100 year old WEIRD baking hacks | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Baking hacks from my Great Grandmother's 100 year old cook book! Some are common sense, others are weird and one is genius.
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel this week I am exploring baking hacks from my great grandmothers 100 year old cookbook. Some of them are common sense, some are strange and others are genius. This channel is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  1. Karen Blackburn

    Karen Blackburn

    Kun oldin

    Mum would always put a brown paper bag on top of a fruit cake to prevent the top from burning due to the long cooking time. And after a while the tin would be put on a pad of folded brown paper bags to prevent the base from burning. Hints from a 1940s cooking book I still have and take all my recipes from.

  2. lol


    5 kun oldin

    these 100 year old cake hacks are better than 5 minute crafts

  3. Froot Luips

    Froot Luips

    5 kun oldin

    The sand hack had my jaw dropped

  4. MrLoneWoof


    6 kun oldin

    Easy kitchen hacks a 100 years ago: well thought out, useful. "Hacks" today: PuT StrAwBeRries in BleAch.

  5. Susie Willis

    Susie Willis

    7 kun oldin

    The shy salmon contemporaneously screw because gold dfly wrestle against a bumpy stove. guttural H habitual, angry trousers

  6. Jaweriya


    7 kun oldin

    Your to lucky I love cooking but I don't have any old cookbook

  7. Oli Poli

    Oli Poli

    8 kun oldin

    The beef droppings, is that suet?

  8. TheKaimanguy


    8 kun oldin

    I plan on using the poached egg vinegar hack.

  9. Peggy O'Connell

    Peggy O'Connell

    9 kun oldin

    You use sand when smoking meat in a smoker because it retains heat well without evaporating like water does. The bread tip is for cast iron pans, not stainless. And it works.

  10. feliisvulpes


    10 kun oldin

    I've never seen an egg be cooked like that before. Guess I learned something new today.

  11. Amedeo Avogadro

    Amedeo Avogadro

    13 kun oldin

    It seems wierd to use tallow in a cake, but it totally makes sense.

  12. Rosemary Constable

    Rosemary Constable

    15 kun oldin

    The reason for not slamming the oven door was because if you slammed it within the first 10 minutes, any air bubbles that were forming could burst and you wouldn’t get the rise. These days we have extra strength baking powders

  13. Rosemary Constable

    Rosemary Constable

    15 kun oldin

    Lol, Ann, don’t make beef dripping, just ask your local supermarket where they keep the ‘shreddo’, most still carry it, it’s the dripping you need, works perfectly

  14. unholyXromance


    16 kun oldin

    honestly didn't know anyone ever poached eggs without vinegar haha

  15. bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit

    bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit

    19 kun oldin

    My dad used to kick the oven when my nana made cakes because he loved "flop cakes"

  16. darkmysterie


    21 kun oldin

    9:45 I have actually always used this trick, it's how my grandma taught me to make poached eggs.

  17. Liz Eggar

    Liz Eggar

    23 kun oldin

    When I was a child in Northern Rhodesia, we had a hand cranked mangle attached to our washing machine. The machine itself was electric.

  18. Sappho Culloden

    Sappho Culloden

    23 kun oldin

    My grandmother was, I am told, a very good cake baker BUT after she got married, she couldn't get her sponge cakes to rise. Apparently, my grandfather didn't like highly risen sponge cakes so he used to get the kids to go into the kitchen when she wasn't around and slam the oven door a few times.

  19. jskd2953


    25 kun oldin

    Who needs the gym? If you wanna get a good workout, just bake a cake the 100 year old way!💪

  20. BPS&D


    26 kun oldin

    My Be-Ro flour recipe book from 1956 says 'Remember, there is no need to worry about getting Be-Ro cakes into the oven quickly after they are mixed. This is in the section that tells you how to use an 'ordinary' coal oven. ' With a little practice, correct heats can be judged by putting one's hand in the oven.' :-)

  21. Amber Legowik

    Amber Legowik

    26 kun oldin

    I usually just stick a second tray on the shelf below to prevent direct heat on the bottom. With my cheesecakes, cover it with a pot using the same principle because I don't like browning of any kind on the tops of my cheesecakes.

  22. Hayley Eastabrook - Nature Photography

    Hayley Eastabrook - Nature Photography

    28 kun oldin

    my dumb ass thought for a good few minutes that you'd have to put the sand INSIDE the cake

  23. Bryan Bondy

    Bryan Bondy

    29 kun oldin

    Is a 1920s edition of Mrs Beeton the same as the original? At that point the original cookbook was 60 years old!

  24. Dirty Squirrell

    Dirty Squirrell

    29 kun oldin

    You can use rice, ceramic beans or edible dried beans under the cake tin while baking.

  25. R Hayat

    R Hayat

    Oy oldin

    You weren't worried about bugs climbing up from the soil into your cake? I guess they'd be cooked anyway. You can get sand from some hardware stores, as it's used for concrete.

  26. Jessie Bowlin

    Jessie Bowlin

    Oy oldin

    I had never heard the sand under the cake pan, either. Definitely using that in the future and sharing this tip with friends and family.

  27. Benjamin Verd

    Benjamin Verd

    Oy oldin

    Hi Ann, what baking tins do you have? They look awesome.

  28. cirvi17


    Oy oldin

    Reminds me very much of my grandmas suet cakes. Great with clotted cream and 'berry sauce'.

  29. Poppy Sands

    Poppy Sands

    Oy oldin

    The beef fat looks a little bit too much like white chocolate 🥲

  30. Donkey Butt

    Donkey Butt

    Oy oldin

    Having a hard time finding beef or pork suet maybe they don't have it here in America. If anyone knows a place in America please let me know? Thanks

  31. Malmequer


    Oy oldin

    i think cleaning the frying pan with bread instead of water, was probably because they would be made of cast iron, and the water would ruin them? but i'm just guessing ^^;

  32. K Jones

    K Jones

    Oy oldin

    Don't be slovenly. Rinse that knife!

  33. אורלי אלמדווי

    אורלי אלמדווי

    Oy oldin

    I love how you try old recipes👍♥️

  34. busterbackster1


    Oy oldin

    im honestly not that surprised the old hacks worked, they needed things to work back then with how much time everything took and would just spread the useful things they learned over time.

  35. Mango T

    Mango T

    Oy oldin

    Man, girl, you go all in, that’s for sure. Beef drippings.

  36. Mel O.

    Mel O.

    Oy oldin

    You would have gotten my like anyways but damn when you hand whisked those egg whites I had to do it imidiately. Your efforts are appreciated

  37. Manasa


    Oy oldin

    If you don't have sand you can use salt I like your channel very much I am binge watching

  38. Nazifa Rahman

    Nazifa Rahman

    Oy oldin

    It's the 5 minute crafts of the 20th century.



    Oy oldin

    We still had one of those 'Electrical' Washing Machines ( A big Tub with a rotating Paddle in the Middle and a powered Mangle on top). Everyone in the family had got a belt of Electricity from it,that usually threw them across the Kitchen,and I got my Arm stuck in the Mangle (luckily I was still young with softer bones)! I think Grandad got it,together with a GAS Refrigerator for about a Fiver (GBP) Back in the 60's!

  40. Karen Nguyen

    Karen Nguyen

    Oy oldin

    Women must have been secretly 💪 based on how much hand mixing is involved in these recipes

  41. A Thivierge

    A Thivierge

    Oy oldin

    Mom occasionally likes lemon in her Coca-Cola. One time at a restaurant, after mom squeezed the lemon in her pop, she said her pop tasted funny. I took a small sip & thought I smelled & tasted onion. My pop was fine-- I then smelled the wedges of lemon. Yes, the cook had apparently cut an onion & then cut the lemon 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

    • A Thivierge

      A Thivierge

      Oy oldin

      @Renske it was wedges, actually. & no, it must have been one strong onion. The waitress smelled the lemons-I was laughing over it-just rolled her eyes & shook her head & brought us both fresh pop. She brought new lemon too but I bet she got after the cook. 😂It would have been one thing if it was for salmon or something. However, my sister is allergic to onions & peppers so it could have been bad if she were with us.

    • Renske


      Oy oldin

      Was the slice of lemon still fine though? Cuz i would imagine lemon being stronger than the union taste

  42. BornVolcano


    Oy oldin

    8:59 I now understand why my great aunt looked absolutely horrified and offended when I asked if I should add the bacon fat from frying bacon that I had in a pan that had previously been used to fry onions to her jar of fat (she keeps a jar of bacon fat under the counter in case she ever needs bacon fat in a recipe. I’ve never come across a recipe that called explicitly for bacon fat, personally, but hey to each their own)

  43. Out of The Hat

    Out of The Hat

    Oy oldin

    Slamming the oven does make gluten free cakes collapse so I wonder if the old myth that all cakes fall from slammed ovens started from someone making a mixed grain cake.

  44. maddi w

    maddi w

    Oy oldin

    The obedient budget unexplainably drop because ferry developmentally pass toward a childlike april. pastoral, freezing jail

  45. ADHDistracted


    Oy oldin

    You live in Australia, how do you not have sand

  46. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard

    Oy oldin

    The smart rhythm secondarily peck because honey immuhistochemically strengthen given a helpless propane. right, kindhearted sweatshop

  47. Annjo Wolfe

    Annjo Wolfe

    Oy oldin

    Oof the fat grinding made my vermiphobic self go *wild*

  48. Nunya Biz

    Nunya Biz

    Oy oldin

    Ew caraway seeds 🤢

  49. john doe

    john doe

    Oy oldin

    By God please tell me do you have a recipy for that bread at 9:40?? Also a big question, do you know any good bread recipy for home appliance bread making machine (don't know the neglish word for it).

  50. TheHighestKaliber


    Oy oldin

    The bread to clean the frypan is probably due to cast iron being more common and to prevent cast iron from rusting you would want to avoid soap and water. So maybe just the bread was used to soak up excess grease?

  51. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard

    Oy oldin

    The aback silk hisologically add because nest usually whine below a billowy timpani. wry, elfin hamster

  52. Terri Jenkin

    Terri Jenkin

    Oy oldin

    Years ago dirt was used to soak up oils and smells to save water. The piece of bread to soak up oils in the pan most times was a treat for hubby. I used to live down the road from a lady whos mum used to rinse her dishes in watermelon water before doing the dishes to save on water..

  53. aidanjcreamer


    Oy oldin

    I feel like the sand makes sense because it's mostly glass or similar minerals which generally have a high specific heat capacity, just like water does

  54. Telogor


    Oy oldin

    Here's a tip as old as knives: don't stick a knife into dirt. It ruins the edge.

  55. LGtBT


    Oy oldin

    "Use bread on the frypan" is in reference to the oil from cooking meat or left-over sauces should be sopped up with bread so as not to waste food. What they didn't have was rubber spatulas.

  56. Chunli Mah

    Chunli Mah

    Oy oldin

    It's funny how these old havks are better than 5minute craft hacks😂

  57. Nameless


    Oy oldin

    Oh huh, I've never seen a poached egg made like that. Usually I've just seen people use little metal cups in special pans for it. :0c I'll have to give this a try.

  58. Alexa Penn

    Alexa Penn

    Oy oldin

    sorry, really wanted to watch this, but the music made it impossible. i was going crazy after 40 seconds. can you do this vid without the noise? thanks much :) 🌷

  59. Charles W

    Charles W

    Oy oldin

    Ann debunking 100 year old click baiters is hilarious

  60. 7LeopardStar


    Oy oldin

    Ok but does the poached egg have any taste of vinegar

  61. Frankie Lofaro

    Frankie Lofaro

    Oy oldin

    awesome video as normal lol. But I believe its acutely unsafe to have soil in the oven past a certain temperature.

  62. Ben Beckwith

    Ben Beckwith

    Oy oldin

    Isn't the beef dripping just what Suet is?

  63. gunkyzip


    Oy oldin

    Ugly clickbait! I thought you were better than this. I expected 100 year-old WEIRD baking hacks, but this is 100-year-old baking hacks. I am Disappointed in you.

  64. Angelica Jacobs

    Angelica Jacobs

    Oy oldin

    Love these 100 year old videos!!! Love that your hacks are legit hacks!!

  65. _Bacon Galaxy_

    _Bacon Galaxy_

    Oy oldin

    Amagian the nabers when she did the knife one 9:27

  66. Perfect lllusion

    Perfect lllusion

    Oy oldin

    Lemon juice actually takes out the smell of an onion or garlic from a knife or a cutting board pretty efficiently!

  67. Ferchuik11


    Oy oldin

    Beef driping is commonly sold in supermarkets in Argentina, we use it to fry many regional pastries

  68. Prasanna Lakshmi Jetty

    Prasanna Lakshmi Jetty

    Oy oldin

    did this legend just make egg white foam manually-

  69. J God

    J God

    Oy oldin

    The reason you didn't leave the batter out after eggs and milk.... I gather it's because they most likely weren't pasteurised. The milk would already be basically diluted cream- fresh milk is strong and creamy, diluting it with water is almost a requirement or baking with it will make things taste JUST of milk! I suppose letting it sit would separate the fat in it very easily from the water, which would affect baking

  70. sad asd

    sad asd

    Oy oldin

    The depressed crab conceptually unpack because nail consequently attack inside a second-hand current. cuddly, mere pants

  71. Colipsum Gaming

    Colipsum Gaming

    Oy oldin

    Lets modernize and change a century old recipe! smh

  72. Chalie MarshaII

    Chalie MarshaII

    Oy oldin


  73. CrxyAsian


    Oy oldin

    That hate on that onion smell 😆😆😆

  74. iiCoffee_ Toffeeii

    iiCoffee_ Toffeeii

    Oy oldin

    These hacks work even better than 5-minute craft's hacks-

  75. Xavier Beurre

    Xavier Beurre

    Oy oldin

    I like the little wave at 2:26 😂😎

  76. Cassidy Jinx

    Cassidy Jinx

    Oy oldin

    100 yo hacks works better than anything posted by 5 mins crafts😂

  77. Kayla M

    Kayla M

    Oy oldin

    My grandma was the oldest girl of 9 children. Especially between the depression and the war, nothing went to waste in that house and she learned not only to be creative with what she had, but she also learned to spread relatively thin rations to a lot of mouths.

  78. fluffy


    Oy oldin

    7:45 100 years ago they did have stand mixers - the first commercial units came out in 1910, and at around 1920 they started getting very popular in home kitchens.

  79. Ember Gates

    Ember Gates

    Oy oldin

    The frying pan one makes sense, you normally end up with fat or oil in the frying pan, which can't go down the sink and isn't necessarily a good idea to put into the bin by itself. Also, if you can soak up any tasty oils in the bread and eat it

  80. Chrystal king holstein

    Chrystal king holstein

    Oy oldin

    I had the grace to have my grandmother alive well into my adulthood who told me of her mother's recipes for cooking and her own grandmother's so many generations of baking available. And yes the old school ways of cooking do hold true to an extent but with technology improvements many are not necessary anymore. Baking soda even though its simply sodium bicarbonate has become more pure, yeasts, and baking powders are certainly 1 massive improvement, but the old ovens and even stove tops did not heat evenly or or maintain temperatures well at all. Some of this was also overcome with much thicker baking tins and pots than we use today. Cast iron ruled the day for sure as did much thicker and heavier clays and ceramics. So using bread to clean a stainless steel frying pan which wouldn't have been used back then certainly won't work, but using a piece of bread to clean a well seasoned cast iron skillet which was the ones of the day is still better than a paper towel. (As a small note I hand wash mine with soap and water and reseason them about once every 3 months or so with flax seed oil, more mysphopic than my great grandparents 🤢) Also while they did not have electic beaters back 100 year ago they did have a variety of tools to make it easier, such as the hand cranked mixer what many people now call an egg beater, the silly looking geared double whisk that you spin a handle on was used on more than eggs alone. And spiral whisks that are very different looking than the birdcage style of whisk we use today. They also had and I can't think of the proper name of it, we call it a bell dough cutter which isn't its name but was used as such, its has 2 thin bell shapes set in an x pattern that would have been used to blend the beef fat into the dough despite them saying rubbing. Using that or 2 knives in a crossing manner to cut it into the cake batter would have made the cake a little lighter. They likely used "rubbing" as the terminology so as to not confuse it with the "cutting" one does for pie crust and shortbreads. So you slice the fat into the flour until very fine and allowing it to melt into the flour. Furthermore for the placing the cake immediately into the oven rather than leaving it to set for any amount of time they lacked modern temperature controlled environments thus heat, cold, and humidity all would be allowed to reek havoc with their preparations. Humidity likely being the number one thing they were trying to prevent from affect the batter which would naturally make it more dense. Try baking a pie crust in the southern United States or even in the summer time in the northern states and you will end up with a very dense, very chewy pie crust certainly not the light and flaky crust you wanted unless you also add a bit of baking soda and vinegar to the mix to add a bit of airyness but also brings a slight change of taste and texture, different from a pie crust made from scratch on a nice cool and low humidity day. Just a few things I thought I should mention with you testing the old fashion book with new instruments of cooking 😁. My grandmother was lucky enough to have her grandmother as well still around as technology changed and between them were able to work out which of the old ways to keep and which of the new ways to adopt. Woohoo to long living family members and the kind of quality craftsmanship hardly seen nowadays as I still have a centuries old "egg" beater, the bell cutter, a whisk and even a carved wooden spoon which puts all other wooden spoons to shame even though I'm afraid to use it now given its antiquity. Oh and a meat grinder too which likewise afraid to use even if my grandmother showed me how to sharpen it with ice cubes. I do still use one of the original cast aluminum Dutch ovens though 😉. Mostly because my grandmother did not like it as much as the cast iron one and hated cleaning it. One last small note on the onion one too. Yes it is a very pungent smell that will transfer to other foods and they didn't have nearly the spice cabinets we enjoy today to hide that transfer of smells, make a salad cutting your onions first and season only lightly with salt and pepper and maybe a dash of vinegar and you will know the horror! 😱 also the acidity of the onion will if not cleaned off rather quickly will pit and dull the blade so yeah get it off before doing anything else. 😉 rather surprised they didn't mention that for tomatoes as well as they too will kill a blade if its not rinsed relatively quickly after cutting the tomatoes. In fairness many of the "old wives" may not have understood the reasons for why they did things as they did, but through observation made statements and suggestions to prevent problems in the long run even if it wasn't always for the reason they stated they were trying to prevent.

    • Chrystal king holstein

      Chrystal king holstein

      Oy oldin

      One last thing to add, on the oven part and the door slams, your really cannot "slam" the oven door on a modern oven like you could on an old fashioned oven door. The oven doors were far heavier back in the day and the hinges were just as heavy and hard to move leading pretty much assuredly to the same force of slamming to close quickly as say a 1970's car door. Even modern car doors don't "slam" like the old doors. And to try and recreate the slamming jarring motion to your cakes as with the old ovens you would probably break your oven door and shatter the tempered glass front. So yeah pull the cake out of the oven and drop it from waist height to the floor, pick it up and toss it back into the oven and see if it still rises beautifully doing this every 5 to 10 minutes or so "checking" on your cake that should take an hour to cook.

  81. Lankey Bastard

    Lankey Bastard

    Oy oldin

    When you wash your hands after cutting onions, don't use the towel in the bathroom.

  82. Smileyrie.yeppoon


    Oy oldin

    As well as de-onioning knives, when picking up dog poop, if the wind blows at the wrong time & you accidentally get a bit on your hands, you can remove it & the smell by scrubbing it briefly with dirt. Even if you happen to carry wipes, use the dirt first & then just clean that off with the wipes & it is really effective. Also a save if you forgot wipes as plain water will not do the trick.

  83. k v

    k v

    Oy oldin

    Popular comments section, so I don’t know if this has been said (I did scroll a while), but the first KitchenAid Mixer for the home was invented in 1919. So you’re good to go. 😄 7:46

  84. CrowDoesYT


    Oy oldin

    Smell of onion made the author so mad, they had to stab the earth to let out the frustration. Also my grampa used to do the vinegar thing with poached eggs.

  85. Makani Webb

    Makani Webb

    Oy oldin

    Vinegar probably works that way because eggs are slightly basic and the vinegar is acidic.

  86. Astroidyeti


    Oy oldin

    If you can find beef tallow that is pre ground it works well for this purpose

  87. Dana Ondráčková

    Dana Ondráčková

    Oy oldin

    just taking that pork fat on a bread, a bit of salt and a fine chopped onion and damn that is tasty! also that unsalted fat is great for healing and moisturising burns, scratches, scars and helps healing of new tattoos. I know many of those old "weird" hacks because my mom took it from her mom and taught me them too (the fat, the breadcrumbs etc)

  88. Livu S

    Livu S

    Oy oldin

    Even if we aren't short of foid we shouldn't waste any part of anything we grow to eat...

  89. Chii Suigintou

    Chii Suigintou

    Oy oldin

    srr to say, but the reason it doesn't make sense perhaps to clean a pan with bread, is probably because you don't have chickens.,.

  90. BlackDogsLivesMatter


    Oy oldin

    I'll be at the neighbors house eating their lawn. There's no way I would ever eat this garbage. No beef fat thank you.

  91. Mona Hasan

    Mona Hasan

    Oy oldin

    I liked the sand hack for the cake! I think it will also be nice to reduce browning on the edges to get a fully white cake. We can just place the cake tin in a bigger tin and add sand around the edges. Cooking over sand or inside sand pits is known in the middle east. You can see coffee boiled on pots over sand in many touristic videos of Turkey or Jordan

  92. Aleksandr Rose

    Aleksandr Rose

    Oy oldin

    I wonder if that fry pan hack is referring to cast iron pans- you know, the kind you wouldn't wash with water and a cloth? The bread can soak up some of the recently used oil while leaving behind a thin layer for seasoning.

  93. Aeshel Cheema

    Aeshel Cheema

    Oy oldin

    Notice how much more reliable these old life hacks are than the new 5-minute crafts and tasty hacks.

  94. Leminade


    Oy oldin

    8:48 They’re so angry about a knife that smells like onions lol

  95. Kathleen McCann

    Kathleen McCann

    Oy oldin

    I teach foods in a high school - cupcakes fall all the time if students check them early- it looked like it said small cakes, maybe that makes a difference

  96. Muhammad Anwar

    Muhammad Anwar

    2 oy oldin

    Me and my 9 year old brother make spong cakes togather we don't have a electric mixer so he is the one wisking then he does about 80% of the wisking lol I am 12 years old if any one is wondering

  97. Kris Russle

    Kris Russle

    2 oy oldin

    This lady is a food scientist

  98. Chickie W

    Chickie W

    2 oy oldin

    I'm surprised you've never heard of sand, or another heatsink, in the oven to reduce browning before! You can also use it to increase browning by pre-heating the sand/heatsink for a long time before baking on it, as, say, with a pizza, and a pizzastone as the heatsink. If you don't want to use soil/sand in the kitchen, you can also use beans, (of the same kind you might use for pie weights), pizza stones/steels, or just a thick layer of sheet pans. Fine sand works particularly well, tho, for a number of reasons. But I could only recommend sourcing sand for culinary purposes if you're somehow going to use it multiple different ways . . . pizza stones are far more abundant and convenient. Although I have a friend who makes a gorgeous cinnamon coffee using heated sand to boil over the coffee mixture several times with tight control, so there's at least two culinary uses for it.

  99. Babs Bylow

    Babs Bylow

    2 oy oldin

    The beef drippings thing. My Gram made a cocoanut cookie with bacon fat. They were heavenly.

  100. ohevshalomel


    2 oy oldin

    7:47 Well, the first Kitchen Aid mixer was introduced in 1919, so you can just say you were a cook for a wealthy and technologically modern family back then. 😁