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Who is responsible if someone gets hurt following a fake how-to cooking videos?
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week we are discussing an important topic - who is responsible if someone follows a how-to cooking video that is dangerous and gets hurt? Both so yummy and 5-minute crafts have uploaded videos presented as fact that are actually fake, inaccurate or dangerous. Join the discussion, does that matter? If so who should be responsible for this? The creator, the platform that leaves them up even if flagged or the viewer? Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  1. How To Cook That

    How To Cook That

    Yil oldin

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    • Rivka Bronshteyn

      Rivka Bronshteyn

      10 kun oldin

      Happy b-day!!😀🍰

    • Lucy Shea

      Lucy Shea

      20 kun oldin

      I'm sure the content creators/platforms that let them slip by, would dare to say the fault lies with the parents, for their kids getting hurt, bc either 1) they should've been monitoring them while they were on the net, to begin with and/or 2) they should've been monitoring them while they tried anything they see on the net. Reality says, these platforms are the ones allowing this crap to be uploaded, and claim to have rules, yet when you try to report any of it...suddenly, it isn't violating anything. I've had this happen many times, myself, on Facebook. Its ridiculous. Where the fault truly lies, shouldn't even be a question, but sadly it is.... I love that you bring awareness to dangerous stuff like this.

    • RiMing Cao

      RiMing Cao

      Oy oldin


    • Zachariah Alejandro

      Zachariah Alejandro

      Oy oldin

      @Quinn Harlan Cool! Took like 15 minutes but it actually worked!

  2. Paul


    Soat oldin

    UZtop should be chased for those kind off videos, they do make money on that. Content creator as well but.... who is responsible for shooting a gun ... shooter ? Or someone who make it ?

  3. Harambe420 on the Interwebs

    Harambe420 on the Interwebs

    4 soat oldin

    I think it‘s not the youtubers fault, it‘s the parent’s responsibility to not let their kids do these things.

  4. Windsong Moonchild

    Windsong Moonchild

    6 soat oldin

    Thank you very much for exposing So Yummy's fakeness and debunking their videos. 1st time I saw their videos I really thought they were true! UZtop should ban their account for spreading lies and fake information.

  5. Qat On Fire

    Qat On Fire

    11 soat oldin

    "call an ambulance" oh right she lives in australia 😂 (yay america)

  6. Hells Bells

    Hells Bells

    13 soat oldin

    you can't say "shit" on a video, but it's ok to teach kids how to cook in a can. With alcohol. Honestly, I don't understand youtube

  7. Dom Cam

    Dom Cam

    13 soat oldin

    I feel its the platforms fault. It is their responsibility to take down harmful or misleading videos. If the creator creates it and doesn't provide disclaimers of danger it is the platforms responsibility. ESPECIALY if the danger is very severe or might cause serious harm.

  8. Blakey Is BLAKEY

    Blakey Is BLAKEY

    17 soat oldin

    The people getting exposed in this video will go to hell 😡 they deserve after the poor girl’s death 😭

  9. Sketches and hedgies

    Sketches and hedgies

    19 soat oldin

    I think its everyone's fault lol

  10. Gaia Gelati

    Gaia Gelati

    Kun oldin

    The scary thing is that these dangerous videos were recommended to UZtop Kids. KIDS! Many children could watch these videos, copy the recipes and get injured.

  11. Robert Gebczynski

    Robert Gebczynski

    Kun oldin

    I like how people don't like when somebody tells them the truth about stuff.

  12. Faisaleah Dumas

    Faisaleah Dumas

    Kun oldin

    it's the content creator because there spreading false content and children's are taking that information and then the children's might get hurt.

  13. Ash Cloud

    Ash Cloud

    Kun oldin

    5 minute crafts: Dropped your food? Get A TV And put your Plate on top! UZtop: Is it Safe? 5 min crafts: No YT: Ok I’ll Keep you in the platform!

  14. Angelo Maraboli

    Angelo Maraboli

    Kun oldin

    Do these people not have common sense?

  15. Nishant Kathole

    Nishant Kathole

    2 kun oldin

    ah! yes i want to cook ann

  16. Zoe Farris

    Zoe Farris

    2 kun oldin

    Seems that the platform is at fault for allowing something dangerous to be shown. Of course, that would lower their income and cause a delay as extra people need to be employed and watch every video to see if it's dangerous or not.

  17. McNazz


    2 kun oldin

    Butter works well on burns

  18. gay ho fat man

    gay ho fat man

    2 kun oldin

    I like being covered in hot sticky napalm

  19. Winter Rblx

    Winter Rblx

    2 kun oldin

    Just imagine dying before your parents or grandparents

  20. Lorien077


    3 kun oldin

    My opinion is kind of nuanced, but at the end of the day the responsibility lies with the childrens' guardians. I would not want my kids watching these videos and trying these things without me there. I think parents have a responsibility to their kids to teach them internet safety and treat the internet as a public place that can house dangerous people or bad ideas. Like the mall. BUT I think that UZtop is making a bad choice by leaving dangerous instructional videos, especially these content farmed compilations, available with no disclaimer. They have no legal onus here, but they could chose policy with user safety in mind and have made the decision not to. Yikes. Its frustrating as a content creator to have art and animation content for adults threatened on UZtop because a kid who shouldn't watch it could watch it while videos teaching kids how to burn their skin off are fine. AND I think the people putting these videos together need to take responsibility for what they make. Safety disclaimers, making it clear that this is a craft for ADULTs to try at home, etc. are the bare minimum IMO. They shouldn't be held responsible for someone else trying it but they can make a choice to try and protect the kids that shouldn't be watching but are.

  21. Drug Vash

    Drug Vash

    3 kun oldin

    The platform can decide what to show and what not to show. And they censor all th time. But yes it's all about money

  22. Rylan Storm

    Rylan Storm

    3 kun oldin

    UZtop is definitely at fault here for not policing their platform. They need to start banning, not demonetising.

  23. Your Usurper

    Your Usurper

    3 kun oldin

    You're doing the Lord's work. Ty. Don't stop.

  24. Emperor Picard

    Emperor Picard

    3 kun oldin

    Sad that the kid got burned, but ultimately its free speech and people have a right to say or promote whatever they want. At some point, people will just have to take self responsibility.

  25. Pharstin Y.

    Pharstin Y.

    4 kun oldin

    Popping popcorn on my stove is much easier, i can get much more and don't have to cut cans too .-.

  26. Eroia Barone-Nugent

    Eroia Barone-Nugent

    4 kun oldin

    You are right - the makers of these videos are making it for their own business plan - clickables! They should DEFINITELY make it clear throughout the videos - e.g. with a watermark that says 'any semblance to sanity is purely accidental' like movies tell us that 'any likeness to real people alive or dead is purely accidental'. Facebook and youtube should also make it clear that they are 'pimping' this rubbish for the sake of the almighty dollar. If the equivalent child-harming rubbish was in the form of pornography or cyberstalking I bet that YT and FB would take it more seriously and take it down. I am a science teacher and we spend a lot of time teaching good lab skills and OMG some of the stuff you have shown sends absolute shivers up and down my educative spine - we would not attempt any of that sort of thing or recommend it and my goodness if we did we would be sacked and prosecuted if a child was hurt. Children should be protected from the monsters of 'what makes the biggest bucks' and social media law should step in. UZtop and Facebook should be paying the medical bills and serious compensation. The people making this garbage should not be sponsored by anyone or supported by YT or FB or Tictok etc. PROTECT THE CHILDREN and all people who may believe everything they are told. I am so glad you are out there - 'you go girl'.

  27. Grace H

    Grace H

    4 kun oldin

    5 minute crafts: bad grades? HoT gLuE Feeling sick? HoT gLuE Hair band broke? HoT gLuE Any problem ever? HoT gLuE

  28. Folksy Oxytocin

    Folksy Oxytocin

    4 kun oldin

    Everything remind me of her 9:30

  29. Hrishika


    4 kun oldin

    5 minuite crafts be like:can't get a campfire started? Just pour alcohol onto you tent ,light it up and there you go a nice and LIT campfire

  30. GeeklingNo1


    4 kun oldin

    I think content creators have an obligation to put a disclaimer on any potentially dangerous content even if it's just a simple *DONT TRY THIS AT HOME*. Science channels are required to say it, Mythbusters was required to say it, but a channel called 'five-minute crafts' with the video title of 'life hacks' that claims to show hacks people can do at home doesn't. Why??? A kid is far more likely to have access to candy and a beater or strawberries and bleach than to have access to the supplies to make a potato cannon or a homemade crucible. The platform needs to enforce these violations rather than ruining the lives of random people who want to add a movie clip into their video.

  31. Sira Mea

    Sira Mea

    4 kun oldin

    If we lived with more compassion and concern for people rather than profit, than corporations like UZtop wouldn't need to think twice about taking action on potentially dangerous content and creators would think twice about the potential harm of their content, that is underlying problem. We deserve better.

  32. zane4utwo


    4 kun oldin

    I watched a lot of the 5 minute video hacks. I'm surprised at the level of stupidity of most of them. Some have a few cool tips but its few and far between. I think the responsibility is 2, in some cases 3 fold. 1)People making the videos are mostly in it for the money. They should shoulder the majority responsibility because they are profiting off of other people's pain and ignorance. They should always have a bold disclaimer at the front of the video warning to not try these at home, under adult supervision ONLY, the views and opinions expressed in this video can cause harm or possible death, use at your own risk...something like this. 2)If UZtop says the videos are not against any of their policies, since when is ok to cause harm to others by letting an seemingly instructional video to go thru and people have ended up dying or at the least scarred for life? 3)Finally parents. I KNOW kids go out and go against everything parents try to instruct or teach. But it is the parents responsibility to give their kids instructional guidance especially when watching things of such questionable nature. If your am adult of sound mind and you choose to do what you see in a video the burden is then your own. This is my opinion.

  33. Horse Lover

    Horse Lover

    4 kun oldin

    I’ve never been burnt by caramel but I have been burned by hot tea and it hurt for a week

  34. Galaxy The Space Dino

    Galaxy The Space Dino

    5 kun oldin

    By the way, Trypophobia warning at 5:32 through 5:43

  35. zoisa peers

    zoisa peers

    5 kun oldin


  36. Alfred Lui Thielemann

    Alfred Lui Thielemann

    5 kun oldin

    I think it's irresponsible of the parents to let the poor girls do it alone.

  37. rightgirlwrongplanet


    6 kun oldin

    I can not belive these cooking channels especially 5 minutes craft and Mrs Ys for makeing money while people who wach this stuff die or end up in hospital.😮🤬 Thank you Ann for warning us about these dangerous videos. May God bless you for what you are doing.🙏🏾

  38. The Messenger

    The Messenger

    6 kun oldin

    I believe it's both the content creator and the youtube platform because the content creator finds a way to go with the algerithm, and the youtube platform neglects the algerithm and what it should be instead of what it is now. A crude example is two dirty dealers, if you know what I mean. I don't mean to get dark, but I am trying to be realistic, because a lot of things are about money, no matter who is affected.

  39. Muchuchu inc cat

    Muchuchu inc cat

    6 kun oldin

    Whenever i watch you're videos i get hungry and want chocolate

  40. Nora Diano

    Nora Diano

    6 kun oldin

    Platforms like UZtop and Facebook and Instagram switch between being an independent publisher and a platform. So as long as they don’t get cornered into self declaring as one of them, these platforms can play both the roles.

  41. Minori Koyanagi

    Minori Koyanagi

    6 kun oldin

    From this video,ALWAYS ask your parents if you can do an experiment from Internet.

  42. Lorraine A

    Lorraine A

    6 kun oldin

    I think if people are being hurt by following these videos You Tube should pull them. They pulled Trumps fake crap, why not others dangerous videos.

  43. Bob Williams

    Bob Williams

    6 kun oldin

    Your question is who is responsible. Clearly, both UZtop and the content creator are responsible. Morally, I think UZtop is more culpable because they have created the incentive for the content farms to do what they do and show little or no concern for the lack of safety. Legal responsibly is more difficult to determine. The approach to consumer protection varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If platforms like UZtop continue to make boatloads of money with blatant disregard for the safety of children that consume fake information, I believe it is inevitable that many governments will attempt to police them. The effectiveness of regulations of this sort remains to be seen. I am not very hopeful.

  44. Abhishek Bajaj

    Abhishek Bajaj

    7 kun oldin

    Plz concentrate when you are taught general science in your school.

  45. Leggo MuhEggo

    Leggo MuhEggo

    7 kun oldin

    darwin award winners.

  46. Alliene Gunn

    Alliene Gunn

    7 kun oldin

    I think they are both to be held responsible.

  47. Quw


    7 kun oldin

    2 things. 1. By law, websites, don't even need to do anything or take anything down (they also can't get sued for stuff like this) so they are in almost no way obligated to take things down and we are actually pretty lucky since youtube is one of the few good sites in terms of how they deal with things especially with the copyright system (without it you would have to go to court) and seeing that their moderation department is understaffed. 2. blame should placed on the uploaders 90% of the time and the other 10% on the viewer. Accidents happen but people love to pin the blame (Ex: The Chinese UZtopr being blamed for a mistake made by the viewers) and leave out crucial information. Uploaders do need to put a 10 second warning or something close to that if they are messing with tools, chemicals/chemical reactions, fire/an open flame, etc. Viewers should at least do some 5 min research.

  48. hello hi

    hello hi

    7 kun oldin

    5 min crafts be like: Are yOu tiReD Of hAViNg yElLOw TeeTh? JusT PAiNT YOuR TEeTh WHiTE wIth bLeaCh aND enJoy yOuur nEW teEth

  49. Mathilde Auger

    Mathilde Auger

    8 kun oldin

    I burned myself with a hot chocolate.... My fault because my grandpa said me it’s was just too hot and ruined...my tongue was so weird but it wasn’t that bad,I think that the next day I could eat :). And this accident was really a long time ago so don’t worry about me :)

  50. Aisha Argin

    Aisha Argin

    8 kun oldin

    So sad they had to fake it just for view imagine how many people would get hurt 😔

  51. Alma Soreq

    Alma Soreq

    8 kun oldin

    I have a second degree bern on my belly and I remember at the hospital the doctor said that Ice aloevera and tooth paste are the worst things you can put on a burn

  52. Lemon Rain

    Lemon Rain

    8 kun oldin

    Every year, somebody burns down out etching room, the same way. By pouring alcohol into a lit container of alcohol . And ya cant do the printmaking without it, so yeah .

  53. Julian Miranovič Štefanič

    Julian Miranovič Štefanič

    8 kun oldin

    The responsibility lies with all parties, if you make a dangerous video, you show intent in deceiving people and putting their lives in danger, if you leave that video on your platform you show neglect of the trust that people place in your platform, to moderate dangerous content, and finally if you don't use your brain and think things through (or explain to your children that they should be wary of such content) you are ignoring your own safety and well being, which is always a bad thing. So I would assign about 50% responsibility with the creator who clearly knows the danger, and 25% each with the host and viewer for being complicit.

  54. Mega Zeta

    Mega Zeta

    8 kun oldin

    Another point I can see here is that even most adults watching these videos would not have the safety training to know that e.g. pouring more alcohol from a bottle onto an alcohol fire can detonate the contents in the pourer's hand. You wisely include that warning in your clip. Most of these videos don't, which is disturbing.

  55. Toni Stinchcomb

    Toni Stinchcomb

    8 kun oldin

    I don't think people should be allowed by UZtop to put dangerous, misleading videos that could cause permanent damage or disfigurement.

  56. GloomyDay


    8 kun oldin

    To be honest I think it’s ALL their fault. UZtop, content creators, and viewers.

  57. John Miller

    John Miller

    8 kun oldin

    Who ever does things they see on videos bear they bear the burden of responsibility if they hurt themselves.. If your a parent and you do not watch your kids it is your fault.. We do not need any more nanny society's out there.

  58. Rebecca. A Potou

    Rebecca. A Potou

    9 kun oldin

    @6:28, love your videos, hard to find proven tests with lots of patience above knowledge, i never watch these 'junk' videos, but for some reasons i found you first and then 'them' later on, i wanted to check on your pan, did it warp after you move it from hot to co cold water?

  59. Red NailPolish

    Red NailPolish

    9 kun oldin

    I think the responsibility is a bit of everyone's... also where the hell are these kids parents?!?!

  60. Jade


    9 kun oldin

    I think this is a nuanced question. In cases like the flying caramel and the toothpaste burn, that's the content creators + youtube's responsibility. UZtop is always responsible for what content ends up on their site, but it's also the creator's responsibility to make sure their videos are safe for anyone to repeat if they have them put up so anyone can watch them. In some cases, the creators should put more safety warnings but, like in ms yi's case, this is the parent's responsibility or the other creators who taught them to use alcohol burners, to explain safe ways to use alcohol.

  61. Cneh Ndlela

    Cneh Ndlela

    9 kun oldin

    My son who's 9 is obsessed about these 5 min crafts

  62. pottergirl 317

    pottergirl 317

    9 kun oldin

    there should be more of such debunking videos coz this 5 minute craft junk is all over the internet

  63. Deividas Tamkus

    Deividas Tamkus

    10 kun oldin

    I'm my opinion, it is either the girls own fault or the fault of their parents. Even though they were following a guide, they did a completely stupid mistake that had nothing to do with it. But as they are children, it's their parents responsibility to make sure they don't burn alcohol without supervision.

  64. Perseus Arkouda

    Perseus Arkouda

    10 kun oldin

    She did nothing wrong. When a kid plays with fire it's not youtuber's responsibility. The parents should know better and supervise their children. As for my opinion about what should be allowed or not, then I say we should have democracy and let users decide that by an easily accessible flag button.

  65. Rivka Bronshteyn

    Rivka Bronshteyn

    10 kun oldin

    Curse u 5 min crafts

  66. MakaNadios


    10 kun oldin

    About that channel 5-minute-crafts, when i was little i wanted to do some of their baking hacks... lucky i didn't do that

  67. Eden Alexandria B

    Eden Alexandria B

    11 kun oldin

    Keep strong. Dont forget that despite the evil in this world, God is full of justice, mercy and love. Justice said we broke His perfect law - causing the world's previous perfection to be destroyed - and therefore we deserve Hell (like a punishment in any legal system but this is eternal as His perfect law is eternal too). Don't think you fit in that category? Ever done one of these?: lying, stealing - regardless of how small the object EVER, hating others - which is murder in God's perfect law, lusting (plus God sees our entire thought life). Justice says "the soul that sins shall die". BUT, mercy said "I dont want to give them what they deserve. I don't want them to be cut off from Me. I love them despite all they have done/will do against Me. I want to give My children another chance. I want them to come home and live in My love again". And love said "Jesus, God's Son, came down as a Man, our representative, suffering every temptation, pain and struggle we have ever faced, yet without sin. He took all our sins (past/present/ even future) to the cross and then crucified EVERY ONE on our behalf. Justice was paid on the cross so that we can be free from Hell's punishment, experience Gods mercy of forgiveness of sin and live in His love. If we turn from the sins we have committed and repent (turn away from our sin and pursue the opposite direction of love through Christ) He will, overtime, recreate us back into that previously perfect image through The Holy Spirit which Jesus sends to all who accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior of their life. He is in Heaven right now preparing a place for us so that He can take His faithful, believing children home with Him when He returns. He will ressurrect us from death when He returns, giving mercy to those who accept His love, instruction and teachings in their life, and give justice to those who refuse it. He doesn't want ANY of us to go to Hell and die for continuing in evil and rejecting His way to life, thats why He died FOR us. He wants us to be His and begin to follow His life of love and service through Him (not ourselves as it's impossible without depending on His power and instruction). So long as we keep our hearts near to Christ through His strength, strive to obey His will of perfect love revealed in the Bible, and ask Him to help us in the midst of (very certain) pitfalls and struggles, we will, in time, win the victory over sin, pain and DEATH through Christ. Even if you are willing to be made willing, or struggling or doubtful, simply be honest and tell Him that. He is not intimidated by ANY sin or struggle you are facing. ANY. He hears and will answer. If we pray for Him to come in, regardless of the condition, then He will. NOTE: You are NEVER too sinful or messed up that God cannot turn your life around through Jesus. EVER. If you have any questions let me know

  68. vvMathematicalvv


    11 kun oldin

    I really hope youtube will be held criminally liable (especially the specific people in charge of reviewing the complaints against that DEADLY BLEACH video) for promoting it. I know laws around liability get mucky with the whole publisher platform crap, but I think the act of promoting such a poisonous video makes any of that publisher platform crap irrelevant in the eyes of the law because they actively distributed it heavily on the homepage rather than just hosting the video and letting it stay on the platform quietly. Any Lawyers here that could confirm or deny the validity of a case against youtube if say, another child is killed by one of these deadly "how-to" videos. (For context, the video shows you how you can turn a normal strawberry into a cool looking white strawberry for beautiful consumption. The strawberry soaks up loads of bleach, which could lead to a fatality. Is it 3rd degree murder? Reckless endangerment? More people WILL die as long as lethal "how-to" videos continue to be PROMOTED and monitized by youtube.

  69. MoonRose


    11 kun oldin

    You know 5 minute crafts and Troom Troom are probably evil people who try to look all nice and happy but in reality they could severely hurt you. They are VERY dangerous people who would probably kill to get money. Also another rule, don’t be stupid, research things before you do anything dangerous.

    • Rivka Bronshteyn

      Rivka Bronshteyn

      10 kun oldin

      Yes. Exactly

  70. Dog Flamingo

    Dog Flamingo

    11 kun oldin

    Even if there were all adults in the audience, not all adults are wise. If you are going to be working with fire or other dangerous things, you have to provide warnings. Not everyone has experience with things like fire.

  71. screwsociety


    11 kun oldin

    The parents fault kids shouldn't have access to alcohol 🙄

  72. A Canadian Farm girl

    A Canadian Farm girl

    12 kun oldin

    In my opinion, I believe both parties, You Tube and the video uploader, should be held responsible. They both profit from the posting of the video and if either one of them had tested the idea, they would know that it is dangerous and could cause harm and therefore still chose to upload and or let it remain for the consumer.

  73. The Baking Diary

    The Baking Diary

    12 kun oldin

    When I bake my parents are going to keep on eye on meeeeeee which is good after a saw this vid.

  74. Unincredible Platypus

    Unincredible Platypus

    12 kun oldin

    I just wanted to watch a funny expose video

  75. Anu Ravi

    Anu Ravi

    12 kun oldin

    5 minute crafts: aRe YoU gOnNa bE LaTe FOr WorK? 5 minute crafts *tRavEl thRouGh A bLaCk HolE At LighT SpeEd Where TiME is MeSsEd UP* YoU woN’t EvEn HaVe TO gO to WoRK anYmOrE

  76. Rocksfir e

    Rocksfir e

    12 kun oldin

    children shouldn't be watching YT, you are required to be at least, i think, 13 years old. however, that doesn't take the blame away from YT. the acts are still dangerous regardless of who is watching. these actually do violate YT policies, as they have a entire section on child safety. it's clear they do not care about their policies as they are getting money from these channels. honestly all 3 groups, YT, content creators and the parents are all to blame. YT and content creators more so but it still falls on the parents to keep track of what their children are doing.

  77. Kelly Heitmann

    Kelly Heitmann

    13 kun oldin

    Love your videos but you need a microphone attached to your clothes, close to your mouth... enjoy!!!

  78. Nia Bagchi

    Nia Bagchi

    14 kun oldin

    Ann Reardon cam read and speak chinese?



    14 kun oldin

    Both I think UZtop sud push content creators to put big warning labels,signs ect were needed eg adults support needed , be careful it cud burn ect if the vid don’t have warnings it can’t be posted problem solved in my opinion good to see some of the fake stuff like this being looked at

  80. Ava Stephenson

    Ava Stephenson

    14 kun oldin

    both. They are both in the wrong because 5 minute crafts (and other channels) create videos that they know kids will watch and know that they will get hurt, but even so they continue to create these videos, on the other hand UZtop promotes these videos and does not let you report them 🤷‍♀️

  81. Lynda Alexander

    Lynda Alexander

    16 kun oldin

    The mindless vase immunologically ignore because handsaw arthroscopically grip past a wretched sock. mountainous, taboo authorization

  82. Iceboy


    16 kun oldin

    i think the damage caused is 70 per cent the creators fault and 30 per cent the platforms fault

  83. Lacey Craig

    Lacey Craig

    16 kun oldin

    Ive just recently found your channel and I have loving it lol binge watching 👀 it all ur videos!! It's quite pleasing to watch!!

  84. NordoCeltic


    17 kun oldin

    Effin UZtop. An actual archeologist gives informative lectures on Medieval history: demonetized for violence and weapons, you name it. Just talking about things that actually happened, 500 years ago... And this company literally tells people to eat food soaked in bleach and fling hot caramel, and YT is all like sure is all good. Granted the difference, one is a single middle class guy doing lectures, the other is a quite large corporation paying UZtop hefty promotion fees. So, its less a matter there a rules, but the rules are applied very unfairly.

  85. Samuel


    17 kun oldin

    have trouble sleeping? overdose on medication!

  86. Zak thewarcat

    Zak thewarcat

    17 kun oldin

    they should say DO'NT TRY THIS AT HOME

  87. BerryDelight TV

    BerryDelight TV

    18 kun oldin

    idk why they still are in youtube T.T they should be on dark web

  88. Marastife


    18 kun oldin

    I used to make carmel corn at a fair, and I'll tell you day one of training they said wear long sleeves you done care about and glasses, so carmel corn has no carmel, but heavy sugar and oil. So when it pops, it's isn't just hot, it's sticky like super glue, so it sticks while burnings and won't come off, when it does it gets stuck to your hand, and keeps burning. I forgot glasses on a busy day, and my eye was sealed closed from a burn for 6 days! Lucky no permanent damage.

  89. Marastife


    18 kun oldin

    Tbh, parents should control a child net access

  90. Brian YOUNG

    Brian YOUNG

    19 kun oldin

    im a kid

  91. Lucy Shea

    Lucy Shea

    20 kun oldin

    Maybe they say it doesn't violate, bc it isn't technically showing anyone eating the bleached strawberries, therefore maybe they think it isn't actually telling viewers to consume them...?? Idk just guessing...

  92. Lucy Shea

    Lucy Shea

    20 kun oldin

    If you think about it... the internet is a mass murderer... smh

  93. Mama Marianovits

    Mama Marianovits

    20 kun oldin

    Also... BEST BURN HACK EVER.!! To only be used for minor burns wherein the skin is not broken and/or oozing... flour. Plain old white flour. Simply immerse the burnt finger into a baggie or small dish with flour in it and the burn will be drawn out from the flesh, completely forgoing the "heartbeat" phase of the burn.

  94. Mama Marianovits

    Mama Marianovits

    20 kun oldin

    How incredibly tragic for the family who lost their child. I can appreciate the humanity in Mrs.Yee for at least offering her condolences... but, perhaps, disclaimers ought to be issued ahead of ALL such videos. Also, where is the ownership of the parents in this, not only policing their own children and their online activities, but also being fully aware of what their own children are up to in their own homes.

  95. Giulia S. Orlando

    Giulia S. Orlando

    20 kun oldin

    I honestly think it is also terrible that kids are allowed to "play" with alcohol and fire unsupervised. It would be quite possible that being supervised by parents, the tragedy could have been prevented

  96. Noob lol

    Noob lol

    20 kun oldin

    Reason why I hate 5 minutes craft:



    20 kun oldin


  98. Jelena Marusic

    Jelena Marusic

    21 kun oldin

    I would say it is mainly UZtop's responsibility. Their algorithm is implemented in such a way so that it favors channels that upload a lot of videos, so instead of detecting content farms it is promoting them. Creating high quality content takes time, and YT algo is actually making it hard for the viewers to find it. Instead, we are being drowned with stupid "viral" videos. Those channels are just playing to YT algorithm (while also being unaware that someone may actually try to replicate what they are seeing in the video). And, even after reporting some of those dangerous videos, they refuse to take them down! Honestly, Google has turned into the worst garbage.

  99. Bonolo Patience Sebego

    Bonolo Patience Sebego

    21 kun oldin

    I believe that it should be the responsibility of all parties. But mostly parents should be pay more attention to what their children are consuming online For UZtop and Creators, their main goal is capital monetization.

  100. Mary Mccarty

    Mary Mccarty

    21 kun oldin

    It is the maker and the platforms fault. They both should be held responsible. It's just a matter of time before this catches up to them.