Plating Cheap Frozen Desserts into Gourmet Restaurant Food! How To Cook That Ann Reardon hacks

4 Plating techniques to turn a cheap store-bought frozen dessert into restaurant food.
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations and food science just for you. This week I am attempting to replace a cheap frozen store bought dessert to make it look like a fancy restaurant dessert. Plating desserts four different ways showing you plating ideas and plating techniques.. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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  1. zxchcrxig


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    Me: about to go to bed Ann: *posts Me: you know what, let’s stay up another 9 minutes

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      Brandon Chan

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      haha ,I am doing that right now😂

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      @zxchcrxig I’m in london/England

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      Karoline the Norris Nut fan! Im a big fan

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      Yes thats What i do too!

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  2. Lauren Faletti

    Lauren Faletti

    9 soat oldin

    I would just eat all of the pie filling before I would make the dessert

  3. Anu Radha

    Anu Radha

    19 soat oldin

    I think this is the only channel that attracts no negativity literally. Btw, really live your videos. Especially the debunking ones.. Newest subscriber. Love the way you explain everything and the logic fail and apparent dangers behind every "life hack" and try out some of the "hacks" too. Love your channel

  4. Bethan


    20 soat oldin

    This is impressive but if someone is going to this much effort they might aswell make the components 😂

  5. Nicholas Miller

    Nicholas Miller

    Kun oldin

    I like the individual tart best.

  6. Nina Willcox

    Nina Willcox

    Kun oldin

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  7. terwelv


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  8. Mystery Mix

    Mystery Mix

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    8:27 If I ordered cheese cake and they put that in front of me. I would be mad

  9. Anastas1786


    2 kun oldin

    What exactly is "gastrophysics"?

  10. Coretta Ha

    Coretta Ha

    2 kun oldin

    Might be cheaper than baking but more trouble.

  11. Lottie Beardsmore

    Lottie Beardsmore

    2 kun oldin

    This is such good content and yet 5 minute crafts is the one with tens of millions of subscribers 😒 We all really appreciate you making the internet a better place Ann, thx💝

  12. achanwahn


    2 kun oldin

    Wait, but they were different and had changed that would technically change the flavor. Dave isn’t wrong. It would taste different. If it were actually the exact same, then I’d agree. But this conclusion isn’t scientific. There’s no blind. Also, the subtle differences would be removed if it was all made from the same, unaltered formulas.

  13. Olga Marcondes

    Olga Marcondes

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    It looks like you made a hidden Mickey on your dessert 🍨

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    Dolla Baby

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    Double A

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    1:18 - Stephen feels a disturbance in the Force.

  16. Leanne Mayor

    Leanne Mayor

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    Yeah I e tried that cheese cake and it’s not really cheese cake and I’ve never ever made a cheese cake base that is so dry .

  17. Star Unit54

    Star Unit54

    3 kun oldin

    This woman’s voice literally is so calm

  18. IrideLastMtb


    3 kun oldin

    What if it's just the oils from our fingers that seasons the foods the more we touch them

  19. Chux


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  20. WaywardGoddess


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    Me: ooh plating hacks How To Cook That: I'm only going to use strawberries and creame Me: stares in strawberry allergy 😑 lol

  21. Ally Bailey

    Ally Bailey

    4 kun oldin

    I love cheescake!! But the decustructed one didnt have nearly enough crumble. There was only a tiny crumb of crumble.

  22. sun ray

    sun ray

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    I hate the sound of scraping ice😖😖😖

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    Jhope kpop

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    It's so pretentious... I LOVE IT!

  24. Alexx Hutchinson

    Alexx Hutchinson

    4 kun oldin

    Can I just have cheesecake...? I don't want it to look overly fancy none of this deconstruction mumbo-jumbo or the tiny little blobs, I'd be too scared to eat the glass one because it looks so pretty

  25. ItzAmARIs


    4 kun oldin

    When you cut the graham off the cheesecake and it just crumbled it was so satisfying to watch lol

  26. Ed Power

    Ed Power

    4 kun oldin

    The cheese cake in the video looks better than the thumbnail wth??

  27. Laura Nightingale

    Laura Nightingale

    5 kun oldin

    Number 1. Looked amazing.

  28. XRxiny_DxyzX


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    I love Ann’s comment section. Like everyone’s so sweet. People are talking, like wow.

    • Random Human

      Random Human

      2 kun oldin

      It is nice. A very wholesome and interactive community.

  29. Soggy Popcorn

    Soggy Popcorn

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    your so talented ❤️❤️

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    Maidah Mohammed

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  31. Super Sonic

    Super Sonic

    6 kun oldin

    Fun fack your channel name is how to cook that but you never tell us how to cook tahat but you are working great because many of us watch hacks and before we try them you tell us the result and it is nice because if we try those hacks then the result will be similar to thank you

  32. Magazine Kirby

    Magazine Kirby

    6 kun oldin

    This is actually what wedding caterers do

  33. Ryouka


    6 kun oldin

    Ok I’m not being rude but I don’t think anyone would bother to the the first one unless they really want to eat it better But ye this looks delicious

  34. galaxy Kang

    galaxy Kang

    6 kun oldin

    Am sad most of em is strawberry am allergic

    • galaxy Kang

      galaxy Kang

      3 kun oldin

      @I'm litreally just here also I found out that even with artificial is kinda dangerous

    • galaxy Kang

      galaxy Kang

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      @Nate rlly? Like wat?

    • Nate


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      Tbh there are so many more berries that have much more flavour than strawberry.

    • galaxy Kang

      galaxy Kang

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    • I'm litreally just here

      I'm litreally just here

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  38. Ada S

    Ada S

    8 kun oldin

    Honestly, this is lot of work. You might just do your favourite dessert instead of serving junk replated. I agree that presentation is important and you did a good job on this video but this is not something I would do.

  39. amr elhady

    amr elhady

    8 kun oldin

    You are not really cheating. Most ppl have those ingredients that you used

  40. Daniel Jeffry Rivera

    Daniel Jeffry Rivera

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    How funny would it be 5 minute crafts copied this and made it a "hack"

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    Caroline North

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    This video is exactly 9:00

  42. M0tt0ri


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    Esto tomó muchísimo más tiempo que hacer tu mismo la tarta de cero, pero desde luego te puede salvar el culo en una emergencia, por ejemplo un día festivo con las tiendas cerradas y un invitado sorpresa.

  43. A Thivierge

    A Thivierge

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  44. Me Iam

    Me Iam

    9 kun oldin

    Eh, I would argue this is less fancy plating and more reworking it entirely.

  45. freespeechisdead isdead

    freespeechisdead isdead

    9 kun oldin

    So basically make your own desserts, thrown the store bought stuff in the trash. Got it!

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    RAO Mukhtar

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    • thebittersweetartist


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    literally the least seamless sponsorship ever😂

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    Retro Nerd Gamer

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    what the hell was that modern decontructed one??? looked like roadkilled cheesecake- wow. never expected to say those words in that way ever... the terrarium one was interesting though. i could see myself doing that

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    Mr. Pickle

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    Givo Ebrahimi

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  53. olivea mcclaflin

    olivea mcclaflin

    10 kun oldin

    ......of coarse it's going to taste better.....you added extra ingredients to most of these....

    • SaveMeMoon


      10 kun oldin

      She only really added extra ingredients to the last one, the others she only added garnishing. Also what she talked about at the end was a study that someone made and not her's specifically.

  54. l3v1


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    i want to learn how 2 cook because of this now

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    3:33 am

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    rosie llama :3

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    Secret Writer

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    Riry Alba

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  82. Liwiathan


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    Ahhh, the placebo effect

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    Age de Jong

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    hi i`m Ann Reardon in in this video i cranked the vulume up to 11 so your neighbours can enjoy it too

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      wow turtle rabbit kim

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    Denki Kaminari

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    CHAOS .Goddess.

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    Jessica Nicole

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    janice mcleod

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    J L

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