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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week I am looking at the very popular gluten free diet and examining if you should be eating gluten free. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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  1. Filip Popovic

    Filip Popovic

    Yil oldin

    Honestly, this should be a Netflix series. Ann the Food Science Queen ♥️ P.S. LOVED the bloopers 😂 Stay wonderful, dear! ♥️

    • Fear No Evil

      Fear No Evil

      7 kun oldin

      Ann, if you ever get a Netflix deal, please don't let them change the set up and dynamic that you have established with us. It needs no fixing!

    • Fear No Evil

      Fear No Evil

      7 kun oldin

      I agree.

    • Depressed Shadow

      Depressed Shadow

      2 oy oldin

      Loooooooool I got a ad for freaking gluten-free stuff on a video against gluten free why is this so funny

    • Mateusz Borodziuk

      Mateusz Borodziuk

      3 oy oldin


    • Crafty Ally4 AG

      Crafty Ally4 AG

      3 oy oldin

      @Java Bean me to!

  2. Theelderscrolls52


    15 soat oldin

    I have an aunt and uncle who are very anti- gluten and it is ANNOYING! My cousin (their daughter) is Gluten intolerant and it makes her sick. But gluten isn’t evil or bad. She just can’t eat it.

  3. babybookworm003


    17 soat oldin

    In 2019 I spent 1 or 2 gluten-free in the hospital after a acid reflux attack before we knew it was reflux and they were trying to figure out what was up with my stomach

  4. SheyD78


    18 soat oldin

    How fitting that a meat replacement substance should be called satan, er Seitan.

  5. Katie Baynard

    Katie Baynard

    21 soat oldin

    My grammie has to eat gluten-free. She's allergic to it :c

  6. Waldemar


    Kun oldin

    I'm fortunate to be a healthy human being without bowel diseases, so I'll stick to the gluten-containing stuff, thank you.

  7. AquilaLiberum


    Kun oldin

    I was diagnosed with Coeliac when I was 17 and this description/explanation is much better than the one my GP gave me at the time, thank you!

  8. SMVO9871


    Kun oldin

    One other group you forgot to mention who might have trouble with gluten are people with Crohn's Disease which is similar to Celiac Disease except instead of damaging the villa it causes inflammation in your gut/small intestine. I know from my own experience that there may be times when gluten based foods can be a trigger especially in a flare up period.

  9. Fi


    Kun oldin

    A lot of farms use round up on their crops, possibly the residue from that is causing these problems not gluten. A few people who have eaten home made, hime grown bread and pasta didn't have flare ups



    Kun oldin

    I feel personally attacked

  11. EBlackwell


    Kun oldin

    Fantastic explanation, Ann. Thank you.

  12. Hayek Friedman

    Hayek Friedman

    Kun oldin

    Woolworths GF Cheezels are the best thing you'll ever eat.

  13. sreggad


    Kun oldin

    As someone who works in restaurant business. I HATE when people come in and say "i'm allergic to gluten" when they are just on a gluten free diet. It's a lot more work to go the extra steps to make something that doesn't have any cross contamination. Those who are legitimately allergic to gluten (or anything thing) the extra steps is worth it to make sure they have a good experience. If you want eat a certain way that is a personal choice that's all good. Just don't make it out as if it's a medical necessity.

  14. Miche Campbell

    Miche Campbell

    Kun oldin

    Tell you what though, when you haven't eaten Weetbix in 15 years the GF ones are a godsend.

  15. Maiden Minnesota

    Maiden Minnesota

    Kun oldin

    Gluten free is a fad. That said, there are people that do suffer from celiac disease that absolutely must avoid it, but guess what? Celiac disease came about with the invention/introduction of GMO grains that have had all the nutrition modified out of them in favor of ma$$ive yield$ (see what I did there, and what they did there?) Now the question remains: Is the gluten the inflammatory ingredient in wheat, rye and barley, or is it the remainder of the grain once you remove the gluten? I would argue it's the grain that's inflammatory, and NOT the gluten, as it is protein, and protein is not inflammatory. I eat a ketogenic diet, and grains are forbidden (as are all inflammatory foods/oils, sugars, starches--it is high in fat because fat isn't bad for you, sugars are because they trigger an insulin response, storing the sugars as fat, and fiber is unnecessary to the human diet), however, I do use vital wheat gluten for making bread (along with lupine flour and oat fiber, not to be confused with oat bran), and have no problems with inflammation.

  16. Ine Danger

    Ine Danger

    Kun oldin

    Seitan is having its tiktok moment of fame so I hope this video gets an influx of views!!

  17. לינוי לוי

    לינוי לוי

    Kun oldin

    I just want to say that I think you're just amazing, I'm addicted to your videos and I learn so much information from them. It amazes me how smart and honest you are and as someone who is interested in medicine and baking together I am speechless ... please do not stop doing what you love !!

  18. PrometheusJones


    Kun oldin

    What do you think of using sourdough or long fermenting times to "pre-digest" the gluten? Does that actually work?

  19. *TailorandMakeup *

    *TailorandMakeup *

    Kun oldin

    There are severe Gluten allergies that are not celiac disease. Celiac is Autoimmune like you mentioned but there are those with very severe allergies to Gluten which should be mentioned as well, the education of this is staggering in the public. There can be more than gastro reactions, I breakout in hives blisters and my asthma is triggered on top of severe Gastro symptoms. I have a genuine allergy not just a sensitivity. I loved that you did this video so well done, I wish it was a PSA .

  20. Shiloh Woods

    Shiloh Woods

    Kun oldin

    Just found this video. Thank you for the research. I am allergic to wheat (blood test) and have to eat gluten free. Taste struggle is intense. GF gives that mealy mouth feel where you cant clear your palate and it sticks to your teeth. Because I am allergic to wheat, many GF products are NOT wheat free. I avoid restaurants due to cross contamination, lack of menu items, and over dramatic eye rolls from restaurant staff. I am an avid home baker and found only one flour that comes close to wheat flour in taste = Sydney Flour by Orly the Baker (pastry chef whose husband has celiac). High recommend it for my CD and GF friends.

  21. Lilith


    Kun oldin

    Lesson to take from this video: if you don't have coeliac disease, eat food with gluten and a wide variety of every group in small quantities!

  22. Renku Panda

    Renku Panda

    2 kun oldin

    Cross-contaminating allergy foods with non-allergy foods should be a crime.

  23. TerraMerc 73

    TerraMerc 73

    2 kun oldin

    Now what if... we put all the gluten into a gluten free flour?

  24. Bruh Bruh

    Bruh Bruh

    2 kun oldin

    Is this channel meant for kids or no

  25. Valandar2


    2 kun oldin

    If you have Celiac disease, sure, gluten free is exactly what you want. If you don't have Celiac disease? 99% of the time all you are doing is making the prices of glute-free things more expensive for the people who have Celiac disease. There has not been enough actual clinical trials for any other option about being Gluten-Free to be anything more than anecdotal or word of mouth. You, over there to the left, might find you have more energy, or your skin cleared up, or your heart spontaneously rejuvenated somehow, but that is JUST you. It's anecdotal. For all we know, you also changed what ketchup you use, and had an undiagnosed mild allergy to one of the spices in Brand A that's not in Brand B. Please note, I am NOT saying that going gluten-free is useless or meaningless. I'm only saying there is not enough controlled trials to discover if there's anything consistent and replicable to these anecdotes. Until there are such trials, I at least am happily munching on that wheat gluten.

  26. Angela Henderson

    Angela Henderson

    2 kun oldin

    That bread looks fantastic though! I know I’m a year late to this, but does anyone know if she’s put that recipe somewhere? I didn’t see it on her website.

  27. ThewrightJ


    2 kun oldin

    Me and my family are all celiacs (it's an auto-immune disease that means you can't eat gluten) and you have no idea how happy this video makes me! T.T The amount of times I have to explain gluten and gluten free cooking and baking and why stuff doesn't work the way it would usually is rediculous. From now on they're getting this video sent to them first thing!

  28. Severinsen


    2 kun oldin

    Celiac's disease and gluten sensitivity is like comparing a dairy allergy to lactose intolerance. If you're just sensitive/intolerant, you can sometimes ingest small quantities without any or serious reactions, and even if you did have larger quantities, your life wouldn't be at risk. When you've got an actual allergy, you will suffer very serious symptoms, possible anaphylaxis and maybe even death. Lactose intolerance is normal to develop as you age, so I'm glad that s byproduct of that is dairy free products being more readily available for the people with actual allergies. I'm sure there are many happy parents that are finally able to buy some good ice cream for their kids in stores for a much better price than 5 years ago.

  29. Xaius


    2 kun oldin

    Diet should be about variety, going on a diet is pretty much the opposite. Moderation.

  30. Miew Leng Soo

    Miew Leng Soo

    2 kun oldin

    sadly Chinese didn't check out. where is my gang at

  31. Dormousey


    2 kun oldin

    When on keto ... you wouldn't eat either!

  32. Rrrose Carbinela

    Rrrose Carbinela

    2 kun oldin

    Not so much to lose weight as to stop the inflammation caused by the toxins in commercially grown wheat... You are very clear and thorough in your explanations! Thank you.

  33. Blarghmasta


    2 kun oldin

    Because it's Japanese, I believe it's pronounced Psi-tan.

  34. Susan Mazzanti

    Susan Mazzanti

    2 kun oldin

    Gluten tends to make my arthritis worse so I tend to stay away from it. I also do not tend to buy the new products. I have gone back to older foods that were more common in the past. Buckwheat has a taste I enjoy and people once cooked with it because they had no wheat.

  35. Marius Radoi

    Marius Radoi

    2 kun oldin

    Thank you very much Anne

  36. Mira Hakonen

    Mira Hakonen

    2 kun oldin

    I follow a naturally gluten-free diet, I don't have celiacs disease but I'm allergic to wheat, rye and barley. I can eat small amounts of gluten-free oats once in a while. So I'm allergic to the protein of the grains, not the gluten. I can only eat grains that are naturally gluten-free and I feel like it makes my diet hard because a lot of gluten-free products have wheat starch in them :/

  37. amicloud


    3 kun oldin

    There is no way that 30% of all americans are trying a gluten free diet...

  38. moonwalkerize


    3 kun oldin

    Some Oats have gluten

  39. Erick Tun

    Erick Tun

    3 kun oldin

    This was really informative! Thank you!

  40. Onie Ross Onilongo

    Onie Ross Onilongo

    3 kun oldin

    Thank you!

  41. Mobotman


    3 kun oldin

    What about going gluten free. but not replacing the gluten products with alternatives. Since the alternatives seem to be less healthy, could you eat a diet that just for example cuts out breads and other foods with gluten (without replacing them with gluten-free breads, etc.)

  42. TOXAN Kreative

    TOXAN Kreative

    3 kun oldin

    UZtop make this a youtube original

  43. TOXAN Kreative

    TOXAN Kreative

    3 kun oldin

    You pronounce it like"satan"

  44. Voodoo Moon

    Voodoo Moon

    3 kun oldin

    I understand all the comments about fad diets (and how silly and/or harmful they can be), but Celiac's is not the only reason to go gluten-free. Gluten used to be a regular part of my diet, but then I developed a dermatitis and the only thing that helps (aside from corticosteroids) is avoiding gluten and dairy. For me it's not fun, I'm not trying to lose weight or be trendy (?). It means not being able to eat some of my favorite foods (pancakes? cheese?!) And I reserve the right to try my best at preventing the skin on my entire face and scalp from falling off in massive flakes (and avoiding scratching myself until I bleed as well). 🤷🏻‍♀️

  45. Dah Zodiac

    Dah Zodiac

    3 kun oldin

    how you lose weight on gluten-free. it costs way more so you cut back your portions greatly so that you overcome the increase in fat/calories

  46. Godminnette2


    3 kun oldin

    Vegetarians and vegans have been using vital wheat gluten to make seitan and similar meat replacements for years! There's all sorts of recipes that utilize it, and all sorts of UZtop channels that advise you on how to best prepare it.

  47. Vi Vi

    Vi Vi

    3 kun oldin

    I have celiac disease and didn’t know for more than 10 years. My favourite dinner food was garlic bread

    • Vi Vi

      Vi Vi

      3 kun oldin

      I also had a mislabeled mocha non gluten free cake after I was diagnosed with celiac

  48. Nina Ritzer

    Nina Ritzer

    3 kun oldin

    Man, I have a gluten allergy, this is super interessting!

  49. Logikure


    3 kun oldin

    The world is going in the wrong direction when "so called" influenser can say what they want and spread missinformation to all their followers. Their should some sort of fast check before people with thousands of followers can post their videos. Keep doing what you doing Ann! We need people like you.

  50. Tibor Sloboda

    Tibor Sloboda

    3 kun oldin

    My grandmother has been making gluten-free baking for years now. She's mastered it to the point no one in my family can distinguish between gluten and gluten free anymore.. She's a wizard. No idea how she managed to replicate the gluten properties

  51. KorradoXan


    4 kun oldin

    thank gods you're brave enough to say what i've been saying since this whole gluten-free vegan horseshit started; that to make the GF/vegan alternate even remotely edible they have to fiddlef*ck it SO hard w synthetic chemical cocktails, enhancers and stabilizers that unless it's arsenic the so-called BAD product they're trying to mimick will be healthier than the fake whatever!

  52. Chaewon International Forehead

    Chaewon International Forehead

    4 kun oldin

    This is good for Hitomi (Iz*one) because recently they found out that she is Gluten intolerant and it's sad because She Loves Bread :[

  53. Micah James

    Micah James

    4 kun oldin

    Gluten free is not for losing weight. Gluten sticks to the villi in your digestive tract and prevents them from absorbing much in the way of nutrients. That causes disorders and diseases, esp in the intestines.

  54. Laura G

    Laura G

    4 kun oldin

    Your videos are fascinating! Thank you.

  55. Janice Baker

    Janice Baker

    4 kun oldin

    I learned so much here! This is great information!

  56. feverm00n


    4 kun oldin

    Ann looks exceptionally radiant in this video 💛

  57. Muriel


    4 kun oldin

    I have a friend with celiac disease and she was so sensitive to gluten everytime we traveled together she had to bring her own food, plates, cup, cuttlery, dish soap, sponge, towel, all of that to guarantee there was absolutely no cross contamination, otherwise she would get really bad reactions and end up in the hospital.

  58. Perlajuice


    4 kun oldin

    No es el gluten, son los carbohidratos, solo hay que medirnos o buscar ayuda de un nutriólogo :)

  59. ThunDer


    4 kun oldin

    4:10 it's pronounce Satan

  60. Becca Brostowicz

    Becca Brostowicz

    4 kun oldin

    Im currently doing gluten free due to inflammation, IBS, and i suspect i have the sensitivity (non celiac). This video was so well researched and helpful!

  61. IamMe


    4 kun oldin

    More fat less fibre does mean healthier tho

  62. AliceML


    4 kun oldin

    people with mthfr blood disorder usually have gluten sensitivity

  63. Okwaho


    4 kun oldin

    Preach girl

  64. Comcal Ministries

    Comcal Ministries

    4 kun oldin

    I have known many, many people be diagnosed or claim they have the Celiac disease and say they are gluten free. None of them have been under weight. All of them have been extremely obese. Which just goes. To show that not all doctors are educated, or they just choose to throw around diagnosis.

  65. Comcal Ministries

    Comcal Ministries

    4 kun oldin

    Listening to her explain how the small intestine works and is made. Just amazes me. God is so good and how He created the human body. Im just in awe

  66. Florence lang 123

    Florence lang 123

    4 kun oldin

    Brilliant! I looooovvve your channel , it’s kind of soothing to watch!

  67. suzz


    4 kun oldin

    I love how u say the word, doctor. it sounds like ur saying doctor? with a ? after. I really like it. over here in the states, it is a boring word. lol. 🥰

  68. Wow! A Potato Person!

    Wow! A Potato Person!

    4 kun oldin

    I'm allergic to... Something in wheat, but I'm not sure what it is. I do get gastrointestinal problems, but I already have those in general, so I don't know if it's caused by the gluten. But, I also get hives every time I eat wheat?? And I remember that when I was really young, eating wheat always made me really tired and I would sleep for hours.

  69. Emily


    4 kun oldin

    Can you debunk the science behind Seitan (fake chicken) I’m really intrigued by it and I’m not even a vegan 😂

  70. Roxana C

    Roxana C

    4 kun oldin

    Ann, please do more of these videos, they are amazing and educational. Could you please also do a video about the difference in types of sugars and other sweeteners? Edit: You are amazing!!! ❤️

  71. TheGamingNovice


    4 kun oldin

    Wow look at that, and no one's dangly bits flew off in the process!

  72. The Inter-galatic Cake Truck

    The Inter-galatic Cake Truck

    4 kun oldin

    Only time I eat gluten free is brownies, I don't know why but I find it tastes better

  73. Smoothie Cheeks

    Smoothie Cheeks

    5 kun oldin

    I’m on a half gluten free diet because my mom has a celiac disease. We don’t have any normal flowers and food what she makes or we make together is gluten free but I eat normal cookies and normal bread. Mom doesn’t use the toaster with her bread. She uses microwave an air frier to warm her bread

  74. Adeline Geers

    Adeline Geers

    5 kun oldin

    if you do not have a gluten allergy do not ban gluten it can make you very very sick eventually over time

  75. B Lisles

    B Lisles

    5 kun oldin

    Seitan is said Say-tan. Loved the video. The only halfway decent vegan cookies, when I don't have time to bake, I can get are gluten free and the texture takes some getting used to.

  76. Thomas c

    Thomas c

    5 kun oldin

    Seitan is just pronounced satan

  77. Thomas c

    Thomas c

    5 kun oldin

    My friend has eds and is allergic to dairy and Gluten xD People assume she's part of the fad and don't take her seriously at all

  78. Clariid Fisherman

    Clariid Fisherman

    5 kun oldin

    Yep. As a Malaysian can confirm. We do have cuttlefish flavoured Twisties or twisties-like prawn crackers. Love that stuff.

  79. Stephanie Taveras

    Stephanie Taveras

    5 kun oldin

    These videos are always so informative. Thanks!

  80. Ayati :The Rock star

    Ayati :The Rock star

    5 kun oldin

    Gluten free,vegan,dairy free diets= Eat ice.

  81. Marige OBrien

    Marige OBrien

    5 kun oldin

    Seitan is a great reason for NEVER eating processed foods again. I stopped eating processed foods a long time ago. I don't spend a lot of time or energy in the kitchen, I just simplified my diet. BTW, there's an easier way to go gluten free. Stop eating bread or any breaded or breadish foods.

  82. David McCallum

    David McCallum

    6 kun oldin

    Gluten is my friend

  83. Jeff Diggs

    Jeff Diggs

    6 kun oldin

    I thought gluten wasn't vegan safe due to many of them choosing gluten free, so how is it the Chinese culture able to make these different type of vegan cuisines with gluten in them

  84. Matt


    6 kun oldin

    seitan is actually gaining traction on tiktok recently, people are using it to replace chicken in recipes. it's really cool, and hopefully it gets popular enough in western circles to combat some of the gluten hate

  85. Emily Newton

    Emily Newton

    6 kun oldin

    This is a wonderfully informative video! Will definitely been trying the faux supermarket meat recipe with gluten

  86. alaras


    6 kun oldin

    It's pronounced Say-Tan. Like the Devil. Also, that's just the name for the product, it's not a brand name.

  87. dena81


    6 kun oldin

    This was really informative especially as my mom may have celiac (still has to go for the official diagnosis) but she has lost a drastic amount of weight and can barely eat most food

  88. jak kos

    jak kos

    6 kun oldin

    Wow I'm astonished, i never knew you could make your own meat like that, let alone that its all based on a ball of glutuen

  89. Diego Felipe Lucavei

    Diego Felipe Lucavei

    6 kun oldin

    10:30 As if gluten free cookies were not real cookies. This guy does not know how to make neither of them.

  90. Anthony Peters

    Anthony Peters

    6 kun oldin

    9:17 The Awful Tea biscuit trial!

  91. Emily McDaid

    Emily McDaid

    6 kun oldin

    This ball of pure gluten (with a little bit of chipped nail polish 0.0)

  92. MeJustAimy


    6 kun oldin

    your couple is so cute

  93. Martin Begán

    Martin Begán

    6 kun oldin

    In my opinion, the problem is that people need to know what is the goal and the background of certain diet. In fact a "gluten-free" diet may help you to lose weight but how? Flour contains ~95% of sugar a typical bread contains around 70g of sugar per 100g. So if flour is your main source of your carbohydrates, the gluten-free diet may actually helps you. In my case (vegetarian), that was the main reason, I started the keto diet (without meat) and found out that, in fact, I ate a lot of sugar (bread, sweetened drinks etc.). So avoiding flour (not gluten-free) helped me to reduce sugar and I was able to lose almost 40kg. Even after that I am avoiding flour as much as I can, just because I know what impact (in my case) it has. So just to wrap it up - if you don't eat much bread and you are on "gluten-free" diet you are not lowering your sugar consumption that much but you simply eat more fat and calories and actually gaining weight. These influncer-type virals are often almost dangerous in some cases, especially for the younger audience, and these people (not all of them) often don't know what they're propagating. I want to thank you for your work and effort to debunk these information! I am happy that your channel became so popular!

  94. Flora


    6 kun oldin

    My mother had to go gluten free several years ago for health reasons, and after seeing her struggle to find gluten-free food that tastes okay and the difficulty she has when eating out, I question why anyone would choose to remove gluten from their diet when they don't need to.

  95. Aino


    6 kun oldin

    Idk how they can make so much videos about being gluten free & dairy free? I've been gluten- and dairy free for long time and its not that hard tbh? :D

  96. Typos in the brain

    Typos in the brain

    7 kun oldin

    I don't think seitan is a product name it's justmame of the meat replacement

  97. Swastika Tiosara Padma

    Swastika Tiosara Padma

    7 kun oldin

    Seitan is pronounced as se in self and a is pronounced as in A in Australia, so its pronounced Se-i-ta-n

  98. A lil bit lost ;-;

    A lil bit lost ;-;

    7 kun oldin

    My friend is gluten free She can’t digest gluten food well So when she doesn’t have any food at school my friend and I try to give her our food but everything we have has gluten

  99. juju wei

    juju wei

    7 kun oldin

    Earlier, I made bread for the first time but either didn’t use enough yeast or had it rise too coldly, and it made something with a hard exterior but that was still easy to bite. Do you think I would be able to achieve the same thing by taking the yeast out of the equation? The ingredients I used were milk, sugar, yeast, bread flour, salt, egg, and later with butter kneaded in.

  100. Fear No Evil

    Fear No Evil

    7 kun oldin

    Gluten makes the world go round.