Holographic Rainbow Chocolate Challenge | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

I try making holographic rainbow chocolate! No food colouring
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week I am attempting to make holographic shiny color changing chocolate. Without using any food colouring. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  1. How To Cook That

    How To Cook That

    3 oy oldin

    Thanks to Gram Games for sponsoring this video! 🌸Download Merge Dragons for free here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH21t

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      Janine Lennon

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      I love Merge Dragons

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      Joanna Eastham

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      Not going to lie... i'm sort of obsessed with merge dragons lol

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      Rachel Torres

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      I'm glad to see merge dragons as a sponsor, lol. I enjoy the game and unlike a lot of games you see ads for, this is the actual gameplay. It's cute and fun and you can actually play for free

    • Micheal Persicko

      Micheal Persicko

      Oy oldin

      @HUDZY its not that hard. take some food grade cacao/cocoa butter(make sure it's 100% food safe and edible do not use any cosmetic grade cocoa butter) powdered nonfat milk and powder sugar.(a good starting recipe would be 40g of cocoa butter 40g of nonfat dry milk powder and 20g of powdered/icing/confectioners sugar.) Melt the cocoa butter over a double boiler. once its melted add in the powder sugar until it's fully incorporated. Add the milk powder and stir till fully incorporated. You should probably refer back to Ann's how to temper chocolate video since she explains how to temper white chocolate since it's a lot harder than milk or dark. Although with this recipe i've had luck with just refrigerating it and it setting up just fine. White chocolate is a lot softer than all other chocolates just because its all cocoa butter which has a tendency to melt quick so depending on what you need it for you can chill it in the fridge or temper it. source: www.alphafoodie.com/how-to-make-white-chocolate/

  2. Adr Sngp

    Adr Sngp

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    Ann seems like the last person who would play a game like that. Anyways I am glad to see her getting sponsored.

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    Sakura tempest

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    wow, science really is everything.

  5. Jojo oli

    Jojo oli

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    So this is all happening just by a contact? That's crazy

  6. RainbowTea


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    Wait can you eat this. Lol

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    I clicked because I saw chocolate in the title and when she says it its so satisfying

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    Amanda Mills

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    Wow that's so cool!

  10. None 31

    None 31

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    I wonder when mcdonalds will take the mcrib away again

  11. pearl


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    i just love how scientific she is every time. such a nice work she does

  12. Carina


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    I was sure this wouldn't work, but here I am proven wrong and amazed

  13. Jane Marie

    Jane Marie

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    It's really too bad that most of her videos are just debunking videos now. I would much rather see content like this.

  14. Hyacinth Gaming

    Hyacinth Gaming

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    This is amazing

  15. Leonel Cabrera Herrera

    Leonel Cabrera Herrera

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    try to make a holographic rainbow jello

  16. Hannah Semple

    Hannah Semple

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    Are they 100% edible

  17. needmoredef


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    mind blown

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    BlueAnthony2508 BG

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    Ann can cake anything out of cakes and CHOCOLATE!

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    Medvedi Petrovichi

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    You never stop to amaze me. Awesome work!

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    I read the title as "homophobic chocolate"

  22. PopMasterAlan


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    I thought this is debunking for some reason

  23. Selvi Frost

    Selvi Frost

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    I was procrastinating my physics revision, on refraction. Ann has made me revise in a rather clever way.

  24. Amirul Dragneel

    Amirul Dragneel

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    Play Merge Dragon once but delete it because infuncent of space😢

  25. Amirul Dragneel

    Amirul Dragneel

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    2:17 I once saw that trick on Kaitou Joker cartoon/anime series in S4 I guess....battle of thief n phantom (Sorry suddenly head full of anime😅😅)

  26. Neha Nath

    Neha Nath

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    You teach good too!!!

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    Wow this woman is a scientist!

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    what kind of magic is that?????

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    Decepticus Prevails

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    magical chocolate

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    Aahana Thrills

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    soeone tell cristein about this

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    Simply Nailogical wants to know your location.

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    I love Merge Dragons!

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    I love how so much of us instantly thought of simply nailogical when we saw this video

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    Love the way she says chocolate ☺️

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    ChocoFoil copied this.

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    bun bun

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    this was so genius. masterful!

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  38. -insert funny username here-

    -insert funny username here-

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    Did anyone else misread the title as Homophobic Chocolate? Or am I just getting too little sleep?

  39. Myorang S

    Myorang S

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    I remember when Jenna Marbles did this and lost her mind. Lol

  40. The little puppet

    The little puppet

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    Bro her cooking videos is basically a science class toghter XD

  41. _ Romanov _

    _ Romanov _

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    My mom has a homophobical chocolate recipe but it never works lol

  42. Betty Pow

    Betty Pow

    29 kun oldin

    Ann went from cook to teacher real quick

  43. Callum Lambkin

    Callum Lambkin

    Oy oldin

    Weirdly off topic, but I went to a Katy Perry concert a few years back (it was when she was touring Prism) and they were giving out glasses with that diffraction sheet thing and it was so amazing. Given Katy puts on a colourful show, it was like a total trip wearing the glasses

  44. James Sparkman

    James Sparkman

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    I’ve got a UZtop video called library assistant becomes savior for a dog please spread word about it

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    I love the creativity!

  46. LEDAnime O'neil

    LEDAnime O'neil

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    This is so interesting and so informative! Thanks Ann for being the coolest food science channel out there :)

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    Day 1 of asking Anne to do more clever or never😀

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    You're my favourite scientific

  52. U.K Edits

    U.K Edits

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    Wow.. is it actually edible??

    • SeagullGames


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      As long as you remember to take the defraction plastic off first, yeah completely edible.

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  54. Gracie Dancer

    Gracie Dancer

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    Should we tell simply nailogical

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    Diffraction Ann, not defraction. 😂

  56. Rachel Torres

    Rachel Torres

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    In ten seconds a content farm will film themselves making this using the failed method from the beginning.

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    Kobaru the kameil

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    I had merge dragons BEFORE I saw this! it's a great game but very addictive.

  59. Clovertoe 3352

    Clovertoe 3352

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    I keep telling myself to stop watching your videos because they always make me crave stuff I don't have but I keep watching your videos

  60. Nannapin Boon

    Nannapin Boon

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    Why do i think that im getting a science lesson? Hmmm

  61. Bobba Milktee

    Bobba Milktee

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    is the holo choco edible?

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    Amaya Meda

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    Laura Plenzik

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    I am so confused! How is this even possible? And who the hell is Christine? 😄

  65. Music Playlist

    Music Playlist

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    Let’s get How To Cook That to debunk this. But seriously, even with the amazing explanation, it’s still hard for me to believe you managed to do this with chocolate.

  66. Stefan KE

    Stefan KE

    Oy oldin

    as someone who used to do a sport requiring me to use micron grade equipment pretty often, a 2 micron is smaller than my smallest grade of diamond polishing paste. for reference, said polishing paste was something we used to only use for races. it made our steels almost perfectly reflective, and if a 3 micron paste makes steel almost mirror-like, a two micron gap is pretty insane

  67. Linda Abbott

    Linda Abbott

    Oy oldin

    Brilliant. I really wanted to try this, but when I contacted the company where you got the defraction sheet, they said it is not for use with food. I hope I can find another company that sell this.

  68. Soraya Oliveira

    Soraya Oliveira

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    The thumbnail is so pretty oml-

  69. kerrystolcenberg


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    I learned more from this video than months of college physics class.

  70. Hillary S

    Hillary S

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    Those small chocolates are amazing!

  71. whichbloop


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    Out of curiosity, if we could make holographic chocolate this way, could any other forms of sweets (i.e. fudge, lollipops, etc.) also work with this method?

  72. Owen Viljoen

    Owen Viljoen

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    So pretty

  73. Brianna Pollock

    Brianna Pollock

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    I learn more in one of Ann's videos than in my science class

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    Happy New Year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣❗❗❗🎊🎉🥳✨🎶

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    this might be one of my favorite videos! I learned so much!

  77. Ray annalyz3

    Ray annalyz3

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    Physics AND chocolate??? Sign me up!

  78. Alexandra


    2 oy oldin

    can you put the paper on glass ?

  79. Peggy Andrews

    Peggy Andrews

    2 oy oldin

    I just tried thid for the first time :) First attempt failed (I used the back of the diffraction grating...). Second attempt worked! I've just finished bouncing off the walls!!! I took some 50% dark chocolate, melted in the microwave until it was just starting to melt, then took it out and stirred until it had all melted. I spooned it onto my diffraction grating, then let it cool. Then... HOLO!!!!

  80. Jess law

    Jess law

    2 oy oldin

    I made this and my family loved it! Thanks Ann! Only one odd thing happened when pulling it off the diffraction grating. some places pulled away from the grating more quickly than others, and those places looked a bit less shiny and formed some lines in the chocolate where the color was a bit different. Any idea as to if this is because of uneven cooling, tempering, etc?

  81. Dubstequtie


    2 oy oldin

    I want chocolate now.. but I want it to be rainbow.. no exceptions apparently for my taste buds.. ;-;

  82. Cam St. Louis

    Cam St. Louis

    2 oy oldin

    I've enjoyed your work for years, but it seems a pretty major oversight in research not to credit Tech Ingredients (the likely source) a mention for this. Their video on this came out in 2018, and I believe is the first on the subject showing how to do it at home. There's been a recent group of more "influencer-y" type duplicating their result only in the last few months. Especially given your advocacy against content plagiarism I'm kinda surprised you didn't at least mention that Morphotonix of Switzerland first invented the technique, or link to the Tech Ingredients video showing how to do it at home. Is this your own, original idea?

  83. xAlbinopiratex


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    I was obsessed with Merge Dragons for MONTHS!! My hubby had to hold an intervention 😂😂😂

  84. PurpleSfinx


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    Wow I thought there was no way that chocolate was going to be thin enough to shape to those tiny grooves, I was convinced it would be way too viscous.

  85. 쌍둥이즈


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    Cristine finally did this!!

  86. Valaya Hart

    Valaya Hart

    2 oy oldin

    Came here from Simply Nailogical's video because people in the comments said you had science haha. I thought I understood it but I'm realizing I don't remember as much as I thought from that physics class a couple years ago in which we talked about rainbows on CDs briefly haha. I remember distinctly the buzzword "path differences." So it's constructive and destructive interference with the waves that somehow causes the light to separate out into a rainbow? Yeah, I still don't quite get it. Do you have a little more information to help me understand?

  87. Cotton berry

    Cotton berry

    2 oy oldin

    Learning is funner with ann

  88. Cotton berry

    Cotton berry

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    Cristine with no h changes plans after this video

  89. Vivyane de Thelle

    Vivyane de Thelle

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    Chocolate, holo, science AND Merge Dragons? 💜__💜

  90. Molly Wear

    Molly Wear

    2 oy oldin

    I am a bit annoyed that a lot of people are doing it after Ann posted her video and didn’t credit her

    • pöplikid


      2 oy oldin

      Ann wasnt the first youtuber to play with holographic chocolate

  91. Apple pie 🥧

    Apple pie 🥧

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    Greeting algorithm

  92. John Weber

    John Weber

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    She’s a damn witch

  93. Anne-Sophie G.-N.

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.

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    thank you for explaining this!! so pretty!

  94. Madeline Freedman

    Madeline Freedman

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    I’m so used to seeing Ann’s fake baking debunking videos that I was sure she was going to reveal at any second that the chocolate wasn’t actually holo 😅

  95. Annie Phanaphet

    Annie Phanaphet

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  96. trinity the trombone

    trinity the trombone

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  97. Kewtie


    2 oy oldin

    The fact that the light doesn't have to pass through to be diffracted is boggling my mind. What is happening to the light? Is the reflection of the light somehow getting diffracted and creating the rainbow? That is so cool!

    • Kewtie


      Oy oldin

      @Dudley The Animator oh! That's really cool! Thanks!

    • Dudley The Animator

      Dudley The Animator

      Oy oldin

      I think the shapes in the chocolate cause waves of particular light to be amplified and others to be absorbed depending on what direction you look at it. For example blue butterfly wings are often not blue but actually have small ridges similar to the holo chocolate.

  98. Farhan Muhaimin Siam

    Farhan Muhaimin Siam

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    Holo queen did it 👀🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Supriya Sinha

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    Here before all the other simply fans after Cristine tried this 😽😽😽

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    Farzana Mushtari

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    I love how most of the comment are about Cristine!😂💿✨