    Straight up didn't read the title, just heard James describing his sandwich and thought she was going to make a better version of his fav subway sandwich. It wasn't until she started making the lettuce and cheese that I realized this can't be a regular sandwich lmao

  32. Krahs the Shark

    Krahs the Shark

    7 kun oldin

    I’m watching this on Easter and whenever she says chocolate I feel sick

  33. Jad Jamal - EIS MYP 2

    Jad Jamal - EIS MYP 2

    8 kun oldin

    Me watching this video before:never went to subway and doesn’t know how to cook that Me a few weeks later: UNDERSTANDMENT 100

  34. Tomas Novello

    Tomas Novello

    8 kun oldin

    Why james have an assasin face when he is not talking

  35. Bxbx Bsbs

    Bxbx Bsbs

    8 kun oldin

    You're a legend😢 Luv ya!

  36. FlourOnMyApron


    9 kun oldin

    What is this "subway"?

    • I like food

      I like food

      6 kun oldin

      Are you actually asking or making a Sooubway joke?

  37. Jane Mellor

    Jane Mellor

    9 kun oldin

    Why is the fondant so shiny when she is putting it on

  38. Tsun Hei Mak

    Tsun Hei Mak

    9 kun oldin


  39. Lunalove


    10 kun oldin

    His laugh is so AKWARD

  40. soulmin


    10 kun oldin

    oh hey i didnt know the odd1sout was in this video

  41. rightgirlwrongplanet


    10 kun oldin

    This is just making me hungry. 🥪🎂

  42. Hassan Mehdi

    Hassan Mehdi

    10 kun oldin

    am i colour blind or the lettuce on the sandwich... i mean cake was a dark gray colour

  43. Rubie Mae Magallanes

    Rubie Mae Magallanes

    10 kun oldin

    Is it me or just literally she looks like james's mom xD

  44. That kafu Guy

    That kafu Guy

    10 kun oldin

    niceeee i like both of yours videos!

  45. Cathy Buckey

    Cathy Buckey

    10 kun oldin

    Is it just me are TheOdd1sOut looks very awkward

  46. Bi rights Wilbur soot

    Bi rights Wilbur soot

    10 kun oldin

    Wow I forgot what hames was like pre-sellout

  47. JustSubscribe


    10 kun oldin


  48. Oisin Anpost

    Oisin Anpost

    10 kun oldin

    I thought this was one of theoddonesouts videos XD

  49. Oisin Anpost

    Oisin Anpost

    10 kun oldin


  50. Chalae Holets

    Chalae Holets

    10 kun oldin

    Did james ever eat the cake

  51. Thanmay Gowda

    Thanmay Gowda

    11 kun oldin

    I made it. Now it takes a *Cake Rescue* eposide

  52. Antonio113's stuff

    Antonio113's stuff

    11 kun oldin


  53. crippledcommie


    11 kun oldin

    i am begging the internet to let ann rest and let her stop making such cursed creations

  54. Blue Fire

    Blue Fire

    11 kun oldin

    Lovee🧡 and respect 🤍 from India 💚

  55. TechSkills AU

    TechSkills AU

    12 kun oldin

    WOW!! Just... WOOOW!! Amazing job!

  56. dapsychokilla


    12 kun oldin

    did dave get to eat that? lucky bastard what was it like dave? i neeeeeeeeeeeeed to know

  57. Turner Fore

    Turner Fore

    12 kun oldin

    He looks so uncomfortable

  58. Freddie Woodhouse

    Freddie Woodhouse

    12 kun oldin

    I wonder how long that took her...

  59. Damian Dong

    Damian Dong

    13 kun oldin

    whait this is a face review for me

  60. snow3pea


    13 kun oldin

    it looks.. r e a l *mouth waters*

  61. Thegreat Broohighny

    Thegreat Broohighny

    13 kun oldin

    What are banana lollies? Are they just taffy?

  62. Tara Pringle

    Tara Pringle

    14 kun oldin

    I agree a sandwich masterpiece nice job

  63. Hafez Naghdali

    Hafez Naghdali

    15 kun oldin

    Oh my goodness. You are awesome

  64. aa aa

    aa aa

    15 kun oldin

    the collab we never knew we needed

  65. Sneaky Weasel

    Sneaky Weasel

    15 kun oldin

    ....i didnt see this coming...uuh.. XD

  66. God believer

    God believer

    16 kun oldin

    I'm happy i watched this video

  67. God believer

    God believer

    16 kun oldin

    He's so American 😂😂

  68. Rosey Lee

    Rosey Lee

    18 kun oldin

    he didnt get to eat any?

  69. Samantha Rivera

    Samantha Rivera

    21 kun oldin

    Ann narrates the making of this cake as if we're all making one for james too.

  70. L p

    L p

    21 kun oldin

    Unfortunately i dropted my bakeing sheet so it broke, it was like Hmhmmmhmmh hup op no hop no hop noooooooooooooooo Dani gang

  71. connor Mann

    connor Mann

    21 kun oldin

    the jalapeños literally look spicy

  72. Jerry


    23 kun oldin

    she is the real life version of bruno bucciarati

  73. KingInTheNorth


    24 kun oldin

    Damn, this looks amazing. But you could have just real subway bread as it is basically cake anyway.

  74. ღSwnsasyღ _

    ღSwnsasyღ _

    24 kun oldin

    Wow! Just going back to old videos I may have missed since I've been subbed 2yrs ago.. This looks amazing and just like a sandwich...

  75. Esther Kennedy

    Esther Kennedy

    25 kun oldin

    why do they look so much like each other???

  76. Renagon Poi

    Renagon Poi

    26 kun oldin

    Ann looks like the extrovert friend who got the introvert friend to talk to the other friends.

  77. Gabs Yule

    Gabs Yule

    27 kun oldin

    I think James forgot Ann’s name tbh 😂😅 Also the cake looks more like the sandwich than the sandwich does

  78. tvx gamer

    tvx gamer

    27 kun oldin

    The accurate granddaughter italy coil because capital geometrically work athwart a absent bagel. juicy, rainy thomas

  79. SarahLaLaLa


    27 kun oldin

    Ann is so awesome - she treated James just like one of her own sons. I guess he's now an honorary member of the Reardon family ❤

  80. deckofcards, deceased

    deckofcards, deceased

    27 kun oldin

    Not a collab I expected to see

  81. alyxskyler


    27 kun oldin

    Did he get to try it?

  82. Arisa DeFazio

    Arisa DeFazio

    28 kun oldin

    The way she says jalapeno is hilariously wrong

  83. VaultedHollow


    28 kun oldin

    Wow, that long ago? I thought it was only months I'm the worst at time

  84. O Damiao

    O Damiao

    29 kun oldin

    unexpected vid good doe!

  85. Chris Walford

    Chris Walford

    29 kun oldin


  86. King Chill

    King Chill

    Oy oldin

    You can see the anxiety and regret in his eyes in the beginning

  87. Yashswini 291

    Yashswini 291

    Oy oldin

    Omggggg I thought it was an actual sandwich

  88. Moshi


    Oy oldin

    this is good for april fools

  89. Funnè


    Oy oldin

    i never hated you ann 🥰

  90. -•_ MimiLe _•-

    -•_ MimiLe _•-

    Oy oldin


  91. Diana Anonymous

    Diana Anonymous

    Oy oldin

    Pretty sure this was the video that introduced me to Ann and now I've been subscribed for ages ;)

  92. Sehajleen Kaur

    Sehajleen Kaur

    Oy oldin

    I never expected see to this collab

  93. Jasmine Corral

    Jasmine Corral

    Oy oldin

    Did y’all see his face when she was about to make the cake.

  94. Paige Finnegan

    Paige Finnegan

    Oy oldin

    My 12yo and I just happily watched this together. Thank you!

  95. elrey topic

    elrey topic

    Oy oldin

    Man my mummy watches your videos how to cook that and I watch your videos the odd ones out 😂

  96. Musthafa Ali

    Musthafa Ali

    Oy oldin

    I am honestly a little sad that it is a sweet cake and not a subway, if only my foot-longs and sandwiches looked this good

  97. Miss Ky

    Miss Ky

    Oy oldin

    Would you rather have a cake subway sandwich or a real subway sandwich?

  98. Atrai Ganguli

    Atrai Ganguli

    Oy oldin

    Subscribe to theodd1sout

  99. Lily Gamer

    Lily Gamer

    Oy oldin


  100. Seth Shifflet

    Seth Shifflet

    Oy oldin

    Instructions unclear, my sandwich now tastes like cake