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Hi, I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode we are debunking crazy viral food hacks Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  1. How To Cook That

    How To Cook That

    4 oy oldin

    Let's Debunk some weird and wonderful viral videos ... and of course Dave's our taste-tester 😍PS. want your own DEBUNK definition mug? uztop.infostore

    • Peter Vansan

      Peter Vansan

      18 soat oldin

      First video can be done with sodium citrate

    • Adam Efimoff

      Adam Efimoff

      2 kun oldin

      @Adele Dazeem yes sort of. But personally I think you should let it go. Maybe build ice castles

    • john doe

      john doe

      3 kun oldin

      "Gag worthy" oh my... Poor man I can only imagine him sometimes asking you behind the cameras "I should have not swallowed this, haven't I?"

    • Nasreen Hasan

      Nasreen Hasan

      3 kun oldin

      @Lavishlyy Lunaa then they should not use that thumbnail

    • Leonardo Vazquez

      Leonardo Vazquez

      6 kun oldin

      I am never trying those videos of 5 minute craft I will never trust them

  2. Best Quality

    Best Quality

    Soat oldin

    So glad I benge watched and watched till then of the video. I feel you are absolutely correct! Thievery! Thank you for sharing this. I haven't heard anything about that in the US. But things seem to happen here without anyone knowing.

  3. Arturo Stojanoff

    Arturo Stojanoff

    10 soat oldin

    This woman just clickbaited me into watching a video about debunking stupid hacks, but she ACTUALLY did what she promised AND also made me get informed about Google's unfair practices.

    • Bazil Food Review

      Bazil Food Review

      6 soat oldin

      the changes already happened that she was supporting. its working "sooo well" so far from what ive heard lol.

  4. E- Turtle

    E- Turtle

    10 soat oldin

    I just use duckduckgo ;D

  5. Tappychef


    11 soat oldin

    I've been using DuckDuckGo for months....I'm surprised you haven't been shadowbanned Anne, Google's a bully.

  6. Raccoon Nation

    Raccoon Nation

    12 soat oldin

    The raccoons on Ann’s block are incredibly jealous of Dave’s buffet of gourmet garbage 🗑😂🦝💗

  7. Marlenehibiskus


    14 soat oldin

    you misspelled covid

  8. Eldy


    15 soat oldin

    as an asian seeing the cheese ramen, i died inside. Wtf were they thinking do they wanna actually kill the soul of some people who watch their vids

  9. Eldy


    15 soat oldin

    A little piece of daves soul dies when ann makes a debunk vid.

  10. MarshalSlimShaddy Mathers

    MarshalSlimShaddy Mathers

    17 soat oldin

    I just love David's attitude 😍 I want to see more of him

  11. RAndOm_ThInGS


    17 soat oldin

    Blossom: 15 AMAZING Life Tricks TO BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE!

  12. trot


    19 soat oldin

    I'm sorry but you shouldn't be talking about the google issue in such depth when you don't fully understand it. You have made some good points in what you said, but its ruined by the weather and UZtop points. Weather.com host an API for receiving that information that Google is more than likely using, and probably even paying for because it is in fact pay-to-use. The UZtop point, well, google owns UZtop so of course they can just link through to the UZtop content whilst still maintaining the normal monetisation to creators rules.

  13. Innocent_Bystander


    20 soat oldin

    Dave must be the world's worst husband ever(after me) for you to willingly put him through this so often...

  14. MorningMeasure


    Kun oldin

    "drink is full of chemicals" oh boy do i have some news about the human body, 5 minute crafts...

  15. Heléne Johansson

    Heléne Johansson

    Kun oldin

    Thanks for debunking. And i can't help my self. But i laugh at your husband when he tsste the food and all you make. Just seeing his face and the grimaces he makes. I realy pitty your husband for tasting all that food you do. You can realy see when he likes it🥰🥰🥰🥰.

  16. CK raccoon

    CK raccoon

    Kun oldin

    Dave must REAAAAALY love her

  17. First of many

    First of many

    Kun oldin

    that brownie mix makes me die inside

  18. Psy McDad

    Psy McDad

    Kun oldin

    Gloryhammer: "I wanna set the universe on fire!" Ann Reardon: "Lets start with your Microwave. Do you have a pencil?"

  19. Jackinity


    Kun oldin

    Joel helped so much in the making of this video, lets all give a thank you to Joel for letting Ann borrow the sand from his sandpit

  20. Maiden Minnesota

    Maiden Minnesota

    Kun oldin

    Google is evil and must be destroyed. That also means UZtop, since they own it.

  21. esphiq_


    Kun oldin

    I think Ann just wanted to have a ramble about the news in asturilla

  22. Philosophy Fraillon

    Philosophy Fraillon

    Kun oldin

    When the cooking channel gives you a better look at proposed parliamentary codes than literally anyone else

  23. Kym Moore

    Kym Moore

    2 kun oldin

    I cannot believe anyone would be dumb enough to actually think putting tin foil in a toaster was a good idea. Why not just have a five minute hack getting toast out of a live toaster, mid-cycle, with a metal knife? Or, better yet, re-heat your bath water whilst you’re in it by turning your toaster on and chucking it in the bath! How these videos haven’t been removed for suggesting potentially dangerous ideas is beyond me.

  24. Charlotte Walker

    Charlotte Walker

    2 kun oldin

    Ok but what if you made grilled cheese ramen with the thing you actully use for cheese sandwiches-

  25. Saturn


    2 kun oldin

    I'm gonna be honest I didn't come to this video to learn about Australian current events but I'm super happy I did

  26. Zyga


    2 kun oldin

    issue with the google thing is that I just don't care to go to the site; I want to look up how to change a lightbulb and not be bombarded with ads for what should be an easy to answer question. These sites make you jump through their hoops to get what should be readily available information, and I don't think that's right. I shouldnt have to look it up, click the link, scroll through the page to find where theyve hidden the answers, load another page for part 2, etc etc etc, when google can just say 1., 2., 3.. I guess it makes it more a question of "what information should be free?" and to that I think that the easy things that google can snippet have fallen under that before. It's not like google gives you a full in depth guide for anything, it only gives a snippet for things that are simple.

  27. coolfish4


    2 kun oldin

    13:05 CRAPES

  28. Guinea Pig Lady

    Guinea Pig Lady

    2 kun oldin

    9:43 That's disgusting!!!!

  29. Meglet Montrose

    Meglet Montrose

    2 kun oldin

    Oh no, content farms figured out debunking videos are popular. The cycle is complete.

  30. Chelsey Lin

    Chelsey Lin

    2 kun oldin

    10:26 when you said “let’s give it a try” all I can think is bless Dave’s heart for being such a good sport, knowing what he’s about to eat.

  31. Crystal Chronis

    Crystal Chronis

    2 kun oldin

    It is possible to do mac and cheese in the microwave just, of course, not how they're doing it. Very similar to the caramel in the microwave, you have to do it in short intervals and stir in between- but that wouldn't make a nice, easy looking 'hack' video. Anyways here's a recipe for microwave mac and cheese that I have used with success: www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-one-bowl-microwave-macaroni-and-cheese-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchen-94006 It does work- it would be less effort to just cook the pasta on the stove, but something like this is good if you're in a dorm or if you're like me and just trying to minimize dishes to clean up.

  32. VexWinters


    2 kun oldin

    Sick Microwave Rave

  33. Copper 29

    Copper 29

    2 kun oldin

    Those ramen recipes look like something my college friends and I would have come up with at 3 in the morning while stoned off our asses. "These two foods are good, so they'll be GREAT mixed together, right?"

  34. SweeFlyBoy's Fish

    SweeFlyBoy's Fish

    2 kun oldin

    Ann: "Phone" **shows Samsung** Me: *angry Samsung user noises*

  35. x X

    x X

    2 kun oldin

    thank you for talking about the Google problem!! I'm the kind of person who will just do a quick search on google and not actually go through to websites.

  36. Aleksander Weedman

    Aleksander Weedman

    2 kun oldin

    When you are at hotel remember when just minutes before job interview you ironing your only shirt that someone before you might cooking toasts with that iron.

  37. T a r a n n u m S a b a

    T a r a n n u m S a b a

    2 kun oldin

    I recommend using instant noodles and hot boiling milk instead of pasta and normal temperature milk . It tastes good in this way

  38. MotoMagrew


    2 kun oldin

    Really good description of the google/Facebook issue! Well done!

  39. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

    3 kun oldin

    I kind of want to put some graphite in a microwave now.

  40. hannah mathai

    hannah mathai

    3 kun oldin

    Can u take the time to thank Dave who is super supportive and trys all the nasty food

  41. Beverly Ridgwell

    Beverly Ridgwell

    3 kun oldin

    And more recently Facebook closed all news pages because they didn’t want to pay to get Australian news. Ty Australian government

  42. 0Clewi0


    3 kun oldin

    What a stupid analogy, it's not like the restaurants paying the bus driver makes more sense.

  43. Enedina Olivares

    Enedina Olivares

    3 kun oldin

    Love you debunking videos!!!

  44. not_the_useless_cake


    3 kun oldin

    I just got an ad right after the ad...

  45. john doe

    john doe

    3 kun oldin

    Okay, so you don't want to appear in google search results with the feature snippet so you remove it. Fine, someone else will take first place and you'll go second, most probably, because if you were first you had sufficient authority. But you get greedy and don't want others to get 1st place, even if you didn't want the 1st place because it didn't give you any benefits. So... ?

  46. Bambi Mariposite

    Bambi Mariposite

    3 kun oldin

    Google is the bus driver, who drove you to the restaurant, served the food on the bus that was actually made by the restaurant (making food requires utilities to run), then keeping the money from the consumer which should have gone to the restaurant, and finally bitching about the restaurant who wants the money for the food the bus driver just took credit for? Absurd. Now I know to click on the websites so they get the money instead of Google. Thanks Ann Reardon!

  47. Saby


    3 kun oldin

    ... calling fusilli noodles......🤨

  48. Logically Sound

    Logically Sound

    3 kun oldin

    I like that you addressed this political issue with google and facebook and stuff, and you didn't make a conclusion by ignoring both sides of evidence and arguments

  49. Mou


    3 kun oldin

    This video made me crave raw pasta

  50. Kerollayne Moreira

    Kerollayne Moreira

    3 kun oldin

    "it's a little pre al dente" is the nicest possible way to say that

  51. Nasreen Hasan

    Nasreen Hasan

    3 kun oldin

    You are doing the same thing using thumbnail of something which is not in the video.

  52. Nasreen Hasan

    Nasreen Hasan

    3 kun oldin

    Where is the thumbnail

  53. Kathryn Brady

    Kathryn Brady

    3 kun oldin

    Great explanation of the google/Facebook issue there right now!

  54. Kathryn Brady

    Kathryn Brady

    3 kun oldin

    I don’t understand the opposition to disease resistance crops. How is that harmful to anyone?

  55. Ruel Pondeglow

    Ruel Pondeglow

    3 kun oldin

    Chefclub never ceases to terrify me.

  56. Jennifer Ellison

    Jennifer Ellison

    3 kun oldin

    How many microwaves do you go through a year?

  57. Fungal Helix

    Fungal Helix

    3 kun oldin

    They're debunking _their own videos?!?_ That's like putting cholera in the water supply and selling the antidote

  58. Mina


    3 kun oldin

    Did we do the chili pepper one or did i miss it?. Edit: She made a second video because it didn't finish on time lapse in time for the video.

  59. Saeed Alhagri

    Saeed Alhagri

    3 kun oldin

    I tried the first one and instead of adding water with the pasta I added milk and added more cheddar cheese and it worked

  60. susana basera

    susana basera

    3 kun oldin

    I learned much science today...

  61. Hiroki Tosh

    Hiroki Tosh

    3 kun oldin

    Around 3:30. To be precise, microwave will cause the graphite to generate electricity and produce arcs. It is the same reason that you don't want to place any metal or electric conductor in microwave oven while it is on...

  62. Cluelesss Me

    Cluelesss Me

    4 kun oldin

    Ritualistic 5minute crafts are witch 🧙‍♀️ n spell caster

  63. Nidhi S Sasthri

    Nidhi S Sasthri

    4 kun oldin

    Iam feeling sorry for your husband.. 🙄 poor man😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  64. Larwood


    4 kun oldin

    This made me miss Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?

  65. IamMe


    4 kun oldin

    I mean people thinking something is bad just cause it is scary, or someone making up absurd claims like that bus example, can't be helped anyways. Just gotta work around those.

  66. Rick B

    Rick B

    4 kun oldin

    In order to absorb color you can use activated charchoal

  67. Rick B

    Rick B

    4 kun oldin

    You need to melt sand and the other ingredients to let it mix well and let cool down to form glass

  68. Trevor Allen

    Trevor Allen

    4 kun oldin

    The lime drink actually isn’t settling out. It’s having a chemical reaction because the citric acid is reacting with the milk and making it curdle

  69. Glowackos


    4 kun oldin

    Best explanation of news media bargaining code I've heard so far.

  70. GiannaGamezYT


    4 kun oldin

    I love that grilled cheeses are called cheese toastys in Australia. That’s so cool to me because I always forget that different places in the world call things differently.

  71. Rachel Moore

    Rachel Moore

    4 kun oldin

    I noticed a while ago they started debunking themselves. I personally got a kick out of it

  72. None 31

    None 31

    4 kun oldin

    11:17 he sounded so happy and that made me happy

  73. Blobbert Mcblob

    Blobbert Mcblob

    4 kun oldin

    Grandparents be like "sometimes the winters were so harsh, we had ran out of food and had to boil rocks to survive!"

  74. JLiznuts


    4 kun oldin

    That is a movie Johnny depp pic is in it’s called Benny and joon

  75. UrsaMinor_


    4 kun oldin

    Tbh the graphite in the microwave looks and sounds awesome. Like, would be cool for an experimental band lol



    4 kun oldin

    She's a smart lady. Have another person taste foods that you know taste like Crap. Poor Dave



    4 kun oldin

    Imagine her having a collaboration with Five minute Crafts lol

  78. mmelanoma


    4 kun oldin

    Google should pay their fair share

  79. MissChloehoeh


    4 kun oldin

    I know this might not be relevant to this particular video but I've recently started watching some of your debunking content... Now I can forgive channels for exploiting the algorithm, clickbait, misleading thumbnails etc. However what's not excusable is marketing these videos to a young impressionable audience and including "hacks" that not only don't work but are DANGEROUS. The fact that they are putting children in danger is bad enough without leading people to damage their kitchen appliances. I'm so glad this wasn't around when I was a child. My brother and I were a nightmare. We'd wake up before mum and dad, go to the pantry, take the arnott's milk bear biscuits, ice magic and sprinkles and decide to decorate the bears... On the kitchen floor. One day I even tried to make dampa. I can't imagine what we'd have gotten up to if we had access to all of these different hacks. I can just hope we don't see "child dies from life hack" in the headlines in future. Hell it's probably already a headline. It's just like all of these ridiculous and dangerous tiktok fads. I'm not religious but sometimes I wish there was a god to help us. 😅

  80. Dumb Idiot

    Dumb Idiot

    4 kun oldin

    I might be wring but it might be too much milk cause when i usually make cheese sauce i dont put to much milk

  81. Turntapeover


    4 kun oldin

    A more accurate analogy would be "Imagine you pay for a monthly bus pass, but that bus pass doesn't let you inside the bus. It only allows you to pay the fare to the driver when you get inside the bus. And you need to pay both the monthly pass and the fare to take the bus."

  82. Kimbapramenxx


    4 kun oldin

    I didn't know about that Google search thing. Guess I'll just go back to ecosia..

  83. Lt.David Pulsar

    Lt.David Pulsar

    4 kun oldin

    The hilarious thing with the sand is, if you do it right, you can melt glass in a microwave.

  84. Matthew Niemann

    Matthew Niemann

    4 kun oldin

    Google owns UZtop. If you try to watch a video on Google that's not from UZtop, you go to the video site

  85. Okwaho


    4 kun oldin

    How did I learn so much about glass from a cooking show? Lol what is this madness.

  86. First name Last name

    First name Last name

    4 kun oldin

    6:42 that's chemical sand

  87. Lauren Christie

    Lauren Christie

    4 kun oldin

    Wait. Where is the banana 🍌

  88. Agni Vancruz

    Agni Vancruz

    4 kun oldin

    Safety feature on irons? We don't have something like that auto off in the one at home 👀

  89. Sarthak Pattanaik Das

    Sarthak Pattanaik Das

    4 kun oldin

    I cannot imagine how fun filled ur house must be with the both of u so clever n funny at the same time. I love the way Dave reviews the 'experiments' n he is such a good sport. I m literally hooked to ur channel. Loved the little segment of general knowledge u gave about the raging topic of the day.

  90. First Last

    First Last

    4 kun oldin

    that thing with the crepes on the bottom of the pan is a legit way of making thin wraps, but you would use an iron pan. heat it first so it basically cooks when you dip it, you get a thicker layer and only leave it on the heat for a minute or two, it falls off of the pan when it's ready, just hold it upside down over the plate. Maybe it's more common in the Appalachian area.

  91. Sathasivam Amarasingham

    Sathasivam Amarasingham

    4 kun oldin

    I knew the grilled cheese sandwich would work cause my mum made it when I was really little

  92. Andre Gon

    Andre Gon

    4 kun oldin

    The only tutorials that I trust ate Howtobasic's tutorias, everytime I end up with my dick on fire is my fault.

  93. Silver Sheep

    Silver Sheep

    4 kun oldin

    Is nobody gonna talk about that Google/Facebook vs News Outlet case? The engines are stealing content and research then acting like they're the victims. That's kind of BS

    • Eric Wheton

      Eric Wheton

      4 kun oldin

      Except they rarely do? The examples she gave were very skewed, searching literally any instructional bit gives partial information at best unless its 1 step, as for weather weather.com is okay with that and has been for ages. They only use information from sources that allow it take for instance covid cases in Sydney Australia, they use Wikipedia a website that has given them to OK to post the data. The youtube shit is funny at best Google owns youtube and ads still play out, they make the same amount of money either way. If there so pissy about losing money see how many people view your website once you ask google to take your website out of its search engine. If anything these companies are making more money now a days then before. All this will do is make google pay if they use your images(which they won't do anymore because they have other sources that will gladly do it for free) Google has done fucked up shit but this ain't it.

  94. Taylor Knight

    Taylor Knight

    4 kun oldin

    Google is just so gross

  95. Dominick Solerix

    Dominick Solerix

    5 kun oldin

    Dang... Google is evil. But I knew that already

  96. Creepy Artist

    Creepy Artist

    5 kun oldin

    Have to add: there's a special kind of sand that is used to make glass, is not any kind of sand, because sand are tiny rocks of different compositions and different materials, the kind of sand needed to make glass is one with a great concentration of quartz. And there are other kind of materials that could be used to make coloured glass as well, but again, you need a good concentration of that one material. Source: sadly, is a Spanish science youtuber with a specialisation in geography, if there's no problem I can provide the video

  97. Whipped Cream

    Whipped Cream

    5 kun oldin

    I love just watching this again and again, these craft channels are my worst enemies

  98. Roronoa Angleo

    Roronoa Angleo

    5 kun oldin

    About the news problem it is true that google and fb sure do take things as if it's theirs but I want the news people to also realise that they should not be having a trending on web news section cuz shouldn't they also pay for that

  99. chris678


    5 kun oldin

    10 Tricks for Making Super-Heated Plasma That Will Change Your Microwave

  100. Luíze Araujo

    Luíze Araujo

    5 kun oldin

    google is long gone here! #ecosia #oceanhero