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Testing Candy Recipes written 200 years ago.
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week I am making candy recipes from a cookbook that is 200 years old. The compleat confectioner by Hannah Glasse. We will make coffee caramels, lemon pastils and almond candy. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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  1. How To Cook That

    How To Cook That

    Yil oldin

    A dash of history to go with your olde time candy 🍭Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2020 is your best year yet!

    • Adam Efimoff

      Adam Efimoff

      2 kun oldin

      can you make a candy store!

    • jasper jessee

      jasper jessee

      9 kun oldin

      She didn’t know what was going to happen 😅

    • MeatyKitten


      16 kun oldin

      the 2020 part did not age well

    • Chloe Mitchell

      Chloe Mitchell

      Oy oldin

      @Art Tastic I did

    • Art Tastic

      Art Tastic

      Oy oldin

      Did anyone else watch this in 2020... definitely not the best year..

  2. Mikael Olsson

    Mikael Olsson

    3 soat oldin

    Peeling almonds is quite common here in Sweden. We use it in christmas candy and our traditional christmas during Glögg. 😊

  3. I Am

    I Am

    Kun oldin

    Less lemons - modern lemons are juicier? XD

  4. Ronnie Ashline

    Ronnie Ashline

    4 kun oldin

    Closed captions are spot on!

  5. karim badran

    karim badran

    4 kun oldin

    Ma girl has had a hard life

  6. PopMasterAlan


    7 kun oldin

    i thought this is going to be debunking

  7. Mitch F.

    Mitch F.

    7 kun oldin

    "The pastry or piping bag was invented by chef Marie Antoine Careme (He is not to be confused with Marie Antoinette) in 1820." - wyzant

  8. Amirul Dragneel

    Amirul Dragneel

    8 kun oldin

    Candy Kacang Tumbuk😍

  9. Ren Linder

    Ren Linder

    8 kun oldin

    My mom used to make something very similar to the lemon ones, wave of memories I didn’t expect today 😳🤣

  10. Mary Echo

    Mary Echo

    8 kun oldin

    I'm making the lemon pastils, I'll tell you how it goes! Edit: It looked just like yours until it went into the oven. It all melted together and went yellowish. When dried it's a gooey mess that doesn't snap or melt in your mouth at all. I can't see how you got to your result with just two ingredients, I honestly have a different enough result here that it feels like a 5 minute crafts recipe :/ what did i do wrong?

  11. JoyofQueen


    9 kun oldin

    The one with almonds is still a thing in India but it is with peanuts and used jaggery. And is also a sweet we give to the guests

  12. Kathy Schlenker

    Kathy Schlenker

    10 kun oldin

    The hairy scrunchy is killing me, cuff of your sleeve. I’m just being an ass. You’re the best. Love ya

  13. Arieana CookieS

    Arieana CookieS

    10 kun oldin

    ew i can’t being a teen marrying a 30 year old.. that’s messed up! the 30 year old dude can just marry a lady at his age..( NO OFFENCE)

  14. David Reidie

    David Reidie

    10 kun oldin

    Grate all those nuts?! Mod cons are really taken for granted sometimes! Appreciate your blenders fellow viewers! lol

  15. Hedera


    12 kun oldin

    John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Romans 10:1 "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Psalm 86:15 “But you, my Lord, are a God of compassion and mercy; you are very patient and full of faithful love.” 1 John 3:23: "This is He's command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another." 1 John 3:1 “See what kind of love the Father has given to us in that we should be called God’s children, and that is what we are!" ---------------- Revelation 21:1-8 "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new..." 2 Peter 3:10 "But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved, and the earth and the works that are done on it will be exposed." --- Luke 23:43 And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” uztop.info/main/PLZmPTRQDgybqDaRrq0ZekSmM1k_QpcBPi.html

  16. Bobo Au Yeung

    Bobo Au Yeung

    12 kun oldin

    I really love this series!

  17. Hayley Eastabrook - Nature Photography

    Hayley Eastabrook - Nature Photography

    13 kun oldin

    I love how she turns English at some points when reading the instructions!

  18. A horrible person

    A horrible person

    15 kun oldin

    The 353 people who disliked are ABSOLUTE IDIOTIC MORONS

  19. Avery Digeraas

    Avery Digeraas

    15 kun oldin

    Just casually grate a pound of almonds, like it is nothing!

  20. DracoAdrian23


    16 kun oldin

    lemons back than were much smaller

  21. Danika's Delectables

    Danika's Delectables

    17 kun oldin

    10:07 lemon seed! 😂

  22. Maelav Drak

    Maelav Drak

    17 kun oldin

    I tried the lemon pastil recipe but I just made sugary lemon soup in my oven ;-; Edit: I made burnt sugar that tasted vaguely like lemon. I left my oven at 250f for 30 minutes, then when I discovered the soup, I put it at 350f.. For 30 minutes. I would love to know what the HECK low fire is in Fahrenheit.

  23. Jalen _

    Jalen _

    18 kun oldin

    I didn't know that this was a history class-

  24. Amy Cranmer

    Amy Cranmer

    18 kun oldin

    I also really enjoyed your old timey London accent 🤣

  25. Amy Cranmer

    Amy Cranmer

    18 kun oldin

    You are literally the coolest UZtop. You have integrity and actually make good content. Thank you so much

  26. Binxy Boo

    Binxy Boo

    18 kun oldin

    Yeah, this is cool, but now do these in the mini-kitchen.

  27. ElloSufi96


    19 kun oldin

    Dave didn’t get to do a taste test on cam :(



    20 kun oldin

    That is old indian dish called Chicki

  29. nanomachines son

    nanomachines son

    24 kun oldin

    "Grate your nuts very fine over a sheet of paper" No, I dont think I will

  30. Viktoria Tryfonova

    Viktoria Tryfonova

    27 kun oldin

    When I learned to make macarons, my instructor actually used the sugar and cold water and finger method. He showed me how he did it and said to leave your finger in the cold and then immediately put it in the sugar and then the cold water as quick as you can. If its gooey then its right, if its hard its overdone. This is something he was taught to do so he can make macarons without a candy thermometer

  31. Grace Lavender

    Grace Lavender

    28 kun oldin

    Who else was scared to death at 3:22?

  32. Suki Di Nice

    Suki Di Nice

    Oy oldin

    The thing about putting your finger in melted caramel actually used to be a normal thing, my grandmother used to do it and it's not as dangerous as it sounds, but obviously that recipe doesn't tell the whole thing about it: before pitting your finger to the caramel, to avoid the obvious burn you have to dip for a couple of seconds your finger into very cold water from the fridge, then just VERY QUICKLY dip the very point of your finger into the caramel and quickly put it back into the cold water. If done propperly, you'll only feel a dash of heat that won't cause you pain or burns (Done PROPPERLY). If you happen to have long nails you can make it even safer by just dipping the tip of the nail, so that way the caramel won't make contact to the finger's skin. This is actually a way to tell by touch at what point your caramel is(I don't know how many points are, I just know one that is called-and I'm literally translating, so it probably won't have the same name in english-"ball point", but still, since nowadays we have better and safer tools, if possible use them.

  33. •Mint Pāńďa•

    •Mint Pāńďa•

    Oy oldin

    Waitttt you DREW that!???? ALSO NICE HISTORY LESSON. :D

  34. LemonChan is Random

    LemonChan is Random

    Oy oldin

    I want to eat the almond skin omg

  35. LemonChan is Random

    LemonChan is Random

    Oy oldin

    Wtf 10 kids girl strong I bet having kids back then was like hell

  36. kittyface27


    Oy oldin

    me here getting angry for a woman's situation 200 years ago

  37. Oswald Thatendswald

    Oswald Thatendswald

    Oy oldin

    Dang her story was really sad.

  38. Crafty Gal

    Crafty Gal

    Oy oldin

    These all look so good.

  39. GloryGlory Hole’allelujah

    GloryGlory Hole’allelujah

    Oy oldin

    I think mint, instead of lemon would be delicious on the pastilles ❤️

  40. Fiza Batool

    Fiza Batool

    Oy oldin

    When I saw the mortar and pestle, my pakistani heart leapt. My mom still uses it and sometimes even I do (we do have a food processor). Just saying No point to this story

  41. Beatrice


    Oy oldin

    Happy new year 😃

  42. Shreyu's Kitchen

    Shreyu's Kitchen

    2 oy oldin

    Nice video i m supporting u will u support me ?? 😊

  43. Lady Anemone

    Lady Anemone

    2 oy oldin

    I love the way Ann reads the instructions, definitely amusing (because I am a Brit) now off to grab my coffee and sugar 😛

  44. Puffy


    2 oy oldin

    Oh god.. that lemon looks perfect!

  45. Emily Rivas

    Emily Rivas

    2 oy oldin

    Hi Ann, I'm really disappointed with these recipes. I followed your "rewrite" recipe on your Website and watched this video enough times to have practically memorized the transcript, but this just did not go right at all. I wanted to make the coffee "bomboons" for my mother. To begin with, the kind of cream you use is not available in the U.S., so I looked up what our equivalent would be and it turned out to be heavy whipping cream. I used this, along with coffee made with water, exactly as instructed. I let it heat to boiling on the stove, washed the sides with water on a brush, poured the cream in, and stirred continuously. During my first attempt, it boiled over, leaving burnt sugar on my stove and a lot of smoke in the house. I cleaned up the mess and retried on a different burner. Yet it would always boil too high, even in my largest pot. I had to keep removing it from the stove every 15 or so seconds, just to keep it from boiling over. So I thought, maybe the temperature is too high. I set it down to medium which it still boiled over on, and eventually to medium-low. After 20 minutes on medium-low, it still wasn't crack-hard or even gooey- it just dissolved in the cold water. I went to your video to see what yours looked like just before you took it off the stove, but you didn't show what it looks like. I rechecked the recipe for the 7th time, but the ONLY specification you gave was that the bubbles would "pop slower" when the coffee and sugar had boiled together long enough, which wasn't even what I needed direction on. Very helpful. You are a food scientist, you easily understand what temperature things should be at, the right consistency, and the right amount of time to let something cook. Please keep in mind that the rest of the world doesn't automatically know these things. You only actually showed what the mixture looks like when a spoonful is dropped into water, something that just wasn't working for me. Continuing on, I then waited over an hour for it to become crack hard, but it was impossible. All I ended up with was a mess and some honey-textured sugar-cream-coffee. "So onto take 2!" I thought to myself. This time, I looked up what the temperature for "crack-hard" is. I found out that it's approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit. I used a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature. After hitting 225 degrees, the mixture would not let me rest, it kept boiling too high. I was desperately watching your video and re-reading your recipe, but it was absolutely useless to me. I tried turning it up to high and it started aggressively boiling, but the bubbles popped and it was finally able to reach 295 degrees without boiling over. I put a spoonful in water and it was nearly crack-hard, so I put it into a pan. The bottom of my pot had a layer of burned mixture stuck to it, and I still hadn't even gotten to the crack-hard you miraculously got to. I let it rest for 40 minutes before trying to cut it into squares. It was ridiculously covered in grease, I measured 1/2 cup of grease that I was able to literally squeeze out of it. DISGUSTING! It looked and smelled awful. I tried it and it didn't taste good either, so I threw it out. It was a waste of coffee, sugar, and cream. I wish you had given more detailed instructions so that I could have enjoyed these, but it just wasn't meant to be I guess. I'm doing my best not to sound like a selfish brat here, but it is frustrating to not receive enough instruction, especially when someone made it look easy. Anyway, I hope my feedback was helpful, I'm sure many people will comment at me to say I'm a hater but whatever.

    • Lusus Naturae

      Lusus Naturae

      Oy oldin

      From the sound of it for one you didn't stir it enough if it's burned. If you stir it and do it right, it doesn't burn.

  46. Jasper Nez

    Jasper Nez

    2 oy oldin

    You should add thin layer of sugar in the copper pan. Well the sugar melt and slowly add the rest of the sugar.

  47. Mitchell D'Oca

    Mitchell D'Oca

    2 oy oldin

    “ so it looks I’m gonna have to start again” 🤣🤣🤣

  48. Amber Marie

    Amber Marie

    2 oy oldin

    Hey Anne, I think you could sand your rolling pin just a tad and put some sort of clear polyurethane to seal it.

  49. Hege L

    Hege L

    3 oy oldin

    Still scold almonds like that and use a hand crank shredder. I spent so many years as a kid hand cranking almonds and other nuts for christmas baking

  50. KB


    3 oy oldin

    For the almond candy, 1 cup of almonds. 1/2 heaped cup of sugar, 1/2 cup water. Make a soft candy not hard candy. Much better that way. Add the sugar and water, bring to a boil and then once all sugar is dissolved add the almond, let them absorb the moisture and cook. Take it off the pan once it has the leaves the side of the pan and once it is cooked enough to touch it should be like playdough. Roll out into a sheet, cut into pieces. Let it set and enjoy.

  51. G K

    G K

    3 oy oldin

    I have just gorged on your videos, debunking, how to, recipes, clever or nevers....amazing! So pleased to have found you, and very weird that you never came up as a suggestion before now.

  52. Gummy


    3 oy oldin

    6:49 That's the Leidonfrost effect. You can wet a few fingers then dip them in molten metal quickly without a single burn.

    • Berlin Gillespie

      Berlin Gillespie

      Oy oldin

      I don’t think Ann knows that

  53. Crowfaerylaura


    3 oy oldin

    A talented baker AND artist!

  54. K N

    K N

    3 oy oldin

    i wish you could treat us with that through the screen

  55. ColdxNorth


    3 oy oldin

    Lemons are probably much bigger now than they were three hundred years ago? :)

  56. Ela Görgülü

    Ela Görgülü

    3 oy oldin

    My lemon canies just burned and combined after 45 minutes. T-T sob

  57. Laura B

    Laura B

    3 oy oldin

    A candy making tip that has helped me a lot - heat the tin your boiled candy is turned out onto. It keeps it from hardening quite so fast, allowing you more time to spread it out.

  58. Monique M

    Monique M

    3 oy oldin

    I would love to see you make a sugar loaf at some point. I’ve been fascinated by that for ages and haven’t been able to find any videos of the method. Starting with cane juice would be amazing, but perhaps asking a tad much!

  59. Shazzy Fez

    Shazzy Fez

    3 oy oldin

    Hey there .For how long did u bake the lemon candy🤔at what temperature

  60. Margrethe Christina Utkilen

    Margrethe Christina Utkilen

    3 oy oldin

    Fantastic and industrious lady, Hannah Glafse!

  61. E C2

    E C2

    3 oy oldin

    6:45 The age-old equivalent of 5-minute Crafts

  62. Maggie Jenson

    Maggie Jenson

    3 oy oldin

    1:37 wow, this art is AMAZING! the perspective on that fence is super impressive!

  63. Moonotone


    3 oy oldin

    Are we not gonna talk about how good at drawing Ann is?? Is there nothing she can’t do?

  64. Gayathree N

    Gayathree N

    3 oy oldin

    In India we just call it Katli

  65. Anna Rosinski

    Anna Rosinski

    3 oy oldin

    One time I made caramel. I was testing it to see if it was crack hard and got some on my finger. It.Hurts.

  66. Blubblee Crossing

    Blubblee Crossing

    3 oy oldin

    The wording back then is strange..

  67. Michael


    3 oy oldin

    3:19 Instructions unclear...I'm now in A&E

  68. Muhammad Anwar

    Muhammad Anwar

    3 oy oldin

    My grand ma told me that lemmons used to be the size of a grape back then

  69. Cecilia Mayora

    Cecilia Mayora

    4 oy oldin

    8:21 These are pretty common here where I live, we call them dulce de leche cubes.

  70. Sydney H

    Sydney H

    4 oy oldin

    I believe their lemons were smaller than ours are now, which makes sense why you only used half of the lemon.

  71. Caroline Ritchie

    Caroline Ritchie

    4 oy oldin

    God, how gutted would you be if you grated 1lb of almonds and it didn't work?!

  72. Ivy K

    Ivy K

    4 oy oldin

    That with the lemons can be right they have probably become more jucy because if cultivation by humans 🤔

  73. sara kate

    sara kate

    4 oy oldin

    Aww I wanted to see a family taste test

  74. Karl Ferguson

    Karl Ferguson

    4 oy oldin

    You’re the best guys! A great ambassador.

  75. Mary Udomah

    Mary Udomah

    4 oy oldin

    It makes sense that the icing sugar/lemon recipe took less lemons. Ours are bigger.

  76. ZFBelaidHassan


    4 oy oldin

    They still sell sugar like that in Morocco, and most of their patries need that process with the almonds so you can peel them and fry them after. It is really tasty.



    4 oy oldin

    Delicious BREAKFAST Ideas With Eggs And Other Goodies by 5-Minute Recipes ann can u pls make a debunking vid for this

  78. sweetea’


    4 oy oldin


  79. Rebekah's Universe

    Rebekah's Universe

    4 oy oldin

    It's amazing how much work people were willing to put into making candy. I think it's sad that these days some people aren't even willing to make a simple cake from scratch so instead they buy cake mix (yuck!).

  80. Fatema Bhuiyan

    Fatema Bhuiyan

    4 oy oldin

    Did you see the drawing it was awesome and it is sad that Hannah did the recipe and others got the credit

  81. Akafia Delaenam

    Akafia Delaenam

    4 oy oldin

    I know this video was uploaded a while ago, but the nut bonbons are a very common snack in Ghana, which is made with the coarsely grated or pounded peanuts.

  82. DeeEll86442


    4 oy oldin

    Hi Anne, I was wondering if you could make a question an answer video? I’m a baker and I know quite a bit but there are questions I would love to be able to ask you. I’m very interested in food gastronomy and the science behind baking and cooking. I really love making candies and I was wondering is there any reason I couldn’t use powdered sugar to substitute for granulated sugar in a peanut brittle? I’ve never tried to do it but I was wondering if you have, or if it matters what form sugar is in when you are just going to melt it down for candy? Thanks, Dee🥰

  83. Just some random walker

    Just some random walker

    4 oy oldin

    Her: making it from just words is quite tricky Me: so all of my high school recipes? (Edit: I figured out how to edit comments!!! Yessss, finally!)

  84. Jack AndTheBeanstalk

    Jack AndTheBeanstalk

    4 oy oldin

    Poor lady lived such a tragic life

  85. Asoziales Netzwerk – Sektion Oberharz

    Asoziales Netzwerk – Sektion Oberharz

    4 oy oldin

    mine Looks like 05:03 😭

  86. -Unknown Bacon Detected-

    -Unknown Bacon Detected-

    4 oy oldin

    The Spanish nuts for the first recipe were definitely the almonds , because peanuts skins come off extremely easily , so there would have been no need to boil them to get skin off, for the most part

  87. Kawaii Lover

    Kawaii Lover

    4 oy oldin

    Just imagine wanting candy and having to grate each almond

  88. Sarah Hassan

    Sarah Hassan

    4 oy oldin

    Ann i love your channel so much

  89. I'm Hungry

    I'm Hungry

    4 oy oldin

    This just made me think how in today's day and age my grandma still grates walnuts using a hand grater when she's making baklava.... I should probably tell her to use the blender next time.

  90. Raffaele cataldo

    Raffaele cataldo

    4 oy oldin

    I tried making the lemon candies following your recipe, the proportions were completely wrong, it took far more sugar. And the mixture between sugar and lemon should be a very light yellow, not completely white, I baked the mixture at a very low heat but it melted completely



      3 oy oldin

      Thanx for the heads up. Was about to try it out 😎👍

  91. Ricardo P

    Ricardo P

    4 oy oldin

    The coffee caramel. What should I add to it to keep it thick yet soft? I want to put it in icecream with the perfect consistancy. Not chewy but more ... saucy xD I am not english I don't know the right words. Liquid, and just a tiny bit thicker than honey. Something like that.

  92. I will defeat Justin Y

    I will defeat Justin Y

    5 oy oldin


  93. shwe


    5 oy oldin

    Also check badam kathli and kaju kathli. Awesome non chewy Indian sweets

  94. Siani Fairy

    Siani Fairy

    5 oy oldin

    Love the music change- not chamber music, triumphant, dare-to-make-200-year-old-candy music. Viva Hannah Glasse!

  95. Elliana Kerr

    Elliana Kerr

    5 oy oldin

    I love this! Where did you get the actual book from, May I ask? These are some of my favourite videos!

  96. Softii


    5 oy oldin

    A shame im allergic to nutssss

    • Siani Fairy

      Siani Fairy

      5 oy oldin

      would try it with sunflower meal....

  97. Softii


    5 oy oldin

    Poor hannah At least the amazing ann reardon is cooking one of her recipes

  98. Paloma Freitas

    Paloma Freitas

    5 oy oldin

    That Carmel trick must have been invented my a Latina mother, their fingers just don’t burn

  99. Catastrophic Stupidity

    Catastrophic Stupidity

    5 oy oldin

    The voice she uses when reading the book makes my skin crawl 😖

  100. Cooking with gautam

    Cooking with gautam

    5 oy oldin

    wow , nice video . keep it up. ☺️