Cake Rescue! From failed to nailed it | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

If you've ever been in tears over a cake fail, this video is for you. Taking three viral cake fails and showing you how to rescue the cake and make it look amazing.
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Hi I'm Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Today I am looking at three common cake mistakes, frosting it while it is still warm, all the frosting dripping off and the cake falling over. Let me show you some easy solutions to make your cake look amazing again. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  1. How To Cook That

    How To Cook That

    Yil oldin

    What's your worst cake fail? I found some crazy ones on Instagram & Pintrest ... but there is always hope!! 😍

    • Aryelle Forbes

      Aryelle Forbes

      5 kun oldin

      My cake was of a pudding because i had to substitute the chocolate with chocolate milk mix as i ran out if chocolate still tasted good though

    • bayan arafat

      bayan arafat

      6 kun oldin

      My birthday cakes always turn out really dense, I always save them one way or the other but the taste is much heavier than I'd like

    • -milkee-


      10 kun oldin

      I attempted to make a 3layer cake...I used an icing that was much too watery and it looked horrible

    • Samaira Shankar

      Samaira Shankar

      14 kun oldin

      Once I was making a cake and I did not put buttercream between the layers so the next day the entire thing fell in our refrigerator and completely ruined the cake and our refrigerator.

    • Brigitte Mundt

      Brigitte Mundt

      27 kun oldin

      Mine actually wasn't a fail. Last Christmas I made an awesome tree shaped cake that came out wonderfully. I was so proud that it hadn't fallen apart or the frosting wasn't pretty. I got one picture before we put it in the oven to keep our pets out of it. Then my brother turned on the oven to make dinner and melted all the frosting off. Needless to say I cried and made a batch of cupcakes to replace it

  2. Katie Potasky

    Katie Potasky

    15 soat oldin

    Jesus is LORD.

  3. Hailey Palmer

    Hailey Palmer

    Kun oldin

    The way Ann can’t make a cake fail and has to destroy it herself is hilarious

  4. Delicate Disaster

    Delicate Disaster

    Kun oldin

    Imagine you're in the kitchen making your kid's birthday cake and they come in and see you covered in frosting and crumbs ripping their cake to shreds with your bare hands and they're just like ✋🏻👁👄👁👎🏻

  5. Julia R

    Julia R

    3 kun oldin

    It only hit me now but the first one is actually ganache put over frosting

  6. Truth Seeker

    Truth Seeker

    4 kun oldin

    I dont know who disliked this😏

  7. Andromalius88


    5 kun oldin

    Whenever you say ‘good’ I giggle because all I can hear is Olympia

  8. Hristov


    5 kun oldin

    9:01 Me: I'm gonna start by making a new cake!

  9. Marijn Brekveld

    Marijn Brekveld

    6 kun oldin

    2:30 oh my god. so thats why my popcakes tasted so burned 😐

  10. • Sleepless •

    • Sleepless •

    7 kun oldin

    Ann: “You should see the other fails that are coming later on!” Dam she savage 😂

  11. Natalie W

    Natalie W

    7 kun oldin

    "I wanna give this cake some semblance of shape" that's me getting ready to go out ....like a year ago

  12. Steph Clarke

    Steph Clarke

    8 kun oldin

    That one m&m with the M showing stressed me 😂

  13. Sue McCashland

    Sue McCashland

    9 kun oldin

    "putting it in the bowl with a layer of buttercream" me: ah, the princess torte method.

  14. Sue McCashland

    Sue McCashland

    9 kun oldin

    i LOVE the stop motion part

  15. chaazzaa air

    chaazzaa air

    10 kun oldin

    I know that you have good intentions but when you say little boy's birthday cake and then you make a construction site cake that is sexist and also what if a little girl wanted that cake what if a non-binary child wanted that cake what if an age and a child wanted that cake I know you're not trying to exclude these people but maybe you could just try a little kids cake or a birthday cake or a cake even you know but saying a little boy's birthday cake and then creating a construction site cakeIt's just stereotypical please try and be more gender inclusive and excepting and less sexist but by all means you're really good at making

  16. Tangy Orange

    Tangy Orange

    10 kun oldin

    I love the way she says “pretty good “

  17. Jennifer Braun

    Jennifer Braun

    10 kun oldin

    I think you should cut the green off the strawberries.

  18. maria chouvarda

    maria chouvarda

    10 kun oldin

    She is like our fairy-godmother but for cakes.

  19. paivaiva


    11 kun oldin

    I watched this video cus I know I'll make these failures

  20. Chill bro

    Chill bro

    12 kun oldin

    Does anyone know how to make pancakes I’m cursed so I can’t exactly make them

  21. Pran Peperino

    Pran Peperino

    12 kun oldin

    When your so good you need to make mistakes on purpose

  22. krool_aid


    13 kun oldin

    Cake fail: when I was little, my mum made me a cake and then put it in the fridge to cool, and then my goblin child brother ate the cake layers (without the frosting).

  23. Mina Navaid

    Mina Navaid

    13 kun oldin

    Woah..those cakes were total messes and how you transformed it!

  24. LitoMikeM1 YT

    LitoMikeM1 YT

    13 kun oldin

    in the title has a missed opportunity to be Failed it to Nailed It!

  25. Homero Castellanos

    Homero Castellanos

    14 kun oldin

    I don't understand. A lot of these issues could have just been prevented if the cakes could have had time to cool just like the frosting.

  26. Hayley Hayward

    Hayley Hayward

    14 kun oldin

    Ann, please do a fix for this fail/disaster. Colin the Caterpillar is a British classic. Its painful to see him this way. www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/parent-leaves-people-stitches-horrific-23810043?.com&

  27. Steven Hill

    Steven Hill

    14 kun oldin

    You've made me so hungry

  28. Gaia Gelati

    Gaia Gelati

    14 kun oldin

    For the dirt cake, you could use golden Oreos to make it like sand!

  29. Susan Li

    Susan Li

    14 kun oldin

    The only time you should ice your cakes warm is when you make cupcakes and put Nutella on top. The Nutella in my house is always too thick.

  30. Minimist16


    14 kun oldin

    "A really good roll" ...as she beats it with the rolling pin

  31. James James

    James James

    15 kun oldin

    Do ur cakes get eaten

  32. leni


    15 kun oldin

    for the second cake, you could also use shredded coconut mixed with green food colouring instead of the crumbs to make it look like a grassy hill (with flowers etc.) or you could add some plastic bones into the cake to make an archaeology cake!

  33. tvx gamer

    tvx gamer

    15 kun oldin

    The second impulse neatly divide because father greely double during a childlike mexico. level, cumbersome recorder

  34. jon hillman

    jon hillman

    15 kun oldin

    that stop motion animation is gorgeous. did dave do that?

  35. Hel


    15 kun oldin

    Something I did with brownies I mucked up once might work for cake as well, which is to make a sort of bread pudding situation by crumbling it up in a baking dish, pouring a custard over it and baking it. It can be a little sweet so so light on the sugar in the custard, but at least the brownie version tastes good and looks like you made it that way on purpose.

  36. Unreasonably Random

    Unreasonably Random

    15 kun oldin

    *comes into kitchen full of excited 8 year old boys with a chocolate dirt hill cake* Bday boy: Mommy I wanted a paw patrol cake

  37. just a stay that will not be named

    just a stay that will not be named

    16 kun oldin

    I feel really bad for laughing until I cried at the thumbnail

  38. Juju Bean

    Juju Bean

    16 kun oldin

    o my goodness I cannot watch that chocolate without wanting to eat it I can literally almost smell it through the screed WHY DOES IT LOOK SO GOOD???

  39. {_Witchy Beauty_}

    {_Witchy Beauty_}

    18 kun oldin

    I feel like my attempt at double chocolate cakes went UTLRA well and delicious (they were!) Compared to this...

  40. Oh hi .insert name. , How are u doing

    Oh hi .insert name. , How are u doing

    18 kun oldin

    U could also turn broken cake into cakepops, its pretty nice!

  41. Shirley Lewis

    Shirley Lewis

    20 kun oldin

    You are so creative snd clever to be able to make a fail into a winner!

  42. Sara G

    Sara G

    23 kun oldin

    I have had every single one of these disasters. I had to laugh! 😂😂😂

  43. Jair Ashanti

    Jair Ashanti

    25 kun oldin

    The holistic doubt mathematically return because battery osmotically suit apropos a scary fan. woozy, uttermost lunge

  44. Evelina Simutytė

    Evelina Simutytė

    25 kun oldin

    I mean this lady is just something! I have been living with her videos since I was 12 and I'm 19 now. I'm not a baker or anything like that however her videos are just soo calming to me, and by that I mean I literally watch her videos before going to sleep. I basically grew up with her and I just love her ❤️❤️❤️the biggest idol in my life 😍😍😍 I wish everyone would stay true to themselves like she is no matter how many years past ❤️❤️❤️

  45. Hasan Staloch Kids

    Hasan Staloch Kids

    25 kun oldin

    Yep just me... re-watching this for the 8th time...

  46. tvx gamer

    tvx gamer

    27 kun oldin

    The cluttered donna kinetically last because satin interestingly instruct before a rotten harp. stingy, aquatic menu

  47. Jasmine Retief

    Jasmine Retief

    28 kun oldin

    I want to send this to all my parent friends who have had a cake crisis right before their kids birthday party!

  48. Snorlex


    Oy oldin

    Just thinking about how she has so much cake makes me want to eat cake (If that makes sense)

  49. Shuumi


    Oy oldin

    How do you always seem to have a cake base ready? You seem to just stack them in an attic, grab one when needed and make a few more, when the attic becomes empty :D Or do you buy them done like that?

  50. Essie Garcia

    Essie Garcia

    Oy oldin

    The foolish anteater phylogenetically chew because chalk primarily enjoy amongst a brainy coke. combative, faded basement

  51. AwesomeBerry 200

    AwesomeBerry 200

    Oy oldin

    Putting chocolate in my microwave for 30 seconds makes it completely melted Hot microwave

  52. Mary Lesperance

    Mary Lesperance

    Oy oldin

    I would throw all those cakes away and restart. Or buy a cake. You are just too bad of a baker

    • Mary Lesperance

      Mary Lesperance

      22 kun oldin

      @Marais fan 4 life true but it's a waste baking knowing u are that bad at baking

    • Marais fan 4 life

      Marais fan 4 life

      25 kun oldin

      Waste of product and money

  53. Amelia Isabel

    Amelia Isabel

    Oy oldin

    I'm getting too many recipe ideas from you...

  54. fruitlooprainbow


    Oy oldin

    Cake pops are easy. It's just broken cake mixed with frosting and molded around a stick. Kids can do them.

  55. Grace Arran

    Grace Arran

    Oy oldin

    I did something similar to the my little pony rescue for a failed cake after watching this video and it brought me from crying in the kitchen at midnight to designated family cake-maker thanks Ann!

  56. Aung Wai

    Aung Wai

    Oy oldin

    The only ingredient I now need to rescue a cake is skill

  57. Kat's Kreations

    Kat's Kreations

    Oy oldin

    Do you use Margarine or butter?

  58. Kat's Kreations

    Kat's Kreations

    Oy oldin

    Can you do the second one for a girl?🙂

  59. Pawit Ninnabodeee

    Pawit Ninnabodeee

    Oy oldin

    The public advertisement independently dare because news luckily trot with a absorbed blow. new, tricky rugby

  60. barbara hayden

    barbara hayden

    Oy oldin

    Where were you when I needed you (probably still in nursery)? Love all your videos, they are interesting and informative and even

  61. Manya Singh

    Manya Singh

    Oy oldin

    5:25 this one the cake had extra moisture in it sooo

  62. Kai says hi

    Kai says hi

    Oy oldin

    I thought the bag she put the Ganache in was dirty but my screen just has a lot of cracks

  63. Ghadeer Jalal

    Ghadeer Jalal

    Oy oldin

    Dude thank u so much...mother's day is coming soon

  64. Manta


    Oy oldin

    Never had a cake fail: 😌 Never made a cake: 😔

  65. Blue Blunt

    Blue Blunt

    Oy oldin

    Id break the rolling pin in frustration

  66. Maidah Mohammed

    Maidah Mohammed

    Oy oldin

    U never levelled it n no 2 the bottom layer

  67. Jenesis AY

    Jenesis AY

    Oy oldin

    I honestly wonder how much sugar, cream, flour and butter she has in her house

  68. Trinity Morris

    Trinity Morris

    Oy oldin

    I've been watching your channel for a few years now and tonight shared a video with my brother. We have now spent the whole night watching your stuff. Thank you for a great night with my brother!!

  69. Mahira Saiyoni

    Mahira Saiyoni

    Oy oldin

    Ann: See, making cake fails in easy... Also Ann: Why is making cake fails so hard?

  70. LEO


    Oy oldin

    I would still eat all of these

  71. Lea Lapple

    Lea Lapple

    Oy oldin

    When its s 5 year old in case as long as its tasty... i mean they dont now how is it supost to look like... right... 👀

  72. Handy Holly

    Handy Holly

    Oy oldin

    My cake fail was actually for cupcakes. I swear I followed the recipe, but when I pulled them out of the oven, the had all overflowed and tasted like baking powder. I remember thinking, "wow, that's a lot of baking powder" when making them, but I put all of it in anyway😅

  73. Haha get wrekt Schwab

    Haha get wrekt Schwab

    Oy oldin

    When i was little I would bake with my dad and the first time we made butter cream I tried to insist on adding some milk or cream and he said no and we just kept on beating the butter and the sugar and when it became frosting I was like 😧😵🙀

    • Marais fan 4 life

      Marais fan 4 life

      Oy oldin

      The wonders of chemistry 😌

  74. finnfinn 1980

    finnfinn 1980

    Oy oldin

    That mnm 🎂looks so good but that 1 m u can see is kinda trigering

  75. Queen Remains

    Queen Remains

    Oy oldin

    Anne Reardon: UZtop's Sweetheart.

  76. Il était une fois

    Il était une fois

    Oy oldin

    I'm really grateful sponge cakes are not well liked in my country, and we prefer to go for one layer cakes, with no fancy decoration required. It makes it harder to ruin your cake ;)

  77. Æňđřæ Pøllært

    Æňđřæ Pøllært

    Oy oldin

    my brain: ur a genius and i love ur content, how are you so good? the other half of my brain at the same time: hehe ganache wrinkly

  78. alicia


    Oy oldin

    I made the most delicious blueberry cheesecake. I then redid it so that i could give it to my best friend for her birthday. I decided to double the amount of lemon zest in the cheesecake but...the lemon was bitter, and it ruined the whole thing T-T still gave it to her

  79. The one and Only psycho

    The one and Only psycho

    Oy oldin

    It’s so smart how she solves these

  80. Calico InVenus

    Calico InVenus

    Oy oldin

    The horse on the left on the thumbnail looks like it’s end was brutal

  81. 15Acesplz


    Oy oldin

    When I make buttercream frosting I usually end up ditching the electric beater and just kneading it with my (clean) hands until it's a little less powdery!

  82. Enera Wilson

    Enera Wilson

    Oy oldin

    The hard part is cooling it. It tastes so good when warm!

  83. Heaven Harris

    Heaven Harris

    Oy oldin

    Okay but can we talk about how how long it took for her to do all that stop motion-

  84. Yonael


    Oy oldin

    Is white chocolate without cocoa butter even chocolate anymore? Since it has nothing of the cocoa plant in it anymore?

  85. • Blueyx Buxnnie Tea•

    • Blueyx Buxnnie Tea•

    Oy oldin

    So yummy copied the oreo part...

  86. Acceldown


    Oy oldin

    This lady is my mc

  87. Lively lopunny

    Lively lopunny

    Oy oldin

    This was helpful. If I make a mistake with a cake I make for my nephew I can do this thank you! 😀

  88. jezebel324


    Oy oldin

    That last cake made me subscribe. That’s a miracle right there

  89. Katja Macabre

    Katja Macabre

    Oy oldin

    Actually shocked seeing my friends cake show up in this video 😹 Mumma Goth is such a Sweetheart! Love that woman! 🖤

  90. Green T

    Green T

    Oy oldin

    Doesn't matter what it looks like does it taste good?

  91. Kate Serna

    Kate Serna

    Oy oldin

    N O M U S I C

  92. Espanholina ALSC

    Espanholina ALSC

    Oy oldin

    haha, a part of me wants to ruin my next cake just so i can try these. Amazing vide, Ann, as always!

  93. ShanteYouStay


    Oy oldin

    I long how Anne says “goooood”. ❤️❤️❤️. She’s my favorite UZtopr!!!

  94. Mithilesh


    Oy oldin

    Osam cakes

  95. finn m

    finn m

    Oy oldin

    I thought the cake was going to be a volcano 😂

  96. Lila & Josie

    Lila & Josie

    Oy oldin

    Omg your cakes look so good!

  97. Taylor


    Oy oldin

    10:50 she said GAY RIGHTS

  98. Lavender Lemons

    Lavender Lemons

    Oy oldin

    Just make a trifle

  99. Suheil yusufali

    Suheil yusufali

    Oy oldin

    You should be on masterchef australia

  100. •ᖴᗴᗩᖇ•ᔕTᖇᗴᗴT• •••

    •ᖴᗴᗩᖇ•ᔕTᖇᗴᗴT• •••

    2 oy oldin

    Her: it just starts to slide off Me: titanic...