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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week I am continuing in my debunking series to see if you can spot fake content. Content farms putting up recipes that do not work and pretending that they do work is ruining the DIY community. Make sure you watch channels that you can trust. Test your baking IQ in this video and see how you go. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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  1. How To Cook That

    How To Cook That

    Yil oldin

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    • Its_gacha sandal

      Its_gacha sandal

      7 kun oldin

      1. Real 2. Fake 3. Fake 4. Real

    • Galactic_dolphin418


      3 oy oldin

      Four is real

    • Mythic Jake

      Mythic Jake

      5 oy oldin

      Real Fake Fake Real GOT IT RIGHT! My nan used to make 1 and it was amazing we used to call it pink fluff.

    • シ Wiinter Goose_

      シ Wiinter Goose_

      5 oy oldin

      I think 1 and 4 are real, and 3 and 2 are fake. Hopefully I’m correct ;-;

    • William Afton

      William Afton

      5 oy oldin

      Hi Ann

  2. Flynn Cressy

    Flynn Cressy

    3 soat oldin

    Fake 2 and 3

  3. Austin Crawford

    Austin Crawford

    8 soat oldin

    ive heard of a mug cake made with oreos milk and sugar

  4. Graysen Lott

    Graysen Lott

    9 soat oldin

    First real rest fake

  5. Emily B.

    Emily B.

    10 soat oldin

    guess: 1 and 4 are real, 2 and 3 are fake....

  6. KLZ Void

    KLZ Void

    14 soat oldin

    1 true 2 false 3 false 4 true

  7. Adi Cohen

    Adi Cohen

    15 soat oldin

    I got all of them right!!😁😁

  8. Adi Cohen

    Adi Cohen

    15 soat oldin

    1-real 2+3-fake 4-real

  9. Little MissAesthetic

    Little MissAesthetic

    16 soat oldin

    Hey ann! I was wandering, could you check out the “mug cakes“ many channels have been making- im a little suspicious 🤣

  10. Kumo


    23 soat oldin

    I got them right :D Thank you for this fun video!

  11. 8 Sucks At Everything

    8 Sucks At Everything

    23 soat oldin

    i got 3/4 correct B)

  12. Kylie Jane Tattersdale

    Kylie Jane Tattersdale

    Kun oldin

    no yes yes no

  13. Blue Blunt

    Blue Blunt

    Kun oldin

    No. 1 is fake



    Kun oldin

    it was 50/50 and it was 3 was proley fake 2 was rery idk and 1 and 4 wre good

  15. Nur Iezzatul Rahimah Muhamad Hafiz

    Nur Iezzatul Rahimah Muhamad Hafiz

    Kun oldin

    I haven't watch it till the end but i think 1 and 3 are fakes

  16. Katie Potasky

    Katie Potasky

    Kun oldin

    Jesus bless you! JESUS IS LORD! ❤️ I love Him, and He loves you.

  17. Jaivani Thevar

    Jaivani Thevar

    Kun oldin

    The snickers cake was fake

  18. Cheesedoodles


    Kun oldin

    All I wanted was the 1st one to be real cause my kid would love that

  19. sosa love

    sosa love

    Kun oldin

    I like these it’s like where getting quizzed on the stuff we’ve learned from her other debunking videos

  20. Lima Echo Numismatics

    Lima Echo Numismatics

    Kun oldin

    1 fake 2 real 3 fake 4 real

  21. Galactic Foxy

    Galactic Foxy

    Kun oldin

    I knew the oreo one was fake because it wouldn’t rise would it

  22. John s

    John s

    Kun oldin

    Got them all right because I'm trained just watching your videos!!!

  23. Hazel dreams Big

    Hazel dreams Big

    Kun oldin

    1 real 2 fake 3 real? 4 first just ew. But real I think

  24. Elliot Callan

    Elliot Callan

    Kun oldin

    I don’t know if 3 is the Oreo cake or the snickers but I think the Oreo cake is fake

    • Elliot Callan

      Elliot Callan

      Kun oldin

      Half right

  25. Slanguage Freak

    Slanguage Freak

    Kun oldin

    1st one makes sense, so it is real. Second and third one is definitely fake. There is no way that snicker doodly topping can stand like that and hold a cnicker piece. I make mine the correct way and they can barely do that (I mean, I might just be a bad cook, but still). The fourth one - I am kind of split. It might be real. I mean there are no eggs so chickpea water is the binder and cream of tartar will be the stabilizer. So technically it should work. But will it be the same as an egg macron? Doubt it. Edit: Yay! I am going to be generous with myself and claim i got all 4 right (even though I was split on the last one, but I think it was justified)!!!

  26. Madroachin


    Kun oldin

    I know the snickers one is wrong because it doesn't have enough fat

  27. Bendy bro

    Bendy bro

    Kun oldin

    real, fake, fake real? wow that was lucky D:

  28. Macy Grisell

    Macy Grisell

    Kun oldin

    1 and 4 are real

  29. Ariel Harmony

    Ariel Harmony

    Kun oldin

    Holy cow I not only got this ... but I knew what aquafava was lol!!

  30. Nothing Relevant

    Nothing Relevant

    Kun oldin

    1 is real, 2 is fake, 3 is fake and 4 is real

  31. Rick B

    Rick B

    Kun oldin

    1 was real. I think the rest not Maybe 4 is real. Ain’t fully sure

  32. Cake isLife

    Cake isLife

    Kun oldin

    1 real 2 fake 3 fake 4 real 🤞🏻

  33. Julius Santos

    Julius Santos

    2 kun oldin

    I got it all correct :)

  34. Donny DragonSlayer

    Donny DragonSlayer

    2 kun oldin

    Number 3 is wrong you cant blend oreos just by itself it will just turn into a powder and if you blend it with milk it would just turn to mush

  35. Absurd Words

    Absurd Words

    2 kun oldin

    I have to eat gluten free stuff alot and I'm allergic to eggs so I got the 4th one right and I knew the 1st was true too. I somehow knew the other 2 were fake from watching my mom and sister bake, not from my own experience though.

  36. Alex Shafer

    Alex Shafer

    2 kun oldin

    Aqua Fava can also be used to make mousse! It's quite a good alternative for desserts, especially if you regularly eat a lot of chickpeas its a great way to get the most value out of a can.

  37. MelodyGames 10

    MelodyGames 10

    2 kun oldin

    My answers were just maybe, probably not, mostly not and maybe but I’m still glad I’m technically right ^w^

  38. ThunDer


    2 kun oldin

    I think they're all fake I was wrong

  39. Chomuggaacapri


    2 kun oldin

    Man, I don't even bake and I managed to guess those all correctly! I guess something about the frosting and the cake felt off. It didn't seem like there were enough or the right ingredients to be so perfect, I guess. I'm happy with my mild amount of intuition!

  40. Lynn Hamilton

    Lynn Hamilton

    2 kun oldin

    1 and 4 are real... 2 and 3 are fake

  41. Dormousey


    2 kun oldin

    1. true, 2 I'm British so false (what are Oreo's), biscuits don't make choc sauce, 3 true (maybe),, 4 false, I don't believe whipped chick peas will look like meringues. I say 1 and 3 true, 2 & 4 false! Edit the lady changed the order so my 3 was her 2 at the end. I got 1 right!

    • ava nickle

      ava nickle

      2 kun oldin

      im British too, idk how you don’t know what Oreos are but, they are chocolate biscuits with sweet creme in the center

  42. Leen Alqahtani

    Leen Alqahtani

    2 kun oldin

    I think 2 and 4 are fake

  43. Ada Keita

    Ada Keita

    2 kun oldin

    There all fake

    • Ada Keita

      Ada Keita

      2 kun oldin

      Welp guess I'm easily fooled

  44. Köpi


    2 kun oldin

    My opinions: 1. Real ✅ 2. Real ❌ 3. Fake ✅ 4. Real ✅ I got 3/4 right!

  45. rimmersbryggeri


    2 kun oldin

    Why would oreo cake be good when the source material isnt?

  46. Artie H

    Artie H

    2 kun oldin

    1 and 4 were real

  47. Rim Bessaih

    Rim Bessaih

    2 kun oldin

    Fake for 2 3

  48. hønroccø


    2 kun oldin

    Here’s what I got. 1st - real 2nd - fake 3rd - fake 4th - real Wow. I feel like a genius lmao

  49. Teia


    3 kun oldin

    1 and 4 are real, 2 and 3 are fakee

  50. Smooth MJ Applehead

    Smooth MJ Applehead

    3 kun oldin

    First and last was real

  51. Shirley Wilson

    Shirley Wilson

    3 kun oldin

    The steady candle angiographically peel because pedestrian concomitantly offend before a enchanted crayon. brief, raspy black

  52. McChesney McChesney

    McChesney McChesney

    3 kun oldin

    2:38 I think snickers frosting is fake. I really hope number 1 is real because I want to try it. Also I think oreo cake is real. And I think number 4 is real too. 4:29 3/4 Nice! I am "smart" (Thank you Ann Reardon!) Totally trying number 1! Looks so good!

  53. Lara S.

    Lara S.

    3 kun oldin

    2 and 3 had jump cuts by four I was kinda suspicious with the chickpea jooc

  54. saixkuriskvy


    3 kun oldin

    im surprised i got them all right ✌️

  55. Eleanor Poppy Reeve

    Eleanor Poppy Reeve

    3 kun oldin

    I think that all were real except for the Oreo cake as you didn't show us a lot of what was happening ...

  56. Jennell Brandt

    Jennell Brandt

    3 kun oldin

    2 3

  57. Franciszek Ploskon

    Franciszek Ploskon

    3 kun oldin

    1 & 4

  58. Efreeti


    3 kun oldin

    1 and 4 I think seemed genuine.

    • Efreeti


      3 kun oldin


  59. Charlotte Gould

    Charlotte Gould

    3 kun oldin

    fake fake fake real

  60. VK


    3 kun oldin

    I thought all of them were fake

  61. Naaimah Karim

    Naaimah Karim

    3 kun oldin

    1 fake 2 real 3 real 4 fake

  62. Chaitali Das

    Chaitali Das

    3 kun oldin

    2 and 3 are fake

  63. Aliyah Winfrey

    Aliyah Winfrey

    3 kun oldin

    Me (7) : real, fake, real, fake Ann readon: the dough didn't have enough grams and.. Also me: ayo what???

  64. DeCrazy DoDo

    DeCrazy DoDo

    3 kun oldin

    The third one is definitely fake, and MAYBE the fourth one.

  65. RainsWorld 18

    RainsWorld 18

    4 kun oldin

    The snicker one liked fake to me!

  66. Carpet Studios

    Carpet Studios

    4 kun oldin

    1 real 2 fake 3 fake 4 real

  67. George


    4 kun oldin

    Yay I was right

  68. Nikita Leak

    Nikita Leak

    4 kun oldin

    The first one is real,the third and second one is fake and finally the fourth one is real

  69. Caty Bateman

    Caty Bateman

    4 kun oldin

    I Belgrave 1 is real, 2 is fake, 3is fake, and 4 is real

  70. Fiery Phoenix

    Fiery Phoenix

    4 kun oldin

    real real fake real

    • kadem ra

      kadem ra

      2 kun oldin

      Its real fake fake real

  71. Colleen Hayes

    Colleen Hayes

    4 kun oldin

    I got all of em!

  72. Surfer Rosa

    Surfer Rosa

    4 kun oldin

    1 is real. 4 maybe yes. 2 & 3 are bollocks

    • Surfer Rosa

      Surfer Rosa

      4 kun oldin

      I'm a frigging genius! YAY!

  73. Naomi Spann

    Naomi Spann

    4 kun oldin

    1 and 4 were real 3 was super fake, and I'm not sure about 2

  74. Shovlaxnet


    4 kun oldin

    Macrons and cake are real, the other two aren't.

    • Shovlaxnet


      4 kun oldin

      DANG. I knew the chickpeas one were real for sure, but the others I didn't :(

  75. Soute


    4 kun oldin

    all were real OMFG!!!!!! its so epic no joke OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Okami Angles

    Okami Angles

    4 kun oldin

    I figured 2 and 3 were fake, I wasn't sure about 4 and 1 looked the most real.

  77. Huggy's Exciting News

    Huggy's Exciting News

    4 kun oldin

    Real fake fake real??

  78. rosie llama :3

    rosie llama :3

    4 kun oldin

    Anyone else realized she didn't tell us how much to add like how many cups and stuff with the fake ones well people like 5 minute crafts do that to make people confused

  79. Super Sonic

    Super Sonic

    4 kun oldin

    1 and 4 are real but I don't know about 2 and 3

  80. Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher

    4 kun oldin

    I think that the first and last ones seemed pretty plausible but not too sure on 2 and 3 Edit: wow, I was actually right! Thank god for TAFE teaching me about using chickpea liquid as an egg replacement 😂

  81. Jamie Post

    Jamie Post

    4 kun oldin

    Cake and macaroons

  82. dea kobiashvili

    dea kobiashvili

    4 kun oldin

    I got all of them not because I'm baking genius, but because the edit was obviously fake

  83. Samantha Zoe Miller

    Samantha Zoe Miller

    4 kun oldin

    1:real 2:fake 3:real 4:real

  84. Viveka Prasad

    Viveka Prasad

    4 kun oldin

    I think the third one is fake

  85. Sana Shaik

    Sana Shaik

    4 kun oldin

    1works 2 and 3 definitely dont work Not sure about 4 tho

  86. Sharifa Sulaiman

    Sharifa Sulaiman

    4 kun oldin

    1st one is correct 2nd one is wrong 3rd one is wrong 4rd one is correct

  87. Perveen Akhtar

    Perveen Akhtar

    5 kun oldin

    The frosting and the cake one was not real

  88. Perveen Akhtar

    Perveen Akhtar

    5 kun oldin

    Jelly one was real the macrons was real

  89. 🌚just🐰tea🌝


    5 kun oldin

    I've done 1 and 4 before so I knew they would work haha

  90. G L

    G L

    5 kun oldin

    I think the first one is real, the second one is fake, the third one is fake, and the fourth one is real.

  91. H恵美子


    5 kun oldin

    I wonder what Ann does with all the cakes she bakes for these videos.

  92. Wan Aina Izzati

    Wan Aina Izzati

    5 kun oldin

    2:36 For people who don’t want to wait :)

  93. NP Skroder

    NP Skroder

    5 kun oldin

    I guessed them all right. Somehow.

  94. Tristan Mays

    Tristan Mays

    5 kun oldin


  95. Liam Heneghan

    Liam Heneghan

    5 kun oldin

    Eyyy I actually got 4/4. I guess I've soaked up some baking knowledge from your videos 😋

  96. ted max

    ted max

    5 kun oldin

    OK, just to stop any bakers with a vegan friend from being disappointed, then macarons are sometimes not considered to be vegan - because almonds are not a vegan crop, as they almost always need bees shipped in to fertilise the trees. Similarly, avocados and broccoli are two other crops which are not considered vegan, because of the perceived exploitation of the bees - Non of which is anything I agree with, but I know it's annoying when you make something special, and the person won't try it for 'reasons'. I have a similar thing myself, because don't eat gluten, but also can't have Xanthan gum, as it gives me a stomach ache/upset stomach - problem is , they use it all the time to replace gluten in recipes - I get fed up of people thinking they are doing me a favour with gluten free cake, only to have it make me ill.

  97. TheBlackSpiral


    5 kun oldin

    I'm not a baking genius. I'm just a cynic. I wanted the Oreo cake with Snickers cream to be real. And therefore I knew they can't be real.

    • vicby puppycouch

      vicby puppycouch

      3 kun oldin

      The cake part wont look like that, but

    • vicby puppycouch

      vicby puppycouch

      3 kun oldin

      It is real I tried it btw

  98. KitKatt


    5 kun oldin

    Number 1 is real, Nuber 2 is fake (Not enough fats or salt to even get the cake to rise like that) , Number 3 is also fake (That would just make some weird sweet paste, not snickers frosting) And Number 4 is real. HELL YEA

  99. mohammed ismail

    mohammed ismail

    5 kun oldin

    1.real 2.fake 3.fake 4.real

  100. zahin 16

    zahin 16

    5 kun oldin