Debunking Can you make ICE in a microwave? Debunking Fake Videos Ann Reardon 2021

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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode I am testing viral hacks and recipes from tiktok, facebook and youtube to see if they are real or fake. Debunking and exposing the truth to entertain and educate a generation about checking if your source of information is trustworthy. This week we look at ratat, taste made and 5 minute crafts. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  1. Katherine Dobbs

    Katherine Dobbs

    18 kun oldin

    I reversed the polarity of my phone screen, and now the hacks are debunking me

    • Liew JY

      Liew JY

      2 soat oldin

      @S S Simp

    • Expecto a donut

      Expecto a donut

      16 soat oldin

      Just use the sonic screwdriver, it’s the best way

    • Marit Leonieee

      Marit Leonieee

      21 soat oldin

      @Star Stable Online United :))

    • Marit Leonieee

      Marit Leonieee

      21 soat oldin

      I reversed the polarity of my television, now it is watching me

    • Lucy Price

      Lucy Price

      2 kun oldin

      How do u do that

  2. natalie


    24 daqiqa oldin

    when I tell you I SCREAMED when she pulled out the slime

  3. Crayon Mellow

    Crayon Mellow

    Soat oldin

    23:28 recipe for chocolate frosting

  4. Mellow the Cockatiel

    Mellow the Cockatiel

    Soat oldin

    You deserve 100 Million Subscribers

  5. Crayon Mellow

    Crayon Mellow

    Soat oldin

    18:49 aww, you bragging about your husband is so wholesome 🥺

  6. Crayon Mellow

    Crayon Mellow

    Soat oldin

    12:40 the thumbnail

  7. Anni Collan

    Anni Collan

    2 soat oldin

    I wonder how many family fights these content farmers have created :,D "you used up all the ice cream and icing sugar you idiot!!"

  8. FantasyAddict95


    2 soat oldin

    the only "ice cream frosting" I use is using ice cream as the cream ingredient in a ganache, which I can then use or whip up to make a nice frosting. found it by happy accident when I had run out of cream, couldn't go get more, and used a single-serving cup of chocolate ice cream from the dollar store that I had gotten as a treat for another day.

  9. Luca and dog s***t

    Luca and dog s***t

    2 soat oldin

    Try how to baisic is better they actualy work the hacks

  10. Eddy Tehani

    Eddy Tehani

    2 soat oldin

    "The hack doesn't work, and now I have butter on my shoes" is a perfect metaphor for my life

  11. katia


    4 soat oldin

    The microwave thing is really dumb like Hello Thermodynamics , refrigiration cycle, logic

  12. just_another_silkwing


    5 soat oldin

    Can you include this video ( vm.tiktok.com/ZMe6qf4Ks/ ) in your next debunk? I don't have Twitter so I have to resort to normal methods 😅😅😅 Hope that's ok! I am a huge fan of yours!

  13. playthecard22


    6 soat oldin

    About fifteen minutes in Ann talks about Google's half-hearted attempt to not be super predatory about advertising to children, but also how they promote the channels that are specifically being predatory about using children's data to make money, so that's... bleak.

  14. Queen Esther

    Queen Esther

    7 soat oldin

    Wait it’s summer for you???

  15. Fuscous MC

    Fuscous MC

    7 soat oldin

    I can tell how much you love your husband, with all the completely dreadful foods you're feeding him.

  16. Draven Lee Palmer

    Draven Lee Palmer

    7 soat oldin

    I just love your content Ann! It's always a pleasure and brings me so much joy!

  17. KeanParody


    7 soat oldin

    9:02 They got us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  18. Brooklyn Graham

    Brooklyn Graham

    8 soat oldin

    It's supposed to be funny are you stupid

  19. kfcnyancat


    9 soat oldin

    Would the ice cream frosting work if you added something like butter or coconut oil, something that's mostly or entirely fat?

  20. Miami Vegan

    Miami Vegan

    9 soat oldin


  21. Ezra Gallo

    Ezra Gallo

    11 soat oldin

    Can you please make a video of baking tips and tricks? I am starting to bake things and I would loves some pointers

    • nieooj gotoy

      nieooj gotoy

      8 soat oldin

      Use a cocktail stick to get the butter off ☺️ Btw nice video

  22. Devin Cloud

    Devin Cloud

    11 soat oldin

    Drip cake looked like sewage lol.

  23. SaramonDGX2


    11 soat oldin

    Putting a notebook in the freezer WILL eventually dry ANYTHING, including a notebook. Cody's lab put some fruit in his freezer and it dried, but it took literal years lmao. So actually, the notebook would EVENTUALLY dry, it would probably just take a spectacularly long time, years perhaps. Further, the bent pages and water damage would almost certainly still be present even if you spent years drying a notebook in the freezer.



    12 soat oldin

    imagine wasting times doing these debunking.How do u do this??

  25. Marie H

    Marie H

    12 soat oldin

    Wait...this is not for kids?! Who knew.

  26. megan burt

    megan burt

    12 soat oldin

    "oh dear" 🤣 so funny . Thanks for these videos Butter shoes 😂😂😂 new pick up line

  27. Ligeia Siren

    Ligeia Siren

    12 soat oldin


  28. Drink Your Nail Polish

    Drink Your Nail Polish

    13 soat oldin

    Chocolate lava cake

  29. Drink Your Nail Polish

    Drink Your Nail Polish

    13 soat oldin

    I wish someone would invent a freezerwave

  30. rowan eichler

    rowan eichler

    13 soat oldin

    creds to dave for having like a stomach of steel to eat things such as burnt skittles and m&ms lmao

  31. Owen Popkowski-smith

    Owen Popkowski-smith

    14 soat oldin

    Idk how but I made something a while ago, which used whipped ice cream, and it worked. It wasn’t stiff peaks, but slightly fluffy



    14 soat oldin


  33. Yes.


    14 soat oldin

    Wow you both have been married for 25 years?? That's beautiful!! Congrats 🥰💞

  34. Zahra Amondi

    Zahra Amondi

    15 soat oldin

    God's 5-minute secret he's lying, Not good 🙄.Woah smart ya. Thank you 😁

  35. Wᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ Bᴏᴏ

    Wᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ Bᴏᴏ

    15 soat oldin

    Use a cocktail stick to get the butter off ☺️ Btw nice video

  36. Beantown


    15 soat oldin

    I kid you not I got an ad for lindor chocolates right before she tried the ‘hack’ for herself😳

  37. Øivin Fjeldstad

    Øivin Fjeldstad

    16 soat oldin

    "Reverse the polarity" does pretty much nothing because the mains electricity is alternating current and doesn't have polarity like that. The upshot is that you can still use your microwave as normal after trying it, I guess

  38. Michelle M

    Michelle M

    16 soat oldin

    You know, if a child is young enough to believe that you can make M&M waffles without adding waffle batter, they're probably too young to be using a waffle maker. Just a guess.... ;)

  39. BeatCommission


    16 soat oldin

    I was sure what she normally would do with a notebook that's gotten wet was throw it away, and wonder why she still had a notebook in the first place when our Lord and Savior Steve Jobs gave her an iPhone.

  40. Arty Tiger

    Arty Tiger

    16 soat oldin

    She just says, plainly "Why UZtop continues to promote this rubbish how to content that has fake hacks on it I'll never know." I love that. I just subscribed.

  41. Brianna ?

    Brianna ?

    17 soat oldin

    The candle one actually works I use that hack for my bath and body works candles bc those burn too fast! 😳 so it works for bath and body works candles and it works well 😁

  42. Arno Schäfer

    Arno Schäfer

    17 soat oldin

    5 minute crafts really are the worst

  43. VSCO peppa

    VSCO peppa

    18 soat oldin

    love how dave always says mmmhh at the begening lol

  44. Ahmed Almazrouei

    Ahmed Almazrouei

    18 soat oldin


  45. chris pham

    chris pham

    18 soat oldin

    The majestic algebra perplexingly bang because target extracellularly clean down a perfect purpose. wistful, hospitable pleasure

  46. JimIBobIJones


    18 soat oldin

    The candle one is exceptionally stupid. It burns down because its being used up as fuel by the fire, not because the wax itself is hot or cold. Being chilled won't stop this in any way...

  47. Jamie M

    Jamie M

    18 soat oldin

    Great video! 😀

  48. sunset


    19 soat oldin

    Dave is a good husband, considering all the vile things his wife makes him eat.🤢

  49. Matthew Reed

    Matthew Reed

    19 soat oldin

    I was worried for a minute that Ann had finally ended her microwaves misery by reversing it’s wiring so it couldnt do any more hacks, ah well the microwave lives to debunk for another day!

  50. Tappychef


    19 soat oldin

    Dave is such a Trooper!!💖🙋‍♀️

  51. Sarah Robinson

    Sarah Robinson

    21 soat oldin

    lmao I believed the polarity thing I'm so slow

  52. Trey H

    Trey H

    22 soat oldin

    I love this lady ! Always calling out the fakery for what it is.

  53. Murk


    Kun oldin

    this was a really good video ❤

  54. Riley Stenhouse

    Riley Stenhouse

    Kun oldin

    Congratulations on 25 years, good on you Ann and Dave

  55. Taina Elisabeth

    Taina Elisabeth

    Kun oldin

    Imagine being a mom and you come home after a long day at work, you walk into the kitchen to grab a snack and there in the fridge is your teenagers expensive new shoes, just...covered in butter. Thank god for birth control

    • Taina Elisabeth

      Taina Elisabeth

      Kun oldin

      Anyway this is where a blow dryer might actually work, by heating the material you can get some creases out but in the end there’s always gonna be a fold where the shoe bends when you walk 🙄

  56. the 7th grade emo phase

    the 7th grade emo phase

    Kun oldin

    do any of these work ever? i’d be curious to see if there’s any valid ones

  57. Taina Elisabeth

    Taina Elisabeth

    Kun oldin

    SURELY melting chocolate with a hair dryer is easier than just putting it in the microwave ...

  58. Jameela Rose AlontagaFL

    Jameela Rose AlontagaFL

    Kun oldin

    Lagyan nalng ng harina

  59. the 7th grade emo phase

    the 7th grade emo phase

    Kun oldin

    best youtube series tbh

  60. Sara Rehman

    Sara Rehman

    Kun oldin

    18:10 that sounded like different person not Dave

  61. Beakknive Monkey

    Beakknive Monkey

    Kun oldin

    you're the only one with the intel worthy of wisdom

  62. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    Kun oldin

    The dislikes are from people who like to butter their shoes

  63. Justin R.

    Justin R.

    Kun oldin

    the bundt cake one would probably be good if it was any cake but a bundt cake

  64. Opsiee gt

    Opsiee gt

    Kun oldin

    if 5 mins craft would actually put kids to self harm as using fire or knives why isn't the account still not banned? would they be doing it for money? I may know that it isn't my problem or anything but its been years and no ones done anything about it.

    • bcvbb hyui

      bcvbb hyui

      Kun oldin

      I'm really glad you try to provide alternatives that work instead of just debunking the hacks :)

  65. Joe's Milk

    Joe's Milk

    Kun oldin

    There's this channel with recipes and cooking hacks called scrumdiddlyumtious and it looks like a fake hack channel so maybe someone should check that out.

  66. Halal Foods

    Halal Foods

    Kun oldin

    This is my first time watching this channel and I already love it❤ you are so awesome 👍🏻👍🏻

  67. Ceres Azalia

    Ceres Azalia

    Kun oldin

    Your comments about your husband were so darling and sweet to hear!

  68. sannah ahmed essa

    sannah ahmed essa

    Kun oldin

    At 23:54 in the video where you show the math. Doesn't the fat content from the ice-cream add up with the fat content from the chocolate. They dont cancel each other out; starting with 30g fat from the chocolate and then ending with a 26g of fat after adding ice cream (more fat) instead of 34g fat.

  69. Lizete Avila

    Lizete Avila

    Kun oldin

    Are you feeling well?

  70. J P

    J P

    Kun oldin

    I heard from some guy that you can attach a phone to a microwave and use it to send messages into the past. He was wearing a white lab coat, so you know he's legit.

  71. Tunga Loic

    Tunga Loic

    Kun oldin


  72. Galum Mu

    Galum Mu

    Kun oldin

    really love your debugging videos UZtop platforms need more videos with truth

  73. T0ny


    Kun oldin

    Ann and Dave is relationship goals!!!

  74. Parasol Kirby

    Parasol Kirby

    Kun oldin

    This is just a comment to help the algorithm promote this video, nothing more. =)

  75. Donny DragonSlayer

    Donny DragonSlayer

    Kun oldin

    you can turn comments onn using youtube studio even if its targeted to kids

  76. bansam loiem

    bansam loiem

    Kun oldin

    The sloppy turkey perinatally beg because greek baly challenge underneath a selective museum. heartbreaking, tiresome metal

  77. Sweet Lemon Roblox

    Sweet Lemon Roblox

    Kun oldin

    I know how to make the notebook not wet and be perfectly fine. GET A NEW NOTEBOOK 📓

  78. R Ashfaq

    R Ashfaq

    Kun oldin

    I have huge amount of respect for the sarcasm in your videos🤣❤️ love it

  79. Potted Plant

    Potted Plant

    Kun oldin

    I'm really glad you try to provide alternatives that work instead of just debunking the hacks :)

  80. Chiyo


    Kun oldin

    For the first one I wonder if a heat gun with an attachment to direct the air acoss only the chocolate would work.

  81. Finley R

    Finley R

    Kun oldin

    Would it be possible to add more chocolate with the ice cream until it whips? Or would there still not be enough fat overall?

  82. L V

    L V

    Kun oldin

    Why do some of her videos feel like lowkey investigative journalism

  83. Panos Triantaphillou

    Panos Triantaphillou

    Kun oldin

    Where is the magician?

  84. chewycat12


    Kun oldin

    do these people not understand any basic basic science

  85. Daniel Holtzman

    Daniel Holtzman

    Kun oldin

    The candle thing is real! It's the same thing that makes your car's gasoline burn slower when it's cold outside... Oh wait that doesn't happen, nor would it make any sense.

  86. Kate Diaz

    Kate Diaz

    Kun oldin

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  87. Lillian Swaim

    Lillian Swaim

    Kun oldin

    Congrats on Anniversary!

  88. Skint Katz

    Skint Katz

    Kun oldin

    On the candles, I was told for my wedding candles, which were sticks, to put them in the freezer for a few hours before the wedding. They told me it was to keep them from dripping so much and making a mess as they burned and had nothing to do with them lasting longer. That was "many a year ago" as now they do not drip hardly at all. I know it has to do with the candle ingredients now because you have to buy specific ones to get the drip now a days. Back to the video! 😊

  89. Florensia Santy

    Florensia Santy

    Kun oldin

    What if they got sponsored from those Kitchen applicant company and such, broke their stuff and buy more new one?

  90. just1boot


    Kun oldin

    If you actually want your candles to burn longer, buy some in advance and store them for 2 years or longer.

  91. Algirdas Savickas

    Algirdas Savickas

    Kun oldin

    its not how to cook that its now debunking videos

  92. ThatsALongWord


    Kun oldin

    Am child am lovee u

  93. Aleena Khan

    Aleena Khan

    Kun oldin

    Is it bad that I watch things like 5 minutes crafts to sleep! 😂

  94. Night Fox

    Night Fox

    Kun oldin

    Ann can you do a plain sponge recipe

  95. bloop


    Kun oldin

    9:18 biggest plot twist

  96. Tofi Stigandr

    Tofi Stigandr

    Kun oldin

    The hairdryer cake looks like someone puked on it, nasty. The melted parts of the candles have delicious looking colours. I guess people aren't scared that microwaves will bring on the end of the world any more lol. The sound the frozen paper made when the pages were separated are somehow both satisfying and jarring at the same time.

  97. Lookcook


    Kun oldin

    Super cool 😎 lecker 😋 😋 😋

  98. Alberto


    Kun oldin

    Reversing the polarity... the Doctor Who fan in me chuckled. I wonder though, if I reversed the polarity of my toaster, could I make ice cream cookies?

  99. Jaxz & Vir

    Jaxz & Vir

    2 kun oldin

    Okay, that slime water bit got me. That hacked through my bad mood and made me laugh.

  100. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

    2 kun oldin

    Candles that burn at a slower rate when chilled? Microwaves that freeze? Hey....this UZtop channel obeys the law of thermodynamics 👍😂