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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
Aero is one of the world's favourite chocolate bars, known for it's light bubbly chocolate. Today I used my food scientist background to recreate lovely mint chocolate Aero (or Air Delight) chocolate.

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  1. How To Cook That

    How To Cook That

    4 yil oldin

    Watch the results of the FAVOURITE BAND POLL HERE :) uztop.info/my/video/j52gfJegmbqsnZc and also here: uztop.info/my/video/qHqgorWGlsqqaXk

    • Hajara Ameen

      Hajara Ameen

      5 oy oldin

      Try making chocolate mousse and then put in ur vacuum container then let it set

    • Sam Rx9

      Sam Rx9

      7 oy oldin

      U talk alot

    • Miche Campbell

      Miche Campbell

      7 oy oldin


    • Scout Finch

      Scout Finch

      9 oy oldin

      I love the Bee Gees!

    • Tim Kimberly

      Tim Kimberly

      9 oy oldin

      Bts (Bangtan Sonyedon)

  2. W Fries

    W Fries

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  3. London Tamil Star

    London Tamil Star

    Kun oldin

    I like ksi and sidemen music but it's not that child friendly the music that is

  4. Amy Hobson

    Amy Hobson

    Kun oldin

    Hi Ann i love your vids you are so amazing, i wish i could meet you one day but i live in uk 🇬🇧🥺😢

  5. Carrie Harris

    Carrie Harris

    9 kun oldin

    Anne, you have very good looking sons. Even though your husband is an attractive man, your sons look like you. You are a lovely and smart and pretty woman. Your voice is pretty too. Love you, Anne.

  6. riskitonme


    14 kun oldin

    definitely my favorite channel

  7. Flossiesmommy Doggo

    Flossiesmommy Doggo

    16 kun oldin

    Now pls do Crunchie Bars! Thank you!

  8. RanG


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  9. valiroime


    18 kun oldin

    Ann’s children: oh yes, this is the greatest! Also Ann’s children: can I have my allowance NOW!?

  10. Banana


    19 kun oldin

    I didn’t even know what air delight was

  11. Natalie Mishoe

    Natalie Mishoe

    22 kun oldin

    I love listening to her say chocolate, I know that sounds weird

  12. David Ronson

    David Ronson

    23 kun oldin

    I like how you criticize others for misleading, yet @3:25 the chocolate was way more runny than in the bowl, if you have done it with the dry ice runny like this, probably you would have gotten you aero bubbles.

  13. Juju Bean

    Juju Bean

    29 kun oldin

    I always watch these videos and never cook these because I know that if I succeed at making these I will end up gaining 100000 tons.

  14. Babys Scooper Trap

    Babys Scooper Trap

    Oy oldin

    In Britain you don't have aero without mint and most of them are balls

  15. Lucine Kouyoumjian

    Lucine Kouyoumjian

    Oy oldin

    Wow, so cool, if I had the equipment I’m make that right now!

  16. Afia Amrin

    Afia Amrin

    Oy oldin

    i love the mint flavoured aero.

  17. Jess Warner

    Jess Warner

    Oy oldin

    "Well the US stopped selling the bubble chocolate bar, maybe i can just make some" Ann: "So youre going ti take your quantum reactor and connect it to the hdmi in your computer to give it a nice texture"

  18. Damn Damien

    Damn Damien

    Oy oldin

    Wait... Americans don't have aero bars?!?!?!

  19. maddi w

    maddi w

    Oy oldin

    The macho purchase developmentally land because answer thirdly brake below a ethereal clock. even excellent excited, apathetic outrigger

  20. Jenna Rea

    Jenna Rea

    Oy oldin

    I live in Canada and we call them aeros!

  21. Georgina Weymont

    Georgina Weymont

    Oy oldin

    I'm in the UK

  22. Douglas Ramsey

    Douglas Ramsey

    Oy oldin

    now i miss the "chocolite" bars we had in the US in the 70's

  23. Snootypeach476


    Oy oldin

    Me after tocobell 4:05

  24. Becca H

    Becca H

    Oy oldin

    Wait did she just pick up dry ice barehanded?

    • Marais fan 4 life

      Marais fan 4 life

      Oy oldin

      It was warmed down

  25. Jason Bennett

    Jason Bennett

    Oy oldin

    HAHA metallica :P.... love your videos so much and your husband cracks me up.. hope your doing well

  26. Felix' AppleJuice

    Felix' AppleJuice

    Oy oldin

    My mum and I use this video to make our own Aero bars now haha (we don't live in Australia)

  27. Sunnyhoon


    Oy oldin

    when i dont have a cream whipper:

  28. rowdybliss


    Oy oldin

    AERO ARE MY FAAAAAAVORITE!!!! Must… get… cream whipper...

  29. Raw Oyster

    Raw Oyster

    Oy oldin

    We have mint, milk and orange chocolate aero bars in the UK. We also have caramel filled aero bars

  30. strawberry_crochet


    Oy oldin

    اعظم لغز بالكون اخيرا انحل😆👏👏👏

  31. Ima_cry_now_247


    Oy oldin

    Youngblood Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. xoltacueponi


    Oy oldin

    me freaking out at the meet and greet footage with all those maskless people, then seeing the year this was uploaded. literally sighed with relief.

  33. elix vnt

    elix vnt

    Oy oldin

    I live in germany soo sad. I will never be able to bisit

  34. Marie-Elise Laforest

    Marie-Elise Laforest

    Oy oldin

    LOVE all those kids at the meet and greet! 💕💕💕

  35. Leander Witter

    Leander Witter

    Oy oldin

    Anyone know how to clean your whip cream dispenser after this?

  36. Kelsey


    Oy oldin

    I love your channel Anne! I'm wondering why you would add the mint essence/extract BEFORE the microwave rather than after? I thought that that might compromise it.

  37. Amy Cranmer

    Amy Cranmer

    Oy oldin

    Mint aero is my favourite too. Yummy.

  38. sinead freeney

    sinead freeney

    2 oy oldin

    In the us we call it airo too

  39. Ileana Figueroa

    Ileana Figueroa

    2 oy oldin

    Thanks a lot good people for sharing the recipe!

  40. Savannah Knight

    Savannah Knight

    2 oy oldin

    Even tho I don't feel like eating anything I feel like eating this now

  41. Candied Skull

    Candied Skull

    2 oy oldin

    8:03 What a different world

  42. Itz pandaora panda

    Itz pandaora panda

    2 oy oldin


  43. Jeff the killer

    Jeff the killer

    2 oy oldin

    I'd love to make these but don't have the right equipment or the money to buy anything ...oop oh well¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  44. no name

    no name

    2 oy oldin

    girl in red

  45. Hamburgler draws

    Hamburgler draws

    2 oy oldin

    i miss the Hershey’s version of chocolate like that :( the bubbly one. where’d it go???? i loved that shit

  46. Aurelia Cathey

    Aurelia Cathey

    2 oy oldin

    So I've never had anything like this can somebody in the comments respond and explain to me how this makes it taste different

  47. Azzoug PE

    Azzoug PE

    2 oy oldin

    does she have an onlyfan profile ?

  48. Colleen Pedder

    Colleen Pedder

    2 oy oldin


  49. johnnymac nlr

    johnnymac nlr

    2 oy oldin

    Subscribing for this accent alone .., love it 😊

  50. orchardlea


    3 oy oldin

    ooh excuse my culinary ignorance but I was surprised that baking soda wasn't a contender... in my mind, I thought about how bicarb. is used for making honeycomb, which has that same texture as Aero... is that because of the heat or the sugar? Maybe chocolate is too delicate for using bicarbonate of soda for the bubbles?

  51. Eric Baisden

    Eric Baisden

    3 oy oldin

    🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 The mint ones are sooooo good!

  52. Kristi Rebane

    Kristi Rebane

    3 oy oldin

    I wonder if I sprayed it into small paper moulds in the vacuum container, would the chocolate still expand yet hold it's shape, not breaking the paper cups?

  53. planetpainter1


    3 oy oldin

    Never microwave chocolate; unless you want to set it on fire, and burn it. Temper it in a double boiler.

  54. Andrew&Ash


    3 oy oldin

    5:32 Here in the Uk we have mint, orange and plain ORANGE is my fav

  55. Abigail Uzelac

    Abigail Uzelac

    3 oy oldin

    Anne, when i was a young boy i watched ur videos as my go to baking lad, now i am grown and dont watch you anymore but i was very curious as to how to make mint chocolate, so i came back to you, i always will come back to you anne. Also i think u might have stlen the recipe from the other lady, but its ok bc urs looked better. love you the most.

  56. Esther Olimpya

    Esther Olimpya

    3 oy oldin

    I love how she gets straight to the point.

  57. Eugene Tan

    Eugene Tan

    3 oy oldin


  58. Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Anderson

    4 oy oldin

    Ive eaten Violet Crumble before.. Im guessing thats what this is? We dont have this in the US. The closest would prob be Whoppers

  59. Arastel


    4 oy oldin

    it's also called Aero here in NZ and we also have mint, it's also my favorite ^^

  60. Teapot News

    Teapot News

    4 oy oldin

    To make it you will need a vacuum container. Cause I have one of those.

  61. S. Gabriel

    S. Gabriel

    4 oy oldin

    I really liked seeing the footage from your meet and greet. It's so sweet to see all your fans.

  62. paul walters

    paul walters

    4 oy oldin

    That voice has just sent me to sleep 💤 😴

  63. Conor Masterson

    Conor Masterson

    4 oy oldin

    Looking at the crowd at the meet and greet made me recoil a little. I hate 2020 :(

  64. stockicide


    4 oy oldin

    Love seeing the experiments before the final result.

  65. K's World

    K's World

    4 oy oldin

    They're called Aero in England too! Mint is the best!

  66. Not GoodEnough

    Not GoodEnough

    4 oy oldin

    Just a question, for the mint do you use 1 gas container or 2?

  67. Donna Angus

    Donna Angus

    4 oy oldin

    Cocoa butter? Dry ice? Where do you find these things? Acetate? Sounds like a scientist here. LOL

  68. Ruby Tater

    Ruby Tater

    4 oy oldin

    Eating a mint aero rn 😂😂😂

  69. Bobofet241


    4 oy oldin

    This would cost so much more than just buying a chocolate bar! lol

  70. Hearing Dog Adventures (HDA)

    Hearing Dog Adventures (HDA)

    4 oy oldin

    Hi Ann I hope your family are ok during this Covid pandemic, we have mint aero bars in the United Kingdom XXX take care xxx

  71. Saber Fox

    Saber Fox

    4 oy oldin

    you cant eat dry ice stupid yes it means mixing it or putting it in food

  72. Suseela Guntha

    Suseela Guntha

    4 oy oldin

    Can we eat dry ice in the first place this might be dangerous



    4 oy oldin

    Things I'm curious about: 1. Could you incorporate gas bubbles into chocolate chemically? With something like baking powder, or even yeast (granted, the yeasted chocolate would probably taste really weird) 2. What if you used an espresso machine with a milk frother?

  74. 57thorns


    5 oy oldin

    Husband: Here, try this thing I saw on the interweb that I just debunked. Kids: Here, try this delicacy I just made.

  75. coordinator's studio

    coordinator's studio

    5 oy oldin

    I'm from Pakistan and I wish I could have that but now thanks to ann I can😊

  76. Ember_ Moon55

    Ember_ Moon55

    5 oy oldin

    Canada also has mint aero bars

  77. Bobb Kurinka

    Bobb Kurinka

    5 oy oldin

    I have been wanting to make chocolate do this for YEARS! I have never seen anything like it in the U.S., and had no idea Air Delight even existed prior to your video. Now I will have something new to do with my candy molds this Christmas! Thank you for inspiring me.

  78. Craft Planet

    Craft Planet

    5 oy oldin


  79. Craft Planet

    Craft Planet

    5 oy oldin

    Mint original and salted caramel

  80. Craft Planet

    Craft Planet

    5 oy oldin

    In London we have aero

  81. ester chong

    ester chong

    5 oy oldin

    5:14 it looks exactly like a piece of small cake

  82. _Wimza _

    _Wimza _

    5 oy oldin

    3:19 anyone else spot the creepy face? Danm things cursed

  83. Lizzy


    5 oy oldin


  84. R


    5 oy oldin

    Watching the end of this video in 2020 hits hard

  85. Velveteen Cat

    Velveteen Cat

    5 oy oldin

    Do you have a book?

  86. Buggaton


    5 oy oldin

    It's weird seeing people in a shop without masks in close quarters with one another.

  87. Kim Zastrow

    Kim Zastrow

    5 oy oldin

    That is one of the things my kids where into cooking and desserts

  88. Ben


    5 oy oldin

    How do we get dry ice?

  89. mercy igatto

    mercy igatto

    5 oy oldin

    Here we have chocolate areo mint areo and caramel areo

  90. quit


    5 oy oldin

    0:08 my trypophobia has been triggered

  91. Carters Eat Germany

    Carters Eat Germany

    5 oy oldin

    I loved the kid's reactions. Essentially the elder one. "That is the best thing I've had in a long time." There's really nothing like making your kid that happy with cooking. Lol



    5 oy oldin

    I never eat chocolate because I have an allergy. My mom eats chocolate. Where do the ads of this nasty people come from? Probably from people from the state security service from the time of communism, that is, from Marcinkowski, Puchała, Bąk, Rybicki,Biernacki, oraz Tarnowskich którzy owszem są związani z Arabia Saudyjską i Libanem ale nie mają nic wspólnego z Libanem i Laskarysami.

  93. Mikaylagacha Draws stuff

    Mikaylagacha Draws stuff

    5 oy oldin

    She needs a tv show

  94. Beangie


    5 oy oldin

    it's a shame that Covid wont let us get together as you did on the end of your video... let's hope for next year... since I've been quarantined I enjoy watching ppl hugging and have fun in a crowd... :( I miss that...

  95. Stella P

    Stella P

    5 oy oldin

    I’m glad she shows us the other attempts too, not acting like she immediately knew exactly how to make it.

    • Leonel Cabrera Herrera

      Leonel Cabrera Herrera

      Oy oldin

      you are new to the channel I see

  96. Gavin Matheson

    Gavin Matheson

    5 oy oldin

    Ann: touches dry ice with her hand Me: emmmm wat you doing 👀 👃🏼 🦷

  97. LTSmash414


    5 oy oldin

    Gourmet makes could never

  98. Tanya Lasig

    Tanya Lasig

    5 oy oldin

    These were so good, too bad i cant find any anymore

  99. John


    5 oy oldin

    never ever ever ever inhale nitrous oxide! You might have too much fun.

  100. Ada Dominguez

    Ada Dominguez

    5 oy oldin

    I’ve never heard of Aeros. Have I been living under a rock? 🤔

    • Atsuko Richards

      Atsuko Richards

      5 oy oldin

      We had Aero in Japan, too. I am not sure we still do, thouh.